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Leshebo is pictured here with her person.

Leshebo explains the one night she slept outside, “That night that was so windy the sky was falling and the beings on the other side of time needed my awareness. They say come here little dog and witness the freeing of the spirits.”

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We asked if Vito had seen the spirit in the house that his people are remodeling and moving into…

Here is what he said,

“Yes, I saw the woman in the nightgown who had flowers in her hair and she said she cant find her husband and maybe her husband would come back here and I said to the woman you are ghost and you should fly with a bird they know how to fly high. I know ghosts are suppose to fly high because I have heard you say it. This woman she said to me doggie dont get to much hair in my house and I said to her I dont have a lot of hair you should see some of my friends and she said to me that I am a nice looking dog and the house is changing and I said you are an air lady you should go higher and then she disappeared.”

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Tukki sees her person’s deceased mother


Tukki explains a spirit she sees in the house, “She is beautiful.  She likes violin music and she tells my mom she should have flowers in the bedroom by the mirror.” This spirit ended up being Tukki’s person’s deceased mother who indeed loved violin music and flowers.

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