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Season’s Greetings From The Animals


Season’s Greetings

Kindness Gets Top Honors

Tuesday, December 25, 2012



Stormy & Katherine Dancing
Night Of Decorating The X-mas Tree.



Stormy, 13-year-old Aussie, says,

“Reach out to people who you think are lonely. Dance with your friends.”









Luca Admiring Jim’s Hat



Luca, two-year-old poodle, says,

“Share your food with your pets. (Only the healthy food!) Make a list of all the things you love about your family.”









Serafina, year-old cat, says,

“Get a tree and let your cats play in it. Write cards because someone may only get yours and that will make them happy.”







Makia, 16-year-old cat, says,

“I have to say that people who work should not work on the holiday. It should be a special day.

Be thankful for your lives. Avoid arguments by staying away from subjects you know will upset someone else. Say something nice to everyone you meet.”





Beanie The Bunny


Bean the Bunny says,

“Of course eat good food and extra snacks. I think that they should drive safe and if they take something that makes them swervey they should stay home.

“Send love to people and animals you think have a problem. Send money to organizations that take care of animals and people. This is important.”







This coming January, Seamore, my blue-and-gold parrot, will be coming back to the family after nine years. She says,

“I want to say that it is nice to be remembered after so many years.

“If you have a bird (pet) and your go away make sure they have the very best care. If they don’t, something bad could happen to them. So take time to think about your plans. Before you leave on a trip, picture how many days and nights you will be away and what your animals’ situation will be like so that they know what to expect. Send them love when you are far away.

“Send healthy thoughts to everyone you love and don’t love.”



My childhood stuffed animals have been in a box for over 20 years. Finally realized what to do with them! x-mas presents for Luca & Stormy!  Luca above.


Pictures Below are of Christmas Eve

at Ventura Center for Spiritual Living.

Animals Actors Are Recuses That Live At

Tina Baselice’s (of Aloha Dog Grooming) Ranch.

Maui the pony, Me & Otis the goat.
Animals rescued by
Tina of Aloha Dog Grooming.


Animal Actress Garden Buddy Hen in Christmas Costume.
Trust Me. She Loved It.

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Animals pick up the thoughts, feelings, sensations, and images that are in our minds. I have noticed my clients becoming better at communicating ideas in the positive to their pet. For instance they will say, “When you meet Grandma, we are happy when you have all four paws on the ground,” instead of saying, “Bad dog, don’t jump up on Grandma!” The first expression shows your animal the desirable behavior accompanied with a good feeling. The latter will have your dog confused and thinking it is okay to jump up. People are starting to truly understand this concept.

But what are you thinking when you are not talking to your pet? If you want your pets to be well behaved, happy, and healthy, it is imperative to watch what is playing over and over in your mind. When Maia, my late wolfdog, was young she was extremely aggressive to other dogs. I would walk out of the house with this concept on repeat: “I hope I don’t see another dog. Oh gosh. I don’t know if I can handle it. She is going to act crazy. I hate having a crazy dog. Why couldn’t I just adopt a well-socialized dog? This is hard. This is no fun.”

Maia and I Oct, 1 2007

This thinking not only made me more nervous, but it also caused Maia to be more aggressive. One day I was tired of it, so I switched my thought process. I began to say, “If we encounter another dog, we can handle it. It is a good opportunity to teach Maia to be confident. I have her on the right equipment. She is safe. The other dog is safe. I am prepared with the treats she likes to work for. We are going to have a peaceful walk.” To my surprise, each outing became enjoyable almost immediately.

Right after Maia died, Joey, my cat, got sick with hyperthyroidism. He told me that he would rather die than be on the pharmaceutical drug, because of its side effects. Holistic vets around the country told me there is no natural cure for hyperthyroidism. I tried some online natural products. He had a little relief but then got worse. I got scared and started thinking, “Joey is going to die. He is too young to die. Look at him. He is suffering. He is throwing up all the time. He is so uncomfortable in the early morning. His heart is racing. What if he has a heart attack? I can’t just watch my cat suffer like this.”

Then one day Joey said to me, “Mom you make me nervous when you think like that. Please stop. I am not scared to go to heaven and maybe I will live long. Maia cured herself of cancer.” Without delay I started thinking differently. I would catch myself whenever I went into fear-mode negative thinking and switch to positive thoughts. I now say, “Joey’s body is healthy. It is calm and well balanced. Joey feels well and happy. We have the best remedy to cure him.” It has been almost a year now and Joey is healthy, happy, and stable on a herbal remedy.


Although positive clear thinking is extremely powerful and a necessary element for change you must also do your work. Maia needed to be trained for her aggression to be peaceful around other dogs, and Joey needed some modifying of his herbs to become completely stable.

If you watch your thoughts, create positive images and feelings, and then become active in moving forward toward that new way of being, you and your animal companions will have a more joyful, healthier life together. Try it.


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So I thought I would inform everyone what has been going on in my, the Pet Psychic’s, life these last few weeks.

I got attacked by a facebook friend.  She accused me of making up my communication with a spotted leopard.  She asked, “What wild animal in captivity does not want to be back in the wild?”  To my delight, many of my facebook friends swooped in to my defense.  I of course, did not make up the communication but it got me thinking.  Is there a wild animal in captivity that does not long to be in the wild?  Siegfried and Roy’s tigers look pretty happy and perhaps there is a lazy lion out there that does not want to hunt for his/her food or perhaps a dolphin that feels more connected to the pool and its trainers than the raw nature of the ocean.  Hum…if anyone knows such an animal I would be more than happy to talk to him/her for free.  I am curious.  Of course I do have my views about keeping wild animals in captivity, but I am also THEIR VOICE and it is my mission to leave my judgment aside and relay the truth of what they are thinking.  They are individuals just like we humans are.  Their views on captivity could be very different.

A few weeks ago, on a radio show, I heard an insurance gentlemen saying that he insures exotic animals.  One of the things he does is go with them while they travel.  He was proud to state that exotic animals in captivity are great for education and study. (I could sometimes go along with that.)  He talked about whales being packed in ice as they flew from Iceland to Florida. (Trapped in the wild and sent to SeaWorld perhaps?) H also mentioned that he just flew 100 sea lions across the world. He claimed the organization was so humane that they made sure fresh water blew in the sea lions eyes during the 10-hour flight.  This insured that their eyes wouldn’t dry out.  The radio host remarked, “You are so interesting. You have join us again…Tell the listeners your website?”   Am I the only one that thinks, “This is insane! Maybe this is not ok!  Maybe these animals are suffering during travel! This feels wrong!”?

This morning I met a man in Starbucks who said, “I used to work at a factory farm in Missouri.  We had over 4,000 chickens in little cages.”  It could have been 40,000? I don’t recall.  “In the winter over a 100 chickens would die each night.  It’s normal to have that many chickens die.  The eagles would wait outside the factory each morning and the workers would throw the dead chickens up to them.” Oh my!  Could you imagine that sight?  None of that seemed ok to me (Dead chickens, feeding wild animals) Am I the only one that is confused?  I can’t even imagine telling my friend Melissa, AKA THE CHICKEN LADAY, this story.  She spends hours tube feeding sick chickens each day.  If 100 chickens are dying how many chickens are sick?  You may be eating them and their eggs!  Oh my gosh!  Free Range Everybody!  Free Range!

I have not been one to push my views.  But I can’t help myself.

What do you all think?

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PET PSYCHIC WALK IN HOURS TODAY 4-6 PM at Aloha Dog Grooming 1076 E. Front Street, Ventura. $40-20 min. Guaranteed at Good Time! If there is a wait chill out on the couch and chat with the owners Tina & Kay or the many animals that show up. Dogs, Simon the Cat, bunnies, Sheep… Everyone is always smiling!

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Newsletter #12

Yesterday my friend August (9 years old) asked me if I could have any super hero power what would it be.  He gave me two examples: controlling the weather and magnetism.  Andre his 7-year-old brother said that he would want to be a fast runner…faster than his dad.  I replied that I already have a super hero power. I can talk to animals.  August tilted his head and hummed for a second.  Then he agreed.  Each day, I am more amazed that I can hear the animals with such astounding accuracy.  There are times when I may be a bit off and have to ask clarifying questions, but as time goes on I am becoming more and more efficient.

I believe we all harbor special gifts inside of us.  Whether we believe they come from a higher power, a reservoir deep in our souls, or both doesn’t truly matter.  What matters is that we, ourselves, believe in them.  What I have found is that when we respect these gifts, value them, study them and use them for a greater good something wonderful follows.  Being “psychic” is not always as pleasant as it may appear.  Visions or thoughts may come in distorted or they may flood my nervous system.  I may have a glimpse of the future and then try to manifest other glimpses at will only to be left even more confused.  What has become certain is that each step forward is a step into the unknown.  I realize that as time moves on I become more and more committed to stepping forward with awareness.  I have become more comfortable in the uncomfortable reality that life is unpredictable.  In the past unpredictable meant a bridge collapsing out from underneath me.  Now I’m determined for the unexpected to turn out to be more beautiful and gratifying than I predicted.  One must be fully open to a situation that is unfamiliar for something completely new to take form.  Perhaps we all can have the super hero power of magnetizing all that we desire.  Recognizing the gift within is just the beginning. Then comes the willingness, discipline and commitment to learn that gift skillfully.  To be true to your gift is a true marriage with the self or with a high power.

Here I am blogging daily on: What are my daily struggles, confusions, glory, and elations of being a pet psychic?  How do I filter out and handle all the information that comes through?  How do I deal with disappointment?  Am I respecting my mind, body, and spirit and using their union to help the greater good?  Is it possible to change the world?  Is it possible to move from where I am now to where I want to be?  You will read some of the secrets I have not wanted to reveal to others.  The secrets I have thought that have separated me from the vast majority of the population.  Are all my secrets grandiose or are some of them terrifying?  What does it mean for me to be “psychic”?  What does it mean to be a “Pet Psychic”?



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