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Making A Vet Appointment Easier For Your Pets

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My animals have never had a problem going to the vet. Sure, it’s not their favorite thing to do, but they stay calm and attentive. They don’t exhibit a high-level stress by panting, barking or meowing. They don’t shake or stiffen their body. They don’t refuse to go into the vet clinic or snap or bite while we are in there.

Let’s face it, veterinary hospitals are scary places. They have a strong sterile smell. Other animals are fearful. People do things to the animals that are unnatural and against animal instincts. Without realizing it, people are exhibiting dominant, somewhat aggressive, behavior by leaning over the animals, evaluating them, staring into their eyes and palpating their abdomen. They put cold things up against their heart and make strange faces while doing it. They stick instruments in places no one wants to hear about and swab their sensitive ears. They poke animals with needles that can make the animals feel pretty yucky for some time.

So how do we make these visits better for our pets? If you have an animal that travels well, bring him or her to the vet just for a visit. Let the staff give your pet treats and a warm welcome.

You can also talk with your animal. Explain to your pet what the vet is all about. Take a breath. Clear your thoughts and explain to your pet that a visit to the vet’s office is to keep your pet healthy. Something cold held to the body is to hear the heart beat to make sure it has a healthy rhythm. A light in the eyes is to gauge the pet’s vision. A needle is to pull blood to test how all the organs are working or to administer a shot to keep the pet healthy. A needle in the bladder is to see if the pet has an infection. And so on.

If your pet is at the vet’s office because of illness, tell your pet the doctor is trying to find out why he or she is throwing up or having seizures or whatever the ailment is. Tell your animal you know that the people act strange, but it’s to help your pet live longer. Tell your animal that if there’s pain anywhere to inform the vet over and over in his or her mind and to physically exaggerate the pain to let the vet know. If you are in the examining room with your animal, you can explain what is happening and why in real time. You can do this out loud or you can do it in your head, sending it to your pet’s heart center.

Remind your animals how to calm themselves. Tell them to lick, yawn, stretch, blink their eyes. Remind them they are OK. Tell them you like your vet and you trust him or her. Remind your animal he or she will be going home with you. Whatever diagnoses or news you hear, be sure to tell your animal either at the vet’s office or when you get home. Talk to your vet about something personal. What animals do they have? What do they like to do in their free time? Make them a real person instead of someone who is just poking and prodding your animal.

Even if the visit becomes chaotic, stay positive. If you are nervous, your animal will be nervous. Sometimes your animal’s relationship to the vet office is all about your attitude. Choose a safe and confident vet and your animal will learn to deal with a visit to the office maybe even enjoy it!


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This is Ginger. She is 15 years old. She said during a session,

This is Ginger.  She is 15 years old.

She said during a session, “Yes, I had a good life. A perfect life in fact. I am sort the boss of the house. I mean what I ever I want I get and that is really cool for a little dog in a big household. I feel like no one should be afraid for me because I am not afraid.”

Her person wrote: My daughter and I reached out to Laura in a state of hopelessness when we discovered our Ginger was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Ginger is our baby girl and we have had her since she was 8 weeks old. Hearing she had cancer practically tore us but after contacting Laura we were able to get a better perspective on how Ginger was feeling. Laura is truly an inspiration and is so gifted. She simply cannot makeup or fake what she said to us throughout our reading. Thank you for communicating with our Ginger and for being so pleasant and kind.


#BossOfTheHouse #Brave #GoodLife #PetPsychic #ImNotAfraid #LittleDog

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Prayers for Blew

Blew photos

DIFFICULT NEWS ABOUT OUR PRECIOUS BLEW from founder of All For Love Animal Rescue. Scroll down to read what Blew has to say.

Dear friends,
Many of you know and love Blew. Now Blew needs your love and prayers more than ever.
Over the last 4 years that AFLAR has been caring for him he has become the heart of our rescue. Blew had a hard life until AFLAR took him in.

From the day I rescued him after years of mistreatment I promised I would always take care of him. With the help of some amazing angels in the form of volunteers, donors, doctors and everyone who has fallen in love with this very special boy, this is what our rescue has done. Through mast cell and skin cancer we kept him healthy.

This last year Blew’s biggest dream came true when he finally was able to come home to live with his soul momma Debi, who fell in love with him 3 years ago. All of us were beyond elated that our boy was finally home.

It is with a very heavy heart that we must share the devastating medical news about our precious Blew. He has been experiencing some physical issues that we have been addressing during the last few months. Fatigue, weight loss and weakness. He was treated for low thyroid which helped a little.

Then his mama Debi alerted us that he had collapsed twice. We quickly got him to Dr, Russell, an amazing cardiologist at VMSG, where he was given an echo cardiogram which showed pretty severe heart damage, as well as congenital heart disease. He was also experiencing arrhythmia and tachycardia. He was put on medication to control the arrhythmia, and that was working well and his cardiologist was pleased. We thought we were on the path to a healthier and happier life for our Bubby.
But the lack of energy, diarrhea and weight loss continued. Dr Russell felt our next best course of action given his history of cancer, was an abdominal ultrasound. We scheduled that with Dr. Ortega at VMSG, and the news was not good. Blew has two large masses on his adrenal glands, one of which has already invaded the vena cava. This means it is most likely malignant and has probably shed cancer cells to the rest of his body, since that vein supplies blood to lungs, heart, and brain. We were stunned to say the least. Because of his heart condition, he is not a good candidate for surgery to remove the adrenal masses as he would most likely not make it through that surgery.

We have been struggling with what we can do for our precious Blew. We turned to renowned Pet Psychic and Animal Communicator, Laura Stinchfield so we could hear what Blew had to say. His words from that conversation are below. He confirmed what we all felt, that surgery is not the avenue we will go down. We will do all we can to make what time this angel-boy has left, the happiest, most loving, and pain free time for him, surrounding him with love of friends and family until he tells us it is his time. We don’t know how long that will be, there is no way to tell.

We ask that you send our Blew-Bear all your loving prayers, surround him with healing light, and help his mama Debi and all of us who love him, through this unbelievably difficult time.

We ask ourselves, how will we get through this? I will quote our volunteer coordinator, and my partner in rescue, Kathleen, in answer to this. “We will do what we always have to do; treasure the moment, fight to the last, let go when we have to, honor our lost loved ones by grieving, and live our lives in service and kindness, and love the best we can”.

We will continue to do everything we can for our precious Blew. Please keep him in your prayers, and know that he loves each and every one of you.


Maripat Davis
AFLAR President & Founder

Excerpts from BLEW’S interview with Laura:

I want to tell my mom that its ok if I die now. because I have had a really special time with her and I have seen her fight for me and I have seen her sad over loosing me and that makes me feel special and I feel like i got what I needed in life.

When I breathe in it really hurts. Well its like my chest is less. Yeah its like I cant breathe in as much air as I used to be able too and also I have this problem of when I am walking my back really hurts. yeah my spine and sometimes I get really dizzy and I feel like I need to stop moving.

yeah. I want to live and be happy but I feel like I am not going to.

I dont feel like I will live a lot longer because inside of me I feel really tired. I feel like love is what I needed to know and now I can go to heaven.

I dont want help going to heaven now but I know in time I will need it and I know that I will soar really high because I can feel love and love is what makes you soar. I am not dumb. I know that dogs die. yeah I have known dogs to die before so I know how it works and if you dont feel love you feel lost or trapped but if you have felt love you soar really high.

I feel like I am not meant to be frail and old. I feel like I am meant to go soon.

I am thankful for my life and I am thankful that my mom has always kept track of me and has always known what is going on. I want her to know that its okay she wasn’t able to take me years ago. I am glad she took me when she did and I have had good experiences over the years. I am okay with my life path.

I like the idea of coming back to my mom again in another but only if she can have me from a puppy. I dont mind waiting in heaven because i have learned so much in life I know that my heaven will be filled with play time, love and good food. I know that a lot of people who have loved animals before have died and I am sure they will love me because since I have been in this rescue I have met a lot of people that care about animals and care about me and I know that this animal rescue has angels and I know that there is one family here and another family in heaven.

I think my mom will know when I need help because I will give her a sad look that tells her and an angel will hug her at the same time. It will be OK. I will be brave.

I want my mom to know that I love her kisses on my face. and the way she moves her nails in a zig zag down spine and her smiling at me. she loves to smile at me.

thank you mom for being my best mom ever. I love you.

I am just grateful and If I can feel better great. If not my mom will know.

tell her I love her. Such a wide graceful love. tell her that.

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This is Cumin. She is 19 years old. She was diagnosed with a highly aggressive oral cancer, squamous cell carcinoma. It has spread to the bone.

Cumin said in a pet psychic session with me, “I am not scared to die anymore because when I had my operation, I saw an angel. I saw this angel that has a beautiful human body but a cat head and wings. I felt really safe with her and I felt like this angel would take care of me in Heaven. I feel like in Heaven there is a warmth that is very secure. Does my mom know this angel? Ask her.”

I think that it is really cool that Cumin has a charm on her collar that is a cat head with angel wings. This shows me that Cumin knows exactly what she is wearing and it has become a symbol of peace for her.

In her first session with me, she was frightened of dying. I believe the universe provided an angel that Cumin could relate to in-order to find peace in her transition from body to spirit.

She also said, “I feel like my mom (person) and I need to write a book together, ‘The Cumin Love Adventures.’ I feel like my mom and I have felt this sense of pain inside our hearts and when we feel this pain we have a mantra that makes us feel better. It’s a trusting of the Universe mantra. I feel like we need to tell people about this because this could help their animals. My mom has a sense of being able to support me in ways other moms don’t. Like I’m very free in my disease. I am not my disease. I am more my relationship with my mom.”

Cumin’s person has been taking pictures of Cumin every day to document their end of life journey together. Cumin knows exactly what her mom is doing! Believe that your animals understand you and your actions. You too can have “Love Adventures” during end of life care.

Cumin’s mom (person) writes: It took me 19 years to ever consult with an animal communicator. It opened up my heart more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you for the healing, Laura!

Laura Stinchfield

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Bean At The Vet

Update on Bean: She didn’t feel much better this morning so I had to bring her back to the vets. She has an infection in her body and gas in her stomach so she is on a medicine cocktail of antibiotics, pain relief, acid reducer… Her fever has come down. Dr. Nicci is confident that her stomach issues will resolve. Though Bean is still complaining about pain in her right shoulder and head so there is concern about neurological issues. We have a few ideas. Time will tell. On a side note: Oddly Hudson my GSD puppy is also limping on his right front. 
Bean looks pretty bad in these photos. But had a few moments of looking better. As Katie the vet tech syringed fed Bean critical care, Bean looked a bit more bright eyed. Bean asked Katie about her bunny at home. They are the same age-8!  
She asked if Katie’s bunny has a tunnel and a cardboard house. He does, just like Bean!  
Bean asked Katie if her bunny has done any remodeling to his cardboard house. Bean has added two doors to hers. Katie told Bean her bunny has just started to remodel :)! Bean then wondered if his remodel just looked like a new a window. 
When I was checking out, Bean told the receptionist, “You should be on critical care”. 
When I asked Bean why she responded to the woman, “You look tired. You need better nutrition and more energy.”  
The receptionist laughed and said Bean is right. She is always tired and was just talking this morning about needing to eat better. We all decided that she could substitute Critical Care for green juice and smoothies.  
I’m happy Bean feels better on critical care and well enough to strike up conversations but she’s worn out and is presently sleeping.  
Thank you all for your well wishes, healing energy and concern. We are very thankful!

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Makia – Be A Butterfly

My 20 year old cat Makia doesn’t feel so well. She’s been breathing heavy, rapid weight loss, throwing up and having soft stools. Chest X-rays look good!  

Her symptoms are similar to Serafina’s six week ago. Serafina got better on the antibiotic Zenequin. Makia can not take that because she has a low threshold to seizures so she’s on Clavamox. 
We are treating for listeria because of the Stella and Chewys food recall. I know they ate the recalled lot. Serafina is 100% better. Hoping for the same recovery for Makia.  
Makia says, “I have been sick a lot of times, but have never been this nauseous. If my food made me sick, I’m a little angry. I usually don’t get angry. I know one day I’ll be in Heaven, but I want to live some more. 

I hope all the butterflies in the world think of me as they are flying. I’m sure that energy will get me well. If you’re reading this, be a butterfly and send me love.”   

#StellaAndChewysRecall #ListeriaandPets #listeria #ListeriaInAnimals #beAButterfly #love #iwanttolive

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Serafina Is Better

serfina better











This is my cat Serafina. I am not sure how old she is. We estimate around 15 years old.

My cats have been on a raw food diet for 10 plus years. A month ago, I decided to “treat” them with some high quality grain free organic cat food. That night Serafina started to projectile vomit and have diarrhea. A week later she lost half her body weight (down to 4.5lbs), refused to move or eat, and was diagnosed with Pancreatitis. I was positive it was from a bacteria in the canned food so we put her on antibiotics. She had two different antibiotics over 14 days, sub-q fluids every other day, colostrum, canna pet, antacids, cerenia, chiropractic and of course all raw food.

It has now been one month since her diagnoses and she is feeling great! She is back to her energetic happy self. I will never feed canned food again.


Thank you Ohana Pet Hospital, Carpinteria Vet, chiro Steve Matzkin and vet tech Caroline Thompson, healer Bill Turner, and friend Swan Keller for making my kitty better! You are all awesome! Serafina is now up to 6lbs


Serafina says, “I want to tell everyone that when you don’t feel well don’t give up hope. You have to keep believing in yourself even if you feel like you want to die. My mom kept telling me I was going to feel better and I had to trust her even though I was not sure of it. I am enjoying life again. I was so happy to have our bunny Bean to keep me company. She really helped me feel better. She’s my good friend. Sometimes when you are sick you find out who your good friends are. I want everyone to believe in their health and their ability to live well. Be happy. It helps you to heal if you force yourself to do things you love, even if it is just sitting outside.”

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Makia and Sunbeams

makia on fountain










Some mornings are harder than others. This morning Makia awoke with a terrible headache. This evening she will receive fluids again. I am hoping that will help her.

Makia says,

“Thank you all for your prayers.

When you don’t feel well it’s comforting to have friends and family that check on you.

I believe it creates sunbeams in the world when you reach out to others.”

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This is Kochi. He is 6 years old.

He said, “I was feeling the kind of sick where you start to see the angel dogs. They are dogs that have a golden light all around them and they come and lie with you and tell you that when you die you can run in a park full of Heaven’s creatures. It is beautiful.

The one thing that happened when I was really sick is I kept feeling like I was falling down a hole. It was really scary. Sometimes when I would close my eyes, I would feel like I was sinking and I felt damp all the time. It was like the feeling of being rained on all the time.

But I got better. Mommy’s machine did make me better. It pulled out the dampness and it made light come into my body. When I was healing those angel dogs kept moving through me rather than staying outside of me. It felt really good.”

Kochi’s person (mommy) writes, “Kochi nearly died – he was so sick (but healed with a Photon Sound Beam machine) – and with Laura’s help, we discovered that Kochi became sick to show me that I can heal and that sickness can be healed using universal prayer, inter-dimensional thoughts and technology. Laura also enlightened me about what my dog experienced in his sickness – beautiful angel dogs that lay with him and even went through him. We are all truly blessed to have angels and Laura in our lives.” I can not express this enough, when our animals are sick it is so important to truly believe we can help them heal. We must believe in the methods of treatment that we are using. It helps are animals to feel safe and to feel as if they are in healing hands. Call in the healing angels! I am always surprised who shows up 🙂

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This is Maxie. He is 8 years old. He has been dealing with some health issues.

He says, “I feel very sick a lot of the time. I dont know if my headache will ever go away. I have a bad headache and also I get a shaky feeling. There are times when I have thought that I want to go to Heaven. But I decided I want to fight. I want to fight for my life! I am not old and I want to feel better!”

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