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This is Yuki.  He died on 07/20/16.

Yuki said from Heaven,

“I want my mom (person) to know that I was not scared. No, I was not scared because I couldn’t do it anymore. I was feeling really sick and had a horrible headache. My headache was overwhelming. My back was hurting and I couldn’t get up anymore. I was losing my mobility…

Mom, the one things that I want you to know is that love that we had is still here. I didn’t leave it. I am still in it and I am still around you. I really am still around you. I feel now that you don’t feel guilty, you will be able to feel me all the time and that will make you smile. Mom. I love you. smile we were perfect.”

His person writes: I had requested a reading because I had overwhelming guilt about making the difficult decision for euthanasia. After having it done, I was concerned that he wasn’t ready to go. Laura’s insightful information has helped me realize that it was time and Yuki was ready for his transition. The loss is sometimes unbearable, but he is at peace now. Thank you


Laura From Laura The Pet Psychic: It is common that people experience what I call “euthanasia guilt”. It is a powerful force that often times can be so heavy and debilitating that it literally stops our ability to feel the subtle feelings of love and messages of comfort our animals are sending to us from Heaven. I urge people to go back to that moment where they felt with out a doubt euthanasia was the best option and to remember that feeling. It is always hard to “play God” but it is a kind act that we are privilege to have the option. A choice that may have been our animals that we were open enough to understand and strong enough to help.

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Me: “Do you miss Bean (our bunny)? Do you understanding that she died?”

Seamora (Blue and Gold Macaw) answers, “Yes, I understand. She went to Heaven like the cats did. She flew to Heaven with wings through the invisible sky.”

* Seamora is healthy. Her feathers will not grow back.

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My sweet little Bean passed away yesterday 1/10/17. We all miss her so much. Even though I do what I do and know what I know my heart is broken. She was ready. Now she's free in a Heavenly garden watched over by my grandparents and accompanied by all her cat and dog friends. She can kick up her heels again! I have felt her snuggling with me in spirit. Luca is the most sad. He takes these passings very hard. We are finding peace. More of the story soon.... * photo taken the morning of her passing.

My sweet little Bean passed away yesterday 1/10/17. We all miss her so much. Even though I do what I do and know what I know my heart is broken. She was ready. Now she’s free in a Heavenly garden watched over by my grandparents and accompanied by all her cat and dog friends. She can kick up her heels again! I have felt her snuggling with me in spirit. Luca is the most sad. He takes these passings very hard. We are finding peace. More of the story soon…. * photo taken the morning of her passing.

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This is Keno in the front and his brother Buster in the back. Keno passed away July 12, 2016 at 13 years old. 

Keno says from Heaven, “When I was dying, I was grateful. I was so grateful. It was all I could think about. Just being grateful for the love of my mom and all the ways she lit up my world. I mean my mom always talked to me so calmly and she always explained things to me and she used to hold me up to her chest so nicely and I feel like I am wrapped in that love here. 

I wanted out of my body. I was so glad my mom helped me. I told her she needed to take me to Heaven and she showed me how to get there. She showed me. There was a candle lit with rainbow energy.” 

His Person writes: Dear Laura, Thank you so much for my session with Buster and Keno! I felt so much better after hearing from them, especially Keno, whom I miss so much. It is a relief to know that he was grateful to leave his body and that he felt wrapped in my love that day, because he certainly was. It’s amazing that he told you about the candle I lit because I had forgotten that detail.

I also love that Buster thinks I should take up “nature painting” and that even if I’m not very good, he thinks it’s important that I “work with color.” Who knew Papillons were such discerning art critics? Thank you again! xT

Note from Laura: Often times when an animal is at the end of their life, they tell their people that they are ready to pass. People then notice that it is time to help their animal transition but they do not realize that their animal has told them. 

Also it is faciniating to me how many times the animals mention things/events that their people have done for them after they have passed, as if it was happening to/for them in Heaven. For-instance, Keno saw the light of his person’s candle in Heaven and that helped him to/in Heaven. 

Animals also mention feeling their people stroke and kiss them even though they have already left their body. It is important to remember that we are still connected to our animals that have passed in deep and amazing ways.

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Fast Zach

This is Zach. He passed away on 1/26/2016. He was 16 years old.

During a pet psychic session he said to his person, “Life is a party and so is heaven and I’m ok mom. I love you…I am running here in these woods that has windy trail. I love it here. I am chasing birds and I am even bathing in ponds. I want you to know that I will bring back how refreshed I am to you. I can bring you a beautiful feeling. I can bring you love. I would like to come back (in life) again. I am thinking maybe I could be something fast and agile.. like a gray hound. I love being fast.” 

His person wrote: When Zach told laura he wanted to come back as something fast like a greyhound, I knew it was him because we called him zippy all the time because he was fast as a youngster. It brought me peace knowing he was ok. My heart is slowly healing but he was my forever dog. And the loss is huge. Immglad he’s happy and I miss him terribly. Thank you Laura for giving me some peace and talking with Zach.

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Prayers for Blew

Blew photos

DIFFICULT NEWS ABOUT OUR PRECIOUS BLEW from founder of All For Love Animal Rescue. Scroll down to read what Blew has to say.

Dear friends,
Many of you know and love Blew. Now Blew needs your love and prayers more than ever.
Over the last 4 years that AFLAR has been caring for him he has become the heart of our rescue. Blew had a hard life until AFLAR took him in.

From the day I rescued him after years of mistreatment I promised I would always take care of him. With the help of some amazing angels in the form of volunteers, donors, doctors and everyone who has fallen in love with this very special boy, this is what our rescue has done. Through mast cell and skin cancer we kept him healthy.

This last year Blew’s biggest dream came true when he finally was able to come home to live with his soul momma Debi, who fell in love with him 3 years ago. All of us were beyond elated that our boy was finally home.

It is with a very heavy heart that we must share the devastating medical news about our precious Blew. He has been experiencing some physical issues that we have been addressing during the last few months. Fatigue, weight loss and weakness. He was treated for low thyroid which helped a little.

Then his mama Debi alerted us that he had collapsed twice. We quickly got him to Dr, Russell, an amazing cardiologist at VMSG, where he was given an echo cardiogram which showed pretty severe heart damage, as well as congenital heart disease. He was also experiencing arrhythmia and tachycardia. He was put on medication to control the arrhythmia, and that was working well and his cardiologist was pleased. We thought we were on the path to a healthier and happier life for our Bubby.
But the lack of energy, diarrhea and weight loss continued. Dr Russell felt our next best course of action given his history of cancer, was an abdominal ultrasound. We scheduled that with Dr. Ortega at VMSG, and the news was not good. Blew has two large masses on his adrenal glands, one of which has already invaded the vena cava. This means it is most likely malignant and has probably shed cancer cells to the rest of his body, since that vein supplies blood to lungs, heart, and brain. We were stunned to say the least. Because of his heart condition, he is not a good candidate for surgery to remove the adrenal masses as he would most likely not make it through that surgery.

We have been struggling with what we can do for our precious Blew. We turned to renowned Pet Psychic and Animal Communicator, Laura Stinchfield so we could hear what Blew had to say. His words from that conversation are below. He confirmed what we all felt, that surgery is not the avenue we will go down. We will do all we can to make what time this angel-boy has left, the happiest, most loving, and pain free time for him, surrounding him with love of friends and family until he tells us it is his time. We don’t know how long that will be, there is no way to tell.

We ask that you send our Blew-Bear all your loving prayers, surround him with healing light, and help his mama Debi and all of us who love him, through this unbelievably difficult time.

We ask ourselves, how will we get through this? I will quote our volunteer coordinator, and my partner in rescue, Kathleen, in answer to this. “We will do what we always have to do; treasure the moment, fight to the last, let go when we have to, honor our lost loved ones by grieving, and live our lives in service and kindness, and love the best we can”.

We will continue to do everything we can for our precious Blew. Please keep him in your prayers, and know that he loves each and every one of you.


Maripat Davis
AFLAR President & Founder

Excerpts from BLEW’S interview with Laura:

I want to tell my mom that its ok if I die now. because I have had a really special time with her and I have seen her fight for me and I have seen her sad over loosing me and that makes me feel special and I feel like i got what I needed in life.

When I breathe in it really hurts. Well its like my chest is less. Yeah its like I cant breathe in as much air as I used to be able too and also I have this problem of when I am walking my back really hurts. yeah my spine and sometimes I get really dizzy and I feel like I need to stop moving.

yeah. I want to live and be happy but I feel like I am not going to.

I dont feel like I will live a lot longer because inside of me I feel really tired. I feel like love is what I needed to know and now I can go to heaven.

I dont want help going to heaven now but I know in time I will need it and I know that I will soar really high because I can feel love and love is what makes you soar. I am not dumb. I know that dogs die. yeah I have known dogs to die before so I know how it works and if you dont feel love you feel lost or trapped but if you have felt love you soar really high.

I feel like I am not meant to be frail and old. I feel like I am meant to go soon.

I am thankful for my life and I am thankful that my mom has always kept track of me and has always known what is going on. I want her to know that its okay she wasn’t able to take me years ago. I am glad she took me when she did and I have had good experiences over the years. I am okay with my life path.

I like the idea of coming back to my mom again in another but only if she can have me from a puppy. I dont mind waiting in heaven because i have learned so much in life I know that my heaven will be filled with play time, love and good food. I know that a lot of people who have loved animals before have died and I am sure they will love me because since I have been in this rescue I have met a lot of people that care about animals and care about me and I know that this animal rescue has angels and I know that there is one family here and another family in heaven.

I think my mom will know when I need help because I will give her a sad look that tells her and an angel will hug her at the same time. It will be OK. I will be brave.

I want my mom to know that I love her kisses on my face. and the way she moves her nails in a zig zag down spine and her smiling at me. she loves to smile at me.

thank you mom for being my best mom ever. I love you.

I am just grateful and If I can feel better great. If not my mom will know.

tell her I love her. Such a wide graceful love. tell her that.

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Ike Finn and Katie on Death And Dying



Ike, Finn and Katie

Ike, Finn and Katie


This was written by Ike, Finn and Katie’s person in June of 2014.  I am just getting around to posting it now.  I feel it is an important post.

A few weeks ago, we had a session to talk to our brown standard poodle, Finn, our shih tzu, Ike, and our deceased black standard poodle, Katie. Finn had a fungal infection in his nose that was not responding to treatment, and he was going to be helped to heaven that day.

Ike, the shih tzu, who has now survived both Katie and Finn, said this about Finn dying:
“This sucks. It’s like foolish of the universe. I think that sometimes I want to spit on God. I feel that way. Do you think God will be mad at me for saying that? Yeah, I am like ‘God, why do you make animals suffer when you have the power to heal and be love?’
I have learned that it is sad to see others suffering. I think that when I get to heaven I am going to have a serious talk with God so I can understand.”

Finn, brown standard poodle said to heaven,
“I am so grateful to them [my people] ’cause I have had the best care. Everyone has helped me so much, and I am just so thankful. I love them. Will you tell them that over and over again? I love them. I love them. I love them.”  

Katie, black standard poodle in heaven said,
“I just want to tell my people that they don’t need to worry. There is no upsetness here in heaven, and Finn will be just fine. I am really happy here. I prance. I am in a good energetic field. Life is like a butterfly. You look beautiful, you allow yourself to float the way God wants you to, and you get to suck the nectar of flowers. Finn will be just fine. Be at peace. I will take care of him.”

Animals are just like people.  Some have a strong feeling that there is a divine connection to all things and events and others question more.  What I love the most about what Ike, Finn and Katie have said is that they are all express different aspects of my emotional states while dealing with illness and death over time.

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This is Cumin. She is 19 years old. She was diagnosed with a highly aggressive oral cancer, squamous cell carcinoma. It has spread to the bone.

Cumin said in a pet psychic session with me, “I am not scared to die anymore because when I had my operation, I saw an angel. I saw this angel that has a beautiful human body but a cat head and wings. I felt really safe with her and I felt like this angel would take care of me in Heaven. I feel like in Heaven there is a warmth that is very secure. Does my mom know this angel? Ask her.”

I think that it is really cool that Cumin has a charm on her collar that is a cat head with angel wings. This shows me that Cumin knows exactly what she is wearing and it has become a symbol of peace for her.

In her first session with me, she was frightened of dying. I believe the universe provided an angel that Cumin could relate to in-order to find peace in her transition from body to spirit.

She also said, “I feel like my mom (person) and I need to write a book together, ‘The Cumin Love Adventures.’ I feel like my mom and I have felt this sense of pain inside our hearts and when we feel this pain we have a mantra that makes us feel better. It’s a trusting of the Universe mantra. I feel like we need to tell people about this because this could help their animals. My mom has a sense of being able to support me in ways other moms don’t. Like I’m very free in my disease. I am not my disease. I am more my relationship with my mom.”

Cumin’s person has been taking pictures of Cumin every day to document their end of life journey together. Cumin knows exactly what her mom is doing! Believe that your animals understand you and your actions. You too can have “Love Adventures” during end of life care.

Cumin’s mom (person) writes: It took me 19 years to ever consult with an animal communicator. It opened up my heart more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you for the healing, Laura!

Laura Stinchfield

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Shorty was 7 years old when he died on 12/31/15. He has a job in Heaven helping animals on earth. The “traveling vans” he mentions are the vans that transport rescue animals from one state to other rescue organizations in another state. Story explains his job,

Shorty was 7 years old when he died on 12/31/15. He has a job in Heaven helping animals on earth. The “traveling vans” he mentions are the vans that transport rescue animals from one state to other rescue organizations in another state.

Shorty explains his job, “Here in heaven I have gone on the traveling van and I have told all the animals that are traveling that they are going to be ok. I have told them that they are not going to die. I have ridden with them. I have gone to the traveling van and I have run around in circles and I have played and I have looked extremely happy and I have shown them how I was once fearful and how I died so happy.”

*He is teaching the rescue dogs that they can feel safe and that they can have a happier life than they presently know is possible. He shows them that he was once like them and then he shows them the love and safety he felt before he died.

His people write: Shorty was the sweetest dog and we miss him greatly. We were blessed to be able to give this wonderful dog the safe and comfortable life he deserved. He was a rescue from Southern California where he, at some point, was used as a bait dog and then ended up in a high kill shelter. We will be forever grateful to Luvable Dog Rescue for saving Shorty and transporting him on “the traveling van” to Oregon and for giving us the opportunity to know and love him. Although he is no longer with us we are happy to know that he is sharing his bright spirit with those dogs in need.

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Davy Jones

This is Davy Jones.  He is 9 years old.
He says,

” …also want to tell my mom that I think that she should know that we have a love fest. It means that our life is so great. I think I am her favorite dog ever. I feel like my mom and I not only understand each-other but have been together before. Yeah I remember being more black and her like giving me massages and being a little bigger dog.”

His person writes: 

From the day I adopted Davy Jones from the local animal pound, I felt like I was literally “in love” with him. It sort of felt weird at first, like why is my dog hypnotizing me?? (LOL). I felt like I had known him before. Laura had no way of knowing this, and when When Davy Jones told Laura that we have a “love fest”, my mind was reeling. That is exactly the way I would have described my relationship with my former dog, Beau, and I used to give Beau rub downs when he was older and a bit arthritic, and he was bigger, and had more black on him. Beau was a Chow Chow x Rottweiler, Davy Jones is a Dachshund. I have often said that if I got Davy’s DNA done, it would return half Rottie! LOL! Laura was fun, informative, and gave me information that she could not have known in advance, and also gave me some great ideas on how to work with both of my dogs to overcome some of the issues we need to work through regarding their int eractions with other dogs. Both of my dogs are rescues, and she was able to convey their personalities, I feel, very accurately. Laura is definitely tapped in to the animal world! 
(photo is (c) Johnny Ortez-Tibbels)

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