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Pet Psychic Radio 03-26-15

Cant wait to speak with Cookie the mountain lion on today's PET PSYCHIC RADIO (26-Mar-2015)! Listen and chat online to today's show: Talk to your animal! Call in at: 917-889-2693 Show starts at 6:30pm PDT (7:30pm MDT, 8:30pm CDT, 9:30pm EDT) * New start time and longer show! 90 minutes! Animals Wanted Dead Or Alive Guest Today is Janice Vales of WildCat Haven Sanctuary Website Facebook Page

Guest on this show is Janice Vales of WildCat Haven Sanctuary Website

Facebook Page

It as Great speaking with Cookie and other mountain lions on today’s PET PSYCHIC RADIO (26-Mar-2015)!

Click On Arrow To Listen To The Show:

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Another Fun and Entertaining Episode of Pet Psychic Radio. Click on arrow below to listen to this week’s podcast. March 26, 2015.

@ 03:35 – 7yr toy poodle Junior (Baby J), any changes he want?
@ 08:05 – Pamela & cats Lucky & Ruby, want to adopt terrier/poodle mix.
@ 15:11 + WildCat Haven Sanctuary, Janice Vales & mountain lion Cookie.
@ 34:49 – Meredith & black cat 6.5yr Judah, why so scared?
@ 40:57 – Nicki & 7yr white Maltese Benji, why getting sick?
@ 46:23 – Laura & Ai, dog food & kidney failure.
@ 48:02 – Laura & Ai, heavy cats.
@ 49:27 – Lyn & dog Leona, want her to get along with the cats.
@ 55:17 – Tara & cat Shelly, why she sick? She want to recover?
@ 1:00:14 – Laura & Ai, traditional & holistic vets.
@ 1:01:56 – David & 3yr cat Ginger, he want to say anything?
@ 1:09:36 – Irene & 9mth Sheltie Sophie II, goes poopie in house.
@ 1:18:56 ~ Swan’s Chihuahuas Paco* & Chicken*, meet Stormy* in Heaven?
@ 1:22:09 ~ SafePetHaven’s cat Wessos, why attacking cats?
@ 1:26:38 – Stormy’s WoW, “I’m still here. I am like your Love blanket.”
@ 1:28:03 – Makia’s WoW, “Breathe it out Love. And enjoy the living.”

Guest: WCH Sanctuary,

* Laura does not work with lost animals. For help with lost animals:
– Hilary Renaissance,
Lori Spagna,

Heavy Cats:
* Meow (aka “Meow the fat cat”) (b:2010, d:2012), 18.0kg (39.6lbs).
* Guinness world record: Himmy (d:1986, 10yrs), 21.3kg (46.8lbs), tabby.
* Guinness World Records stopped recording heaviest pets to discourage deliberate overfeeding.

Future shows Listen and chat online:

Talk to your animal! Call in at: 917-889-2693 Show starts at 6:30pm PDT (7:30pm MDT, 8:30pm CDT, 9:30pm EDT)

* New start time and longer show! 90 minutes! Animals Wanted Dead Or Alive


Guest Today is Janice Vales of WildCat Haven Sanctuary Website Facebook Page

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Animal Communicator Talking To Whales And Dolphins

Join Animal Communicator / Pet Psychic Laura Stinchfield and video producer Ai Kusuhara on a dolphin  / whale watching adventure.  Dolphins and whales tell their story.  Filmed in 2010.


From an Email From Whale And Dolphin Watch  dated March 8, 2013

Dearest Friends:

Today in San Diego,  the California Coastal Commission said “NO” to the Navy and their plan to deploy bombs and sonar sound off the Coastline that would likely injure, maim or kill millions of cetaceans over the next 5 years. They said that the Navy’s position is inadequate and unsupported by facts. They also said that the Navy did not keep its agreements in the past and that there was no point in making a compromise with them. In attendance were Lyndia, Lance and Kim of Whale and Dolphin Watch, several representatives from NRDC, Greenpeace, many other ocean organizations and dozens of individuals from near and far.


Although the decision only affects California waters, it is still significant as it sets a major precedent for the whole country.  This will have far reaching implications for what can be done next, and ultimately the safety of our cetacean friends, the health of our oceans and our planet. In this case, your participation may have shifted the tide that has so long moved in the direction of disrespect and outright disregard for our oceans. We hear from a major environmental organization that your signatures have energized this movement in a big way!!!

We are not done with this issue yet. This week end is our last chance for signatures on our petition to go to NOAA/National Marine Fisheries on Monday. Will you help us out?

Here’s what we want you to do next:

1.     1. Call and network with your friends and get them to sign this last petition

2.     2.  Post on your Facebook page

3.      3. Go to our Facebook page and like us (link on our website)

4.      4. Sign up for ongoing information on our website to keep abreast of this issue

Here is the link:

From the bottom of our hearts, we wanted to say a big ‘Thank You” for your signature on our petitions and your ongoing support. You are awesome people and we are deeply humbled by your support of our oceans.

Lyndia, Lance, Kim and Wes


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A Friend Of Elephants ~ Pat Derby Passes Away

Animal Rights

Animals & Animal Lovers Have Lost An Amazing Woman

Performing Animal Welfare Society:

Patricia B. Derby
June 7, 1943-February 15, 2013

Pat Derby was a partner, leader, mentor, teacher and friend. She was the first to champion the cause of performing animals, and today, because of her work and her fierce determination, most animal protection organizations have captive wildlife programs that address the issues of performing animals.

Click To Visit Pat’s Organization
To Learn More about her and her life’s work.

May we all take a moment to thank Pat for her dedication and love of the animals.

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Please Support Chimp Haven

Copied from

Chimp Haven’s

January 25th Newsletter:

It’s been an extraordinary week for Chimp Haven. The National Institutes of Health’s Working Group recommended that all but 50 federally-owned biomedical research chimpanzees be moved to the The National Chimpanzee Sanctuary System.  This means there is potential for Chimp Haven to take in hundreds more chimpanzees. If you missed it, CBS Evening News

and The Rachel Maddow Show showcased this great news this week.

New arrival, Candy.


We also welcomed  the first 16 of 111 chimpanzees from the New Iberia Research Center. Julius, Phyllis, Sandy, Jessica, Debbie, Linda, Kathy, Margaret, Daisy, Megan, Candy, Jimmy, Becky, Mackensie, Dea and Quilla are in a quarantined location in the sanctuary, but will soon be introduced to other members of the colony. The new arrivals are adjusting well to the sanctuary environment and showing good signs of curiosity and excitement. Click here to view pictures of our new arrivals.

As we gain momentum in this journey, we thank you for your generosity and dedication to Chimp Haven’s mission of providing permanent sanctuary for retired federally-owned, former pet and entertainment chimpanzees. You are the reason we are able to continue providing wonderful care for each chimpanzee. However, we still have a long way to go to reach our $5 million fundraising goal in bringing all 111 chimpanzees to Chimp Haven and your continued support is appreciated. We invite you to donate to the Road to Chimp Haven Campaign by clicking here, but we also invite you to become a Chimp Haven advocate by passing along this ChimpanzeeGram to family, friends and coworkers.

For updates on Chimp Haven’s new arrivals, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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From Wayne Pacelle’s Blog ~ A Humane Nation * Wolves

From Wayne Pacelle’s Blog:

ABOUT WAYNE:  Few are in a position to speak for the animals like Wayne Pacelle. As President and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States, he leads 11 million members and constituents in the mission of celebrating animals and confronting cruelty.

The HSUS is organization I support and trust. You should too.

This posting is copied from his Blog. Posted On December 13, 2012.

Wolves Under the Gun

It’s been the worst year for wolves in North America in more than half a century. Wolf killing, including by aerial gunning, has continued, as in years past, in Canada and Alaska. But on top of that, there’s been a huge expansion of wolf killing in the lower 48 states. Michigan’s legislature passed a bill yesterday to make the wolf a “game” species and allow the Natural Resources Commission to set a sport hunting season. Five other states have continued or launched hunting and trapping seasons. Earlier in the week, news reports from Wyoming confirmed that hunters had killed 10 wolves that had been collared and studied in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, as the animals have strayed outside the boundaries of the parks. The victims included Yellowstone National Park’s most famous wolf, 832F, the alpha female of the beloved Lamar Canyon pack.

270x240 wolf in snow istock
© iStockphoto via Wayne’s Blog

This past summer, Stephanie Boyles Griffin, the senior director of The HSUS’s Wildlife Response, Innovations and Services section, had the privilege of seeing 832F and her pack while visiting the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone:

“At dusk, I approached Rick McIntyre, Yellowstone’s biological technician who hasn’t missed a day of wolf watching in 8 ½ years! That’s what I call dedication! Anyway, I asked him if I could shadow him that evening and he obliged. We were parked along with a large group of fellow wolf-watchers just west of Soda Butte, and at some point, I heard Rick softly say ‘Stephanie.’ I spun around and saw her — 832F and her pack trotting down from the bluffs and across the road into Lamar Valley to hunt for the night. Once the adults disappeared into the sage brush, we all set up our spotting scopes so we could watch the adolescent wolves babysitting and playing with the pups of the year up in the hills above the road. I think we all smiled so long and hard that it made our faces hurt.

“I’ll remember that night for the rest of my life. When I think of the people who travel to Yellowstone from all over the world just to catch a glimpse of a wolf like 832F and her pack, it makes me sick to think that it ended when one single person put her in their crosshairs and pulled the trigger. It’s just wrong. This wolf, arguably the most famous in the world and clearly the most famous in Yellowstone, was worth more — both to her species and to our species — alive than dead. We’re better than this.”

Killing 832F was legal under Wyoming’s ruthless “management plan.” In fact, that plan allows wolves across 80 percent of the state to be shot on sight, even though only a few hundred survive in all of Wyoming. Last week, The HSUS and The Fund for Animals filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to restore protections for wolves in Wyoming, in light of the reckless execution of these creatures, and the management plan.

Hunters and trappers have also killed hundreds of wolves in Minnesota and Wisconsin this fall, and we’ve filed notice of intent to sue there, too. Now Michigan is poised to join them in opening trophy hunting of wolves, even though there are fewer than 700 wolves in the state. We’ll have something to say about that in the days ahead.

Wolves are a vital part of healthy, functioning ecosystems in these states, which are native habitats for these animals. People don’t eat wolves and it is already legal, as a selective control strategy, to kill wolves in order to protect livestock and pets. The sport killing and trapping programs aren’t driven by need or management, but by a selfish desire to obtain a trophy pelt or head. It’s a shame and an embarrassment for our nation.

To Read More Of Wayne Pacelle’s Blog click here

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Vlog # 5 Vegetarian To Vegan * Vegan Pet Psychic

Vegetarian To Vegan

Reason #1 Animal Testing

I learn about animal cruelty in the cosmetic industry.  Watch what my animals have to say.

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Becoming A Vegan

My Experiences Becoming A Vegan

When I was 9 years old I became a vegetarian on Thanksgiving Day. It was easy.

This year at 39 on Thanksgiving Day, I have committed to spending a year as Vegan. Maybe even the whole rest of my life.

I am going to blog and video log about my experiences.  So here it goes….

I know the die-hard vegans are going to cringe when I write…  It’s been hard for me to study animal rights.  I already experience so much animal suffering in my daily life/work that my body nor my emotional state could handle anymore knowledge of suffering.  I would start to feel sick and depressed.   I had to shut a part of my heart off.

I know I am not the only one.  I witness it everyday.

In the past year, I have eaten a lot of eggs. I thought that if I were given eggs from my friends’ farms where the chickens are healthy, happy, and can live their lives free-roaming it is ok.

A couple of weeks ago, I was mortified to learn that one of my friend’s ranch hands gave away her middle-aged chickens (probably to be eaten) and replaced them with young chickens.  I just about died with guilt.  It slapped me into the realization that chickens can experience suffering anywhere. To think of those chickens being taken away from their safe home to their frightening deaths.

I can’t eat eggs anymore.  That was the beginning of me becoming a vegan.  I haven’t missed the taste of eggs yet (or maybe I never will).

It is time that I must open my eyes a little further.  I am stronger now.  I now know how to take care of myself. I know when to breathe, pray, do yoga, meditate, bath in salt, drink some juice, sage… when the suffering engulfs me and takes me to a deep place of despair.

Everything the animals think and feel goes through my body.  Everything. If they are suffering, I feel it in my body as if I am suffering.  That is downfall of my work and what I am constantly struggling with.  Suffering makes me tired.

I love Cashmere. I love the soft warm feel of it against my bare skin. I love a cashmere sweater with hood to keep my ears out of the cold on winters eve.  I love cashmere gloves on a morning walk. I love cashmere sweater and sweet pants and a cashmere sweater over a cocktail dress.

Though did you know that Cashmere is Cruel?

Cashmere Goat.                                               copyright: Someone on the web.

How could I hurt such a beautiful creature

as the one pictured above?

So Why Is Cashmere Cruel?

From Peta’s Website:

“Cashmere is hair that is shorn from cashmere goats’ underbellies.  These goats are often kept on farms where they are dehorned and castrated and have their ears notched without anesthesia.  Goats with “defects” in their coats are typically killed before the age of 2.  Industry experts expect farmers to kill 50 to 80 percent of young goats whose coats do not meet standards. Shearing robs goats of their natural insulation, leaving them vulnerable to cold temperatures and illnesses.  Many goats are sold to be slaughtered for their flesh after shearing.”

Click Here to read why Silk, Shearling, and Other Animal Products are not kind to animals.

I read that now and I internalize it in a way I was never able to before.  … Breathe in.  Breathe out. … Breathe in. Breathe out.

I have been scared for too long that the consciousness of animal suffering that comes with becoming a vegan would make me depressed.  It’s time to see.  Maybe I will surprise myself and by honoring the animals I will become more joyful.  We will see.  Stay tuned.




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Children And Animal Rights

Britains Got Talent

2011 Olivia Binfield

This video brought tears to my eyes.  I am touched when children have a passion for helping the world’s animals.



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The Bull Who Cried

The Bull Who Cried

 Touching Story by Weekly World News

All creatures deserve compassion.

The Bull Who Cried: Knowing it was about to be slaughtered, a bull in Hong Kong did what many people fail to realize or are skeptic about when it comes to animals – he showed emotion.

As reported by a World News Source”, a group of workers walked a bull to a packaging factory. They were about to slaughter him to make steaks and beef stews. When they were close to the front door of the slaughter house, the sorrowful bull suddenly stopped going forward and knelt down on his two front legs. The bull… was all in tears. How did he know he was going to be killed before he entered the slaughter house?

Mr. Shiu, a butcher recalled, “When I saw this so-called “stupid” animal sobbing and saw in his eyes fear and sorrow, I started trembling.”

“I called the rest over to see. They were just as surprised. We kept pushing the bull forward, but he just didn’t want to move and sat there crying.””

Billy Fong, owner of the packaging factory said, “People thought animals didn’t cry like human beings. However that bull really sobbed like a baby.””

At that time, more than ten men witnessed the scene and they were all touched. Those who were responsible for slaughtering felt even more touched and cried as well. Other workers at the same slaughter house also came to see the crying bull. They were all shocked by this scene. Three of them said they would never forget this crying bull when they slaughtered other animals.

With both man and animal crying, everyone knew that nobody could kill the bull. The problem was, what should they do with him?

In the end, they raised funds to buy this crying bull and sent him to a temple, where the kind monks would take care of him for life.

After the workers had made a decision, a miracle happened. A worker said,

“When we promised this bull that we will not kill him, he started moving and followed us.”

“How did he understand people’s words?”

Mr. Shiu said “ Believe it or not? This is real although it sounds unbelievable.”

No doubt, this bull changed these butchers’ lives. Hopefully this story has in turn changed yours.

Original Article Here:


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