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Davy Jones

This is Davy Jones.  He is 9 years old.
He says,

” …also want to tell my mom that I think that she should know that we have a love fest. It means that our life is so great. I think I am her favorite dog ever. I feel like my mom and I not only understand each-other but have been together before. Yeah I remember being more black and her like giving me massages and being a little bigger dog.”

His person writes: 

From the day I adopted Davy Jones from the local animal pound, I felt like I was literally “in love” with him. It sort of felt weird at first, like why is my dog hypnotizing me?? (LOL). I felt like I had known him before. Laura had no way of knowing this, and when When Davy Jones told Laura that we have a “love fest”, my mind was reeling. That is exactly the way I would have described my relationship with my former dog, Beau, and I used to give Beau rub downs when he was older and a bit arthritic, and he was bigger, and had more black on him. Beau was a Chow Chow x Rottweiler, Davy Jones is a Dachshund. I have often said that if I got Davy’s DNA done, it would return half Rottie! LOL! Laura was fun, informative, and gave me information that she could not have known in advance, and also gave me some great ideas on how to work with both of my dogs to overcome some of the issues we need to work through regarding their int eractions with other dogs. Both of my dogs are rescues, and she was able to convey their personalities, I feel, very accurately. Laura is definitely tapped in to the animal world! 
(photo is (c) Johnny Ortez-Tibbels)

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It’s Stormy 


Hudson 6.5 month old German Shepherd reincarnation of my beloved Stormy (late 16 year old Aussie with a tail)! 

I am %100 percent convinced Hudson is Stormy. He recognizes all his old friends, has been perfect from the beginning, lies in the same places, walks and plays the same way and is just the same old pure love!

I have been posting all the silly things Hudson says because I have been enjoying the pure goofy innocence Stormy has in a puppy again. 
Though I want to share other things Hudson has said that are sooo Stormy. Here are a few, 
“Mom, I just remembered something. I’m love. I think I love myself. Yes. I love myself.”   
“Wait! What happened? Did you just close all the windows and turn on cold air blowing? Did you make that happen? I know where you turned it on! Mom, teach me! Please teach me how!” 

“I think I came back beautiful so that I can remind people to be in awe and then from that place people can search for the beauty inside of themselves.”  

“It is so nice to be able to play without my body hurting. I remember when it was time for me to die. It was sad for you. But now I’m back so you can be happy again.”  

“I don’t get really excited to see you when you come home like Luca and Felix do because I traveled with the Angels to other universes and found you again. So I know I will always see you again. Being apart for a moment is no big deal.” 

“Everybody should love themselves.”

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Hudson & Angels

My conversation with Hudson:

Hudson “mom am I going to fly to the Angels to visit soon?”
Me: I’m sure you can go when ever you want. Why do ask?
Hudson: “I feel like I can fly to the Angels and talk with them, but I just forgot how. I hope I remember soon. I feel like I miss it.”
Me: aww Buddy you will remember soon. You will be flying to speak with the Angels in no time. You’re just like my sweet sweet Stormy. 
Hudson: I hope I remember how soon. 

* He means speaking with the Angels in meditation 🙂

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Animal Reincarnation – Minnie is Back










Every now and then an animal says they are going to reincarnate back to their person and tells me how their person will know it is them. These sessions always make me nervous because time is different on the other side and sometimes it feels like a treasure hunt finding them.
Here is an email from a woman giving me an update on her search. Hint: She found her dog!
It’s a great email because it shows the feelings one may go through during the search. I love it & the miracle of the universe! Enjoy:
Hi, Laura! I’ve had several readings with you regarding my dog who passed away from oral cancer back in November. Her name was Minnie and she was a Yorkshire Terrier. I’ve had a lot of difficulties finding her, and found myself looking for her every single day without any luck. One Friday night, I got a strong feeling telling me to check again, and there were new Maltese/Yorkie mix puppies listed on PetFinder! It was about 2AM, and I immediately woke back up and filled out an application. Two days later, I was able to stop by and adopt her. It felt like everything worked out, especially because there had been so many other yorkies in the past that I felt could have been Minnie, and it never worked out. I was beginning to feel frustrated and upset.
When I got to the adoption event, there were about 4 other Yorkies. The first one I picked up, I kept thinking, “Is this her? Is this Minnie? It must be her! I think so… What if it’s not? What if it is?” And I was tempted to just adopt her so that I could finally end my search. But something told me to keep looking. So I picked up another Yorkie, and I kept asking myself the same things, “Is this her? I don’t know! It might be!” So I put her down. Finally, I saw a little Morkie hiding behind a towel. I picked her up and she immediately put her head down to rest on my chest and looked up straight into my eyes (Minnie ALWAYS did that). I didn’t second guess it, I didn’t question it this time. I didn’t ask myself whether this was her, because I knew it! I got a very strong feeling of security and happiness, like a miracle had just happened! She stayed very calm with me, whereas the other dogs I picked up were all energetic and trying to jump out of my arms.
I noticed during the ride home that she kept pushing her nose up all over me, wherever she could. My arm, my leg, my face, etc… I didn’t remember it from our previous reading together, and I only remembered it later on that she had said “The thing that my mom needs to know is that she will know me also from my nose push. Its like I push my nose into her.” And yes, she was! Not just any nose push. But she was pushing her nose so hard into me I was scared it was hurting her! She kept doing it so persistently, there was no way it was a coincidence.
So, I’ve only had her for 2 days now. I adopted her yesterday. She is a 2 month old baby puppy, and it is difficult to train her. She has been peeing and pooping everywhere, but I know that this is Minnie. I can feel it. I planned to give her a different name for a different life, but I can’t help but call her Minnie since she reminds me so much of Minnie! I have no doubts that I have found her! Thank you for all your help!

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Is Hudson Stormy

the boys at ojai foundation










Hudson (white GSD * Stormy’s incarnation) says, “Mom, my body has forgotten how to walk far. Though when I walk here I have waves of memories. I have been here many times before.”

So true! This is one of Stormy’s favorite walks. Later in life he use to do it in his stroller. I had to carry Hudson part of the way because he got tired. Don’t you worry all you animal advocates! I didn’t make him walk far .

Luca my poodle says, “Stormy has forgotten a lot of things but he is still my good friend. I know it’s him cause I see his soul is the same.”

Felix my chihuahua mix says, “Hudson is a lot of fun. My mom calls me a gangster because I’m tough on him. It’s my job to teach him. If that’s truly Stormy it is a miracle. I can see both of them in my mind if I close my eyes. They are similar.”

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Hudson’s Arrival

Hudson is home! We are all in love and exhausted!

He has fit in really well. When he came into the house he said he has been there before and I heard him thinking about how strange it was that he knew the bedroom so well.

This morning there were ravens outside that said, “look the black dog is back in a white body”!

So exciting. He is a confident wild explorer! More to come….

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This is Nina. She died on Feb 4, 2007 at 15.5 years old.

She said from Heaven, “I have to tell my mom (person) that life is super fun here. It’s like a roller-coaster with hamburger meat, fries, ice cream and even potatoes salad. It’s so good here. I have this fun time where I run in the snow so fast after bunny rabbits and then latter on in the day go swimming where the water is so warm and then I sleep on a bed that is like your bed with a cozy comforter and your smell. Your grandma sometimes puts me on a leash and she laughs because she has to wear roller blades and your grandma is having so much fun because we go to an old boardwalk that she knew (you?) as a child and watch the sailboats.

I am so awesome. in my awesomeness. Yeah I am going to come back to you too. You are going to be like no way that little one too. I am not sure what I will look like but my forehead will look familiar and you will be like wow that is such a little feisty puppy and I will be like peeing on things and they will be frustrated with me but I wont pee on your things.

I am also going to be really smart and if I try to jump and catch butterflies in my mouth don’t be upset it’s just a game.”

Her person commented after our session: Hi Laura, Please share what you think will be most valuable or entertaining for your followers. This cracked me up!!
I wasn’t expecting this at all from Nina…Nina had almost three different stages of her life and personalities…I got her as puppy and she lived until 15.5. This is very young Nina…I almost forgot about her…Nina as a puppy and young dog was fearless, confident, cocky, energetic, confident and FUNNY as well as loving and loyal which never changed…and BAD!! She was always taking things from Annie and then tried to look innocent, she would tell on Annie if she did anything wrong and would try to pin any damage on Annie by looking innocent and then looking at Annie. She’d steal stuff from purses without disturbing anything and you’d find it somewhere else, chewed up and once on a walk, without breaking stride, she plucked a rose from a pot outside a grocery story. She loved her food too. We had to put baby gates on the kitchen cupboards to keep her out but we had to take some off so we could get in and she found a way inside. She often got her head stuck in a box of cereal or cookies and had to be rescued.

My grandmother used to joke that you could tie Nina to wheels and have her pull you she was so strong and energetic. I forgot about that…as well as I grew up in Vancouver and there was a boardwalk close to our apt. that anchored boats etc. We used to go for nightly walks and read all the names on the boats and feed the ducks.
My biggest fear would be Nina and Trevor coming back at the same time…I guess that is why they will be little dogs as two full sized, young Nina and Trevor would do me in…I’d need therapy and medication to manage those two together. I’m glad she’s coming back. I wish she’d come back as her 10 to 15 year old self, though.


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This is Dozer at 10 months old with his person.

Dozer talked about a past life and said,

“I know that one time I had another life and my mom (person) and I we had lots smiles together. We were good friend and my dad he was this man that always loved my mom but he had to win my moms heart and every day he brought her flowers until she said yes.”


Testimonial from Dozer’s person: I have spoken with Laura twice now. My first experience was when my little man Rocky passed away last year and now to talk to my new pet Dozer to try and figure out some behavioral issues!

I am always blown away by the things that she can tell me, most of which only the pet and I would know!!

She has helped me through grief, which not only made things a little easier but also gave me the gift of being able to talk to him and let him know how much he was loved. And she has helped me now to find out a few issues that can now be addressed that I would have not known otherwise!

She is such an amazing person to talk to always making you feel so welcomed!

If you are questioning if you should make an appointment or not I strongly suggest you give her a try and I’m sure you will be just as blown away as I always am! I have no doubt that Laura and I will be having many more sessions!! I will never be able to show her how grateful I am for all that she does!

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Luca carried this stick for about a mile today. Luca is a reincarnation of my late wolf dog Maia. This is something Maia would have done. Sticks are a new passion of Lucas. He is 4 years old and starting to exhibit more of Maia's characteristics. It is common as the animals age to see more of their past lives being integrated into their present life. Always a joy!  Join us today on PET PSYCHIC RADIO (02-April-2015)! Listen and chat online to today's show: Talk to your animal! Call in at: 917-889-2693 Show starts at 6:30pm PDT (7:30pm MDT, 8:30pm CDT, 9:30pm EDT) * New start time and longer show! 90 minutes! Animals Wanted Dead Or Alive

Luca carried this stick for about a mile today. Luca is a reincarnation of my late wolf dog Maia. This is something Maia would have done. Sticks are a new passion of Lucas.

He is 4 years old and starting to exhibit more of Maia’s characteristics.It is common as the animals age to see more of their past lives being integrated into their present life.

Always a joy!

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Pet Psychic Radio Podcast 09-18-14

Will Dart The Cat Change His Behavior Or Go On Vacation?

Dart’s Person says, “Dart keeps getting injured in fights, despite being neutered. This latest one left him with a large, infected gash in his head. How did he get it? Can’t he simply NOT fight and get injured so often? It seems like he doesn’t care about himself…I worry about him.” 

Listen to this episode to hear what Dart and other animals have to say. 

Click On Arrow To Listen:

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