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First Rain Of The Winter

Luca my poodle and Stormy my Aussie and Felix my Chihuahua in the stroller. We (Southern California) finally got some rain today! I loved it! When Stormy was growing up, I also had a wolf dog named Maia. WolfDogs and Aussies need tons of exercise. Rain or shine. We would hike hours in the rain. They dived in puddles like young children. They chased coyotes and deer through the woods. They got so dirty I would have to hose them off afterwards. We loved it! It's such a different feeling having the poodle and chihuahua. They would of been happier staying on the couch. They jumped timidly over the puddles and tried to duck under awnings and trees for cover. Stormy even would of been happier to stay home. A part of me is relieved to have an excuse not to walk the dogs for an hour twice a day but another part misses the smell of the rain and the pure joy of watching a working dog and a wolfdog enjoying a rainy day hike. Either way, I am grateful for what is. Happy Rain!

Luca my poodle with Stormy my Aussie and Felix my Chihuahua in the stroller.

We (Southern California) finally got some rain today! I loved it!

When Stormy was growing up, I also had a wolf dog named Maia. WolfDogs and Aussies need tons of exercise. Rain or shine. We would hike hours in the rain. They dived in puddles like young children. They chased coyotes and deer through the woods. They got so dirty I would have to hose them off afterwards. We loved it!

It’s such a different feeling having the poodle and chihuahua. They would of been happier staying on the couch. They jumped timidly over the puddles and tried to duck under awnings and trees for cover. Stormy even would of been happier to stay home.

A part of me is relieved to have an excuse not to walk the dogs for an hour twice a day but another part misses the smell of the rain and the pure joy of watching a working dog and a wolfdog enjoying a rainy day hike. Either way, I am grateful for what is. Happy Rain!

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Becoming A Vegan

My Experiences Becoming A Vegan

When I was 9 years old I became a vegetarian on Thanksgiving Day. It was easy.

This year at 39 on Thanksgiving Day, I have committed to spending a year as Vegan. Maybe even the whole rest of my life.

I am going to blog and video log about my experiences.  So here it goes….

I know the die-hard vegans are going to cringe when I write…  It’s been hard for me to study animal rights.  I already experience so much animal suffering in my daily life/work that my body nor my emotional state could handle anymore knowledge of suffering.  I would start to feel sick and depressed.   I had to shut a part of my heart off.

I know I am not the only one.  I witness it everyday.

In the past year, I have eaten a lot of eggs. I thought that if I were given eggs from my friends’ farms where the chickens are healthy, happy, and can live their lives free-roaming it is ok.

A couple of weeks ago, I was mortified to learn that one of my friend’s ranch hands gave away her middle-aged chickens (probably to be eaten) and replaced them with young chickens.  I just about died with guilt.  It slapped me into the realization that chickens can experience suffering anywhere. To think of those chickens being taken away from their safe home to their frightening deaths.

I can’t eat eggs anymore.  That was the beginning of me becoming a vegan.  I haven’t missed the taste of eggs yet (or maybe I never will).

It is time that I must open my eyes a little further.  I am stronger now.  I now know how to take care of myself. I know when to breathe, pray, do yoga, meditate, bath in salt, drink some juice, sage… when the suffering engulfs me and takes me to a deep place of despair.

Everything the animals think and feel goes through my body.  Everything. If they are suffering, I feel it in my body as if I am suffering.  That is downfall of my work and what I am constantly struggling with.  Suffering makes me tired.

I love Cashmere. I love the soft warm feel of it against my bare skin. I love a cashmere sweater with hood to keep my ears out of the cold on winters eve.  I love cashmere gloves on a morning walk. I love cashmere sweater and sweet pants and a cashmere sweater over a cocktail dress.

Though did you know that Cashmere is Cruel?

Cashmere Goat.                                               copyright: Someone on the web.

How could I hurt such a beautiful creature

as the one pictured above?

So Why Is Cashmere Cruel?

From Peta’s Website:

“Cashmere is hair that is shorn from cashmere goats’ underbellies.  These goats are often kept on farms where they are dehorned and castrated and have their ears notched without anesthesia.  Goats with “defects” in their coats are typically killed before the age of 2.  Industry experts expect farmers to kill 50 to 80 percent of young goats whose coats do not meet standards. Shearing robs goats of their natural insulation, leaving them vulnerable to cold temperatures and illnesses.  Many goats are sold to be slaughtered for their flesh after shearing.”

Click Here to read why Silk, Shearling, and Other Animal Products are not kind to animals.

I read that now and I internalize it in a way I was never able to before.  … Breathe in.  Breathe out. … Breathe in. Breathe out.

I have been scared for too long that the consciousness of animal suffering that comes with becoming a vegan would make me depressed.  It’s time to see.  Maybe I will surprise myself and by honoring the animals I will become more joyful.  We will see.  Stay tuned.




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Rosie and Ziggy * Animals and Hurricane Sandy

NY Pets and Hurricane Sandy

I was in NY at my parents’ house during the Storm.

Rosie and Ziggy are their two dogs.


Rosie was obsessed with the wind.  She would repetitively run out the dog door, around the house and then scratch at the front door to be let in.

She said, “I feel the wind on my paws when I run!  The noise outside scares me into curiosity. The smells are too much to understand. I love it!”


During the Hurricane, I took Ziggy out on a leash and explained to him that he must poop and pee now because it will get worse.

He said, “I am nervous out here.  There are too many smells and sounds.  I dont like the feeling I have.”  His eyes were wide with fear and shifting in all directions as he did what he was told.  He is such a good boy!

This is what Ziggy looked liked inside.


I locked the dog door so Rosie couldn’t keep running outside. It was too dangerous.

Rosie watched me disappointingly and then found her post on an ottoman staring out into the storm.

The picture below was actually taken earlier in the day when the storm was just brewing.  Though the stance is the same 🙂

Rosie Watching The Storm


Full Article:

New York Winds

Hurricane in the Countryside

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The morning Hurricane Sandy arrived I walked my parents’ Brittany spaniel and American Cocker in the forest and fields around a pond in my New York home town. I warned every deer I saw that a big storm was coming. I didn’t feel they really needed my warning.

The wind shaking the remaining colors off the trees and the clouds being pushed like shoveled snow was proof enough. We walked a long time that afternoon, enjoying the remaining balance of nature. The wind was warm, reminding me of California’s Santa Anas.

When I arrived home, the neighbors’ chickens where scurrying about making talkative busy noises. My father and I went out together to stock up on goods, passing gas stations with NO GAS signs. As the sun began its downward curve, Rosie the Brittany and Ziggy the Cocker stared out the big double-paned windows watching pine trees bend in the distance. The power flickered, then went out. The generator didn’t start. My father couldn’t find the key, and once he did he needed to rush out for coolant. The darkness brought the powerful hot and cold wind.

Rosie was obsessed with the wind, running out the dog door around the house and then scratching at the front door to be let in: “I feel the wind on my paws when I run! The smells are too much to understand. The noise outside scares me into curiosity.” She panted in pure excitement. Right before the brunt of the storm, I took Ziggy out on a leash and explained to him that he must poop and pee now because it will get worse. His eyes were wide with fear and shifting in all directions as he did what he was told. The wind tossed me several steps. I heard the cracking of trees in the distance. The full moon peered out of the clouds for an instant as if to say, “Remember me. I am bringing in the tides. But here you are safe from the waters.”

Rosie looking out the window as the hurricane quickens.

“I am locking the dog door,” I announced. Rosie watched me disappointedly and then found her post on an ottoman staring out into the darkness.

The rain was not heavy in our area but the wind was a constant swirl. It ripped the heavy screen door off my parent’s house and continuously rang the wind chimes, reminding me of the boats out at the harbor and the Bounty’s crew lost at sea.

The deer called out to me in the middle of the night, saying, “Thank you for warning.” They were in a cave by the lake, huddled together. “Where are you?” They asked. I explained to them. Pictured the south end of the lake, the trees along my parent’s driveway and the upstairs window of the house.

When we awoke we found that huge pine trees on the border of my parents property were snapped in the middle. Hundred-year-plus maples where pushed down like dominoes, leaving the underground roots exposed. The air was eerily silent and cold.

I told my mother about the deer thanking me and asking where I lived. She exclaimed, “You didn’t tell them, did you? They are eating my bushes.” Later they grazed and napped in fields in front of the pine trees just like they always have. My mother’s smile was admittance of happiness to see them safe

It didn’t take us long to notice there was spotty cell service – towers running out of diesel fuel, cancelled flights, telephone poles and trees on wires dangling over the streets, broken power lines everywhere. Most streets were impassable. The ones that were open were dangerous. There were no workers in site.

As the news started to brew my anxiousness grew greater. Friends-of-friends’ houses had burned to the ground. In the small lake community where I lived in my 20s a tree killed two young boys. My Staten Island friend had eight feet of water in his house. “I am thankful” he said. “It’s a miracle the water and sewage didn’t reach the second floor or blow out the windows. Now just waiting to hear is the foundation is safe.”

Most people were scared, cold, and had not showered. New York City to past Boston remained dark and in a state of emergency. My New York City friends confessed to being in a state of shock and exhibiting post-traumatic stress. My uncle was climbing 14 flights of stairs to get home.

My parent’s full house generator worked. We had fresh coffee and eggs for breakfast, charged our iPads with ease. With no Internet, I was disconnected from my business. I was stressed but I had time to read books, do yoga, and write a letter to my nieces about how a unicorn was brought to grammie’s and grandpa’s by the windy storm.

On the day I left NY the wind outside my parents’ house was calm, but the air chilled my exposed skin. In the morning, I stood outside for a moment and prayed for the ones who are suffering. I pondered the intensity of Mother Nature. I toke a breath, centered myself, and was present. I saw five robins playing on a maple sapling. The weight of them bounced the branches like a seesaw. All their eyes were on me, acknowledging that I saw them. A white-and-black cat explored the tunnels of the downed trees. He looked back at me when I spotted him. “Good hunting” I heard. Surprisingly, the neighbor’s chickens remained quiet – afraid their sounds may bring back the wind.

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Diary Of A Pet Psychic 06-05-12

One thing lead to the next and I signed up for a weekend course.  I don’t really know how it happened.  I was told by somebody that I needed to do and like a robot I just signed up.  I had no idea what to expect and when I asked the course instructor and others who took the course to tell me what it was about no one would answer me.  I thought, “Is this some sort of cult?” but the people who were urging me to go are such happy healthy people I couldn’t truly believe it was cult.  People in cults are unhealthy, right? 

I said to the people, “Isn’t it odd that no one will tell me what it is about?” 

They answered with, “You should have no expectations” and “I can’t explain it, just go, you’ll love it.” So I took the weekend off of work and I went.

I am not going to tell you what I learned in the course… just because.  But I will tell you that at the very end we were meditating and I put the question out into the universe, “Should I have a horse in my life?”

Immediately I heard a voice in my head that said, “Yes, an Appaloosa needs you.”  I thought of an Appaloosa I recently fell in love with in Bend Oregon, but she is owned by a friend who takes the best care of her that anyone could.

Then I saw an image of myself riding an Appaloosa.  I knew she was not mine in the image. She was someone I had permission to ride.  Then I saw the farm she was at and a horse trainer I am friends with.

In less than an hour I am on the phone with the horse trainer.  After a few moments of her going through the Appaloosas she knows she figured it out.  There is one at that very farm I saw in my mind and the young woman who owns her recently mentioned she doesn’t have much time for the horse anymore.

In 30 minutes from that I was meeting the young woman with the Appaloosa.  Remarkable in swift time, I now have permission to get to know this horse and to help the young woman with her.

Amazing to me.  The young woman mentioned that just a week early she asked the universe for help …. and I have been asking the universe for a horse I can play with but do not have to own and take on all the responsibilities for.  Get my feet wet in the whole horse in my life again scene.  “There must be someone who thinks it is cool to have the pet psychic hang out with their horse. A win win for all of us.”  I kept telling myself.

The art of manifestation seemed to be something that happened to other people.  I had a pretty good childhood.  I could manifest a lot of things back then, but as an adult my path towards manifestation has not really been a straight arrow.  It curved around boulders and up slippery muddy hills only to be pitched to the bottom in search of another way up the hill. 

I sigh because I have not been angry or upset about this course of action my life usually takes because I know I have been learning skills on how to climb muddy hills and which hills to even bother to climb but so often I get almost right to the top and then I slip back down again.  It gets a bit tiresome.

I don’t know what my future will be with this Appaloosa and her person but for now, just in the beginning, I am happy it manifested and it may be a great thing for all of us.

And perhaps my readers will be able to hear a horse’s perspective to life’s issues in addition to my five companion animals.  If it is cool with the young woman who owners her of course.

The Appaloosa

The Appaloosa says, “I also asked for help so that my person and I can understand each-other better.  And I also wanted someone to be able to tell the people that work with me that I want to do good.  That I want to learn.  I wished people could hear me so that they would know that.  I never want to hurt anyone on purpose.  I want to be loved.”

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Look at your animal & tell them how well they look & how you are so lucky to have them. Believe they hear you & watch them smile. Be happy!

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Diary Of A Pet Psychic / Medium 9-19-11 * Spook Trailer

Part of this is a secret.  My good friend has recently invited  me to live on the most magically piece of property that I have ever visited… and I have been around the world.  I believe she got this idea from my deceased cat Joey who kept telling me before he died that we need to live on land like in New York.  My friend told me, “The idea to ask you came out of nowhere while I was eating lunch.  Though I have thought long and hard about it before I asked you.”

The Buddha above resides on the property.  He was carved by from a massive red wood tree that fell in an earthquake.  I often sit on his knee whispering silently my feelings of gratitude and pray for a slice of his wisdom.  When my friend was a child, 7o or so years ago, there were retired circus bears that lived on the property, mountains lions that slept in the dark stalactites caverns, and other animals that you would not expect to see on an estate.  Now there are owls, bobcats, coyote, racoons, chickens…  The bamboo around the coy inhabited ponds are giant and wrap around rare plants and trees that were brought on boats from around the world. The land is lush and fertile reminding me of a combinations of my childhood home in NY and of the flowered filled Island of Nevis my favorite destination.

“You could live in a trailer” my friend says.

“live in a trailer?” I contemplate.  “Downsize and rent out my two bedroom home.  Be a landlord..Live in a trailer with two dogs, two cats and a bunny?”… “live on a magical property… be closer to the ocean… I would surf more..  I would write more…  I would be happier.  We all would be happier… but a trailer?”

So I started googling and you know they are some pretty nice trailers out there.  I brought the dogs to the site and we mapped out a place for the trailer and for a yard around the trailer for when I am not home.  And them Makia my cat came and walked the property (in her harness) in awe of its beauty.  “Makia says there are tress to climb and a pond with pretty leaves in the middle.” Serafina my other cat tells me the night of the visit.  “We should move there.  In a trailer” all my animals say.

I get excited to get rid of half my “stuff”  I already live simply, but maybe someone else could use the juicer I never use (I am in love with my blender), the books I have not read in many years, or the dress that is too big for me but I love so much I haven’t given it away.  So I start the process slowly… “There is not much to do” I think.

Yesterday my best friend Jim and I went looking for trailers.  There are not many that are made after 2007 over 35 ft. out there for sale.  If I am going to live in a trailer, its going to be a nice one.  We first walked in a 42foot park model trailer.  It instantly gave me the creeps and I had to leave it quickly.  It was clean and nice looking but something freaky happened in it and I didn’t want to know what.  Jim didnt ask any questions when I left.  The next one we entered was this one:

Haunted Trailer?


It has three pop outs.  I full bathroom, stainless steel appliances, air-conditioning, heat, surround sound, a washer and dryer even!  But it was more flimsy then the pictures looked.  It shook when we walked.  They assured me once it is parked and stabilized it wont shake.

Jim and I sat in it for a good 15 minutes thinking about all the ways I could upgrade it – tear out the brown carpet put in a nice flooring, new hardware on the cabinets, take out the built in furniture and put in my own. Where would my desk go?  Where would the dog bed and the litter box go?  I’ll put the litter box in the shower.  And Bean my bunny – her enclosure is huge. She practically has her own bedroom.  She would have to down size too.

All this time I have been convincing my self that it would be like living on a boat.  I once lived on a boat for a couple of months while sailing around the Caribbean.  I have always dreamed of living on a boat again.  Here in the trailer at a quiet moment I heard my deceased grandpa, who was an avid sailor, say, “Laura this is a trailer not a boat.”

“I know grandpa but it is the land I am moving for.  It is sort of like the sea.”

“It is not like the sea” I heard him answer.  I have learned that not all dead beings are “all knowing” or “know the best thing for you.”  This is a common misconception of the other side.  Though I highly respect my grandfathers opinions whether alive on earth or from the other-side.

Jim left me so I could meditate.  I needed to see what spirit had to say about this idea of mine and this particular trailer.  I was sitting in this chair:

It happened to me as I sat right there!


I close my eyes and then I fell something touching my legs.  I look up and I see the spirit of a two year old child.  He wants up on my lap.  I look up and leaning on the kitchen counter with his chin in his hand I see a man in his early 30’s staring at me.

“Can you help my son get to heaven”  He asks me.

“How does a child get stuck in the world in-between?”  I wondered.  The child wanted to play with me.  He had toys in his hands.

I have been talking to the dead since I was very young.  It has always been a normal thing for me to do.  Just like talking to the animals.  But I have only helped a few others cross over to the other side.  It is by no means something I am trained or a professional at doing.  Nor is it something that I strive to be good at.  I would rather leave that to other mediums.

I was not scared of the man and the boy.  I felt extreme sorrow for them.  I told the boy to allow himself to float to where ever he felt pulled and asked him if he saw a bright light and felt a warm feeling.  I saw him look around and then smile.  I told him to go to that and after he looked to his father and his father reassured him to go, in a few seconds I the child much farther way wrapped in light with his legs and arms hugging an elderly woman.

“You need to go too.” I told the man.

“I have to stay here.” and then he started to tell me his story.  “My wife died in the bedroom from too many drugs.”  I saw at that moment what he had found.  A woman draped half on the bed half on the floor, black and blue, skinny and dead with a needle in her arm.  “I have to find her and bring her with me to heaven.”

I didn’t see her or feel her in the trailer.  I didn’t think she went to heaven because if she did I would imagine she would of came back for him.  “You’ll have a better chance of finding her once you cross over and deal with your own story.  She’s not in your dimension.  You wont find her if you wait.  How did you die?”

“I found her dead and I couldn’t handle it.  I freaked out and I gassed us.  I shouldn’t have done it.  I robbed my son of a life.  I made a bad decision.  Her parents bought us this trailer so we could give him a good life.  I freaked out.  I made a mistake.”

“You need to look at your decision after you cross over.  Do you know anyone who has passed that we can call to come help you?”  I asked him hoping that someone from the other side would appear just like for the little boy.

“my dad is there, but I don’t want to go to him”  I saw a man spitting out the end of cigar.

“Anyone else?” I asked.

The man was thinking.  He was still standing near the kitchen counter.  Then from a break in a field of energy I saw a flash of light and man walk surrounded by sparks of light.  He looked like a basket ball coach.

The spirit man in the trailer lit up and smiled.  He went to him and shock hands.  They seemed far away and surrounded in light.  I smiled and then I cried. Just a little bit.  Because I didn’t like the thought of a man and his child stuck in the in-between world.

“howdy can I answer any of your questions.” The trailer salesman’s appeared.

I decided to make up a few questions.  Maybe I would compare the answers to another trailer seller one day.  This trailer was not for me.  Jim arrives and starts his questioning.  He takes a look at me and asks, “Are you ok?”.  “yeah great.” and Jim continues to talk to the salesmen about propane and hookups and stability and transport…. and I let him do it because I am glad I have a “guy” with me and I think it is good to be knowledgeable.  There is a part of me inside screaming, “NO WAY in hell you are living in a trailer.  You cant live in trailer. This is a sign.”  Before I leave the trailer I go to the back bedroom to see if I can see the woman.  Why I did this I dont know.  It is like when I was kid and devoured every Stephen King Novel and Edgar Allen Poe writing or when my friends and I would watch Friday the 13th and then go out at night and walk the woods around the lake where the movies where filmed.  There is a part of me that likes the adrenal rush of freaking myself out.  But I thought I got over this many years ago.  When the reality of the dark side really showed itself to me.  The life of a psychic sees many worlds.

10 minutes later Jim and I are sitting on leather seats (which I dont agree with) in a $100,000 touring bus dreaming about a book tour one day and telling stories of the haunted trailer.  So glad he doesn’t think I am crazy.

Later that afternoon my friend Tina convinces me that I can still live in a trailer and it is for the property that I would be doing it.  “Anyways you cleared the trailer.  Why cant you just get that one?  It sounded nice.” She asks.

“Because the last thing I need is to be there my first night and the dead drug addict wife appears.”

Tina agrees.

So now… I wonder… will I live in a trailer or will I stay in my house.

I’ll have to visit the Buddha.

When you sit on his knee, sometimes you can feel the earth shake.

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Contact With Joey 9/2pm – 9/4 * Diary of A Pet Psychic

Joey Joe

As you may know, Joey my cat died on Sept 1, 2011.

Late at night of 9/2 I had dreams that Joey and my childhood dog Jinx where one.  I have always speculated this.  In the dreams the feeling I had with both of them was exactly the same.  Joey was born three years after Jinx’s passing.

At 4:44am on 9/3 I was awoken by my cell phone.  Someone from New Heaven Conn. was calling me.  I didn’t answer my phone.  4 is the number of transitions (I know this cause like a Gypsy I can read a deck of playing cards as an oracle.)

I instantly felt Joey spirits present.  He snuggled up to me close and laid his head heavy on my head like we used to sleep.  Makia curled up with him too for a while.

Joey said, “I missed you so I came to you.  I come for as much as my lonliness as for yours.”  He did not say this as if it was really sad.  Just explaining that sometimes our loved ones on the other side also miss our earthly presence.

“Mom,” Joey said, “You know I brought the feeling of my bum knee here.  It’s imprinted on my spirit.”  This Joey was telling because it is something I have always been interested in.  Just because we die doesn’t mean all our issues go away.

I have known animals to reincarnate and to repeat their same illness, behavioral problems and life story in their next life. 

“I died early” Joey continued (I know you all dont think 18 years old is yearly but he was good shape before all of this) , “because before I came back to earth I said I wanted to die before I go blind and deaf.  It was not good in my last life when I was blind and deaf.” 

This is true.  If he was really Jinx my parents had moved to a strange home and would often get frustrated with his disabilities.  They were moving and under stress and they did not have the time to give him all that he needed and there is more knowledge now about what to do with elderly dogs.

I felt sad and then all of a sudden I had a frozen sensation and a man in a black t-shirt appeared in my minds eye.  He was strong, firm, athletic and creepy.  He had something to do with the military.  “Go away” I told him and pushed him out of my mind.  He left me with a chill.

As a medium this happens to me sometimes.  People spirits wanting to talk or tease from the other side.

“Did you notice him Joey” I asked.

Joey responded, “No, I didn’t even feel him.  I am in a different deminsion.  I was not connected to that one.” And that made me feel good that he is in a plane that is safe.  That was not always true for Maia my deceased wolf dog.

Day of 9/3.  I feel empty and cry when I see the spot on the bed Joey should be sleeping at or when I expect to see him under the chair or when I drive in the drive way or any other time it sneaks up on me. Though there is a strange peace that is around me. 

For the first time in a long time I am not worried about Joey. 

I think of myself as a positive person

who knows how to claim happiness instead of real despair,

but I realize now that I was living with a undercurrent of worry for Joey’s well being

and now that is gone.  It is freeing and empty all in one.

I am in a complete surrender to what is at the moment.  Or maybe it is peace, despair, or indifference and I just can’t tell which.

Joey tells me this day not to buy the horse I have been obsessed with because I need a rest from worry and taking care of animals.  This maybe true.  “I want a horse” I tell him.  “You need to rest and gain more energy.” Joey says.  This is true.

Everything the animals feel, think and see runs through me a lot of times I am tired.  This is why I believe most empaths or people in the service position get cancer. We take on everyone else’s stuff and dont always know how to filter it out.  I am working on it.  Things have been much better.

But maybe Joey is right.  Maybe I do not need that adorable filly right now…(Or do I?)

Should I Get Her?

Middle of night 9/3 11:30 is pm there are energy beings the size of cats but disc shaped flying over me.  I am awoken by them brushing up against me and giving me the feeling that I have just rolled over on one of my cats and suffocated them.

I jump up in a quick fear similar to when my brother used to jump out screaming at me behind doorways.  The discs fly past me taking the wind from my chest with out the punching feeling.  I flip on the light.  They are gone.

I am keeping myself too open for Joey to come and other beings are taking advantage of my psychic door being open.

I call for Joey to see if he is ok.  He does not come.  Instead Juliette’s spirit, my old cat and Joey’s old friend, comes instead.  He can’t come now mom.” She says.  “Why I ask” feeling a loneliness and longing for my “little man”

“Mom, he is in that space.  He is being and processing.”  Yes, I thought.  The three days of transitioning is not over.  In these three days, they are much farther away.  Juliette showed me the space briefly.  Omnipotent white light, emptiness, warm breeze with the feeling all over almost like tea tree oil on your scalp.

“Wow, beautiful and almost too powerful for me” I thought with a feeling of an open door way deep  in my heart that leads out to a never ending universe.


Makia and my other animals want you all to know they love Joey and miss him dearly.



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Joey’s Passing the 33 hours afterwards

Joey and Serafina behind him


I will try and write the highlights of the last 24+ hours since Joey’s passing.  There has been more said between me and my animals and more experiences though these are the ones that are coming to mind just now.  Thank you all for caring.

The day before Joey passed Luca said, “What is the big deal if Joey dies?  He will be a wind being.”  When I brought Joey’s body home Luca asked, “Why wont he wake up? I want him to wake up.”  I told him Joey is a wind being now.  Luca was silent.




After Joey passed Storm asked our veterinarian / friend Dr. Otto “Are there some days where work makes you sad at night? If so you should take a salt bath like my mom does when work makes her sad.”

Later Storm asked me, “We all die dont we?  I know Joey is happy cause I feel him happy but I am sad to have him gone. He was here when I first came to you.  I have always known him.”



Makia had me cut a piece of her fur to put in Joey’s grave.  Makia said today, “If I was a human I would cry.  Why don’t cats have tears?”  Later she said, “It is so empty with out Joey but I feel him grooming me sometimes and then I feel a warm feeling all around me.  I even see him out of the corner of my eye. I miss him.” 



Joey had asked me to put some catnip from the plant out front and Serafina’s favorite rainbow catnip toy in the grave with him.  She hugged the toy for ten minutes before it went with Joey.  Serafina said after Joey died, “I saw his spirit fly to heaven and it seemed so high that only a little stream of light was connected to his body and than that was gone.  It left me feeling loved and sad all in one.”  Today she says, “I dont know what to do with myself.  I go to find him and then I realize he is not there.  I feel him grooming me and telling me he loves me then I feel a deep pain in my chest.  I feel him lying next to me sometimes then I just feel empty inside.”



Bean asked me to put one of her bunny treats in Joey’s grave with him.  Bean says, “It seems like friends die when you are not ready for them to go.  I feel him sleeping in here with me and I feel all the memories of him deep inside of me. I think he is telling them to me.”



Maia in heaven now says, “I am taking good care of Joey.  I greeted him and there is only part of my soul in heaven because the rest of my soul is in Luca.  I am more concentrated on earth now.  But I was there to welcome him and to love him and I will be with him when ever he needs me.  I am integrating more with Luca and soon Luca will have memories of his life as me.  There is so much to say. But I want you to know Joey is well and he’s not suffering and he is well taken care of by so many here.  He is not lonely.  He is in love and good company.”

Yesterday, I felt Joey strong.  Pretty much every moment I heard him say, “I love you.  I am ok.  You were such a good mom.  I am with lala and Juliette.  I am well.” Often I would have the feeling of him on my lap or snuggling next to me.  The feeling of him being close was strong.

My friend Jim was over for dinner last night and I noticed that there was something in the hallway.  I asked what it was and Jim said Luca was playing with it.  It turned out to be a candle holder Luca took out of the closet.  Just when I thought I better light a candle for Joey a text came through from a friend who said she just lit a candle for Joey.  I took it as sign.  At bed time I lit the candle and it stayed lit till 4am.  I felt Joey with me all night.  Right before the candle went out Serafina and Makia came to bed. We talked about Joey and when the candle burned out we all felt him leave.

Today, he is much more distant.  This is to be expected.  I hear him softly and when I ask him what he is doing and if he is ok he sends me images and feelings of moments in his life.  Snuggling with his paw in my hand, the ripples from the soft breeze of the lakes we lived on, the sound of falling leaves, the feeling of chasing chipmunks in the east coast rock walls, lying next to a fireplace, catching lizards or hearing the bamboo move in the wind.  This is where is. In the essence of all his life. 

I have always thought that Joey was a reincarnation of my child hood dog Jinx.  Right before Joey’s passing my mother texted me a photo of their puppy Ziggy sleeping.  I thought It was Jinx and took it as sign.  He tells me yesterday it is true.  We had lessons we needed to complete together.  I ask him if he died because our puppy, Luca is too much.  He assures me this is not the case and we are lucky to have this past year. He almost died the week after Maia and Dr. Han saved him with herbs.

I know that Joey is well and he is in a good place.  But I miss him terribly.  My experience with Maia not being happy in heaven has made me a little fearful for all the pets I know that have to leave us.  Some of them bring their suffering with them or miss us on earth and want to make their way back quickly.  This is ok because my work helps with this but the feeling that my animal would be in the predicament makes me heartbroken.  Though I should say most animals are in bliss.

I asked Joey if he will come back to me.  After one day this I know and tell clients it is way too soon to really know and the answer can change in any amount of time, but now Joey says he wants me to rest.  I have five animals in my small house and it feels empty with out him.  Though I feel him and have even more signs he is around.  A child calls to his friend Joey outside my window.  I cry and a lady bug appears on my chest.

I want to change the sheets on the bed but I hear over and over how animals mourn when the smell of the deceased disappears from the house.  Makia told me today, “I even smell him mom.  I even smell him.  His spirit comes to me with a smell.”  Where ever Joey is, he is in a good place.  A place with no sadness and he is no longer suffering.  In the days to come we will have more contact with him.  I dont want to bother him but I dont want to abandon him either.  People will say you can never abandon them when they are in heaven but that is not necessarily so.  The more we love them, remember them and live in joy ourselves for them the more they grow on the other side.  Maia was stuck in a dark place once.  That is not something I want to happen to Joey.  (though it turned out that is when Luca was in the womb.  That is for another post – reincarnation and consciousness.)

I know it must be easier for me because I can hear them on the other-side.  But I am human and I still miss my sweet Joey in body. (and the others…)

Thank you to all that have prayed for Joey.  So many people felt him speaking back to the them the day before he died.  I know all your prayers helped open the gates of heaven.

Thank you Caroline for being our good friend and opening up your pet cemetery to us.

Thank you Anna and your husband for digging Joey’s grave next to Maia and for helping me pile up the rocks.

Thank you Jim and Dr. Otto for giving me support and being present when I had to say goodbye to one of my best friends. Thank Dr. Otto for being the best veterinarian and for saying I am a good mom.  That meant the world to me.

This past year, Maia, Joey, five good friends (Chris, Kay, Jere, Donna, Josie) and my grandfather and my grandmother not long before all transitioned to heaven.  May they all reside in love and joy and shine it down upon us.

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Just For Fun

I talk about an experience I had when I was 12 years old with fish and a higher power.  I also give listeners a tip on how to talk to animals.[youtube nolink]



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My Thought Of The Day

I have read

that 80-90 % of human’s thoughts

are negative

and that

98% of our thoughts today we had yesterday.

Animals hear, see and feel our thoughts.

They are affected by them.

Being aware of what you are thinking

& becoming more positive

can have a great impact on

the health and well-being of our animals.

If you can’t change for you,

Change For Them!

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