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Hudson just said, “Mom how much happiness is in every family!”

I told him as much happiness as they choose to have.

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It’s Stormy 


Hudson 6.5 month old German Shepherd reincarnation of my beloved Stormy (late 16 year old Aussie with a tail)! 

I am %100 percent convinced Hudson is Stormy. He recognizes all his old friends, has been perfect from the beginning, lies in the same places, walks and plays the same way and is just the same old pure love!

I have been posting all the silly things Hudson says because I have been enjoying the pure goofy innocence Stormy has in a puppy again. 
Though I want to share other things Hudson has said that are sooo Stormy. Here are a few, 
“Mom, I just remembered something. I’m love. I think I love myself. Yes. I love myself.”   
“Wait! What happened? Did you just close all the windows and turn on cold air blowing? Did you make that happen? I know where you turned it on! Mom, teach me! Please teach me how!” 

“I think I came back beautiful so that I can remind people to be in awe and then from that place people can search for the beauty inside of themselves.”  

“It is so nice to be able to play without my body hurting. I remember when it was time for me to die. It was sad for you. But now I’m back so you can be happy again.”  

“I don’t get really excited to see you when you come home like Luca and Felix do because I traveled with the Angels to other universes and found you again. So I know I will always see you again. Being apart for a moment is no big deal.” 

“Everybody should love themselves.”

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This is Dozer at 10 months old with his person.

Dozer talked about a past life and said,

“I know that one time I had another life and my mom (person) and I we had lots smiles together. We were good friend and my dad he was this man that always loved my mom but he had to win my moms heart and every day he brought her flowers until she said yes.”


Testimonial from Dozer’s person: I have spoken with Laura twice now. My first experience was when my little man Rocky passed away last year and now to talk to my new pet Dozer to try and figure out some behavioral issues!

I am always blown away by the things that she can tell me, most of which only the pet and I would know!!

She has helped me through grief, which not only made things a little easier but also gave me the gift of being able to talk to him and let him know how much he was loved. And she has helped me now to find out a few issues that can now be addressed that I would have not known otherwise!

She is such an amazing person to talk to always making you feel so welcomed!

If you are questioning if you should make an appointment or not I strongly suggest you give her a try and I’m sure you will be just as blown away as I always am! I have no doubt that Laura and I will be having many more sessions!! I will never be able to show her how grateful I am for all that she does!

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This is Melissa. She is 7 years old.

She says about her person who rescued her,

“I need to tell my mom that what I love about her the most is her pretty smile. She has such a great smile. Her eyes are pretty too. When she found me I thought this is the women that is going to love me. I knew cause she had this way when she knelt down with me that saw my soul. its like she just knew my pain with out me telling her. I think that she had someone that loved her and then disappeared once too. I think so.”

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This is Delilah. She is six years old.

She shares about her person, “My mom sometimes would cry, but I feel like her tears have settled. She has found a spark inside of her that can ignite other sparks. I think what we now need to do is write a poem and put it on the wall. In big letters.”

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This is Bubbles. He is six years old.

He says, “My purpose for being here is to bring my people together in joy. I am their glue and their connection. If they ever have a disagreement I am the make up boy. They make up with me first and then with each-other.”

Posted on Bubbles facebook page by his person (more of our session together)

Pannolino Pets August 9

Just finished a stunning session with Laura (animal psychic) and Bubbles.My favorite part, aside from the things she said, was that she giggled all the time. Bubbles has a fantastic sense of humor!

Here are the session notes, shared with you all with lots of love from Bubbles

What do you want and what will make you happier?
Can you tell my mom that I want more ramp levels. Yeah like I would like ramp levels on the walls and maybe to a cubey system. Also I have a toy area and I was wondering if there is like mechanical toy that can throw a mouse back and forth for me. Also I like to hear people talking to me. And I like to be famous and I was wondering if I could be famous for my antics. Like I like to watch out the window and I like to stretch on the couch and I was wondering if those would be good pictures. I also want to tell my mom that maybe we should do a photo shoot and take pictures of us and you can stretch like a cat or lie upside down (handstand).
My people are great people. Sometimes I think that my mom should make videos of me and maybe play music in the background and maybe my dad could sing on it. I mean we need to do something that is a little different and I was thinking that my actions are really cool. I have a really active step for my bred. I know this. I feel like I have an awesome walk. Like my butt moves back and forth and that would be great to music. Also my head makes a lot of expressions and that would be good with music too.

Why does Bubbles sometimes get grumpy and upset when we are in the middle of playing?
Ok I get grumpy when I feel the shake too much. Its like it hurts my back. dont shake my back too much it bothers me. Also I bite when I am like you are not listening to me. We have to throw the toy in a rhythm. when you dont do it in a rhythm it frustrates me.

What does he need in his diet to assist with hairballs?

I dont like throwing up. Its not good for me and I was wondering if I could have home made slosh. Its like homemade food that is blended up and it tastes delicious. do you know that?

Do you mean like if I put hot water over your food?
I like that but I want more meaty taste but so when it goes in my stomach it feels hot and burning. I get a hot burning feeling sometimes when I am eating. And that is not fun for me. Also what happens is I bloat out. I bloat out and my stomach swells.

What is your purpose and why are you here?
these are easy ones. My purpose for being here is to bring my people together in joy. I am their glue and their connection. If they ever have a disagreement I am the make up boy. they make up with me first and then with each-other.

Also my purpose is be in a home where I feel complete love. I feel like in my last life I was neglected and my fur was falling out and in this life my mom and my dad take such good care of me that I get to live more peacefully and we can discover my full self together.

I dont think we lived together before but I choose them from Heaven. I looked down and I said they need me as much as I need them. We all need fun and joy in our life and then I came to them. Mom, had this really smart grandpa that helped me get to her. He was planning my journey and he went all over the place to make connections and he bartered with angels to make it happen. That is how I got here.

And dad he needs me because sometimes when he is sad and he doesn’t want to talk about it. He looks into my eyes and I understand. that helps him and it makes me feel important.

Why do you shout when we are driving even though you love being in the car and love where we are going?
I get headaches in the car. My ears seem to feel like they are popping and I get a headache and meowing seems to settle it. Yeah cause I would like something to stop it.

Anything else that Bubbles wants to share?
Lets end with I love you mom and dad.

We love you Bubbles, we couldn’t imagine life without you.
Mom, I so feel the same about you.

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Little Cat

This is Little Cat. She is 9 years old.

She says, “When you start to see me for who I am, you start to realize that I am the prettiest cat my mom has ever owned.”

to find out what your animal has to say order a session by clicking here

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This is Leonard. He is 6 years old.

He says to his person, “I love it when you have nicknames for me and when you call my name when you first come home.”

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Talulah is 3 years old.

She says, “I am excited to talk to my mom (person) cause I have a lot to tell her about herself. Like I find that she is my best friend because she is very aware of other people’s feelings and she is also very good at being good to herself. I like that about her.”


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Luca And Felix

Felix Grooming Luca. Sorry No Pet Psychic Radio today.

Felix Grooming Luca. It’s All Love.

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