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This is Cobey. He died at 14 years old.
During a animal communication session with his person (mom) he said,
“I want to tell my mom that she was a very good mom to me. I felt always very loved by her. When I got sick, I didn’t always tell her. I didn’t want to be a bother so I didn’t always tell her until my sickness got too bad. I thought that I was just getting stomach aches after I was eating. I didn’t realize that I had anything serious wrong with me. When it got so bad, I told my mommy and she took me to the doctor. I feel like my mom was a really good mom. I felt like she paid attention to me and she spoke with me everyday and every day she pet me and told me that she loved me and asked me to help with the kids. I felt like I was her helper.
I understood that she didn’t have the time or the energy. Those children are a lot of work and just being in the house with them made me exhausted. I understood. I didn’t feel neglected. I felt like my mom was doing a really good job being a mother and one of the kids is very demanding. more demanding then the other one and i just want you to know mom, I think you are the best mom and you help the kids be really creative and smart and you help them think and make good decisions and i feel like you were a good mom and I didn’t feel like they stole time away from me because that is our life. We did it together. That was just our life and I loved our boys. They were my good friends and I felt loved always. I really did.
My last moments were very peaceful. I was not scared. I felt a prayer and a blessing my mom did for me and I died in the blessing. I felt her prayer for me and that opened the door for the angels to come and get me. When I was at the hospital, I dreamed a lot about home. There was a part of me that came home to my mom. There was a part of my spirit that was home too. Its ok mom. I had a peaceful passing.”
After our session Cobey’s person wrote: Laura is very spot on and convey the message very clearly. I was very surprised with all the info that my deceased pet told her because I didn’t tell Laura about them at all. This proves she’s really am experienced pet communicator.
I was also very surprised my deceased pet knew one of my sons is more demanding than the other one. Again, it’s spot on!!
I really highly recommended Laura to anyone across the world. I am from Australia and I would use her again in the future to find out if Cobey is ready to come back. Cobey did told Laura the answer and I like to keep it private :). So Laura, I’ll contact you again so I can talk with Cobey :).
Note from Laura: There are many things to point out in this reading. Some of them are: 1. We dont always notice the beginning of a serious illness because the animal at first doesn’t feel “seriously” ill. 2. Our animals know more about our lives than we think they do 🙂 3. Our animals do feel our prayers and our thoughts for them. Our prayers do help them. Our prayers are answered and there are beings in spirit that will come to help us and our animals. We have to trust in that. 4. When our animals are in the hospital they often dream of being home. If we think of them and send them love they feel it and a part of them feels the comfort of us and home. 5. When our animals die, they are very much still alive. If we are open to believing this, we will see signs of them.
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This is Boris. He is 13 years old.


His person wanted me to ask him what his old life was like before she adopted him.


Boris replied, “In my old life, I had a cool dude dad and a whiney woman. The woman was like, “I am allergic. That cat is all over my pillow” …. and she made my dad give me away. I am ok with that because I have a better life now, but every time I think of that woman I don’t like her. I should have pooped in her shoes.”


His person writes after after our session: Amazing! The personality of my cat shined through. His words sent chills up my spine…I will definitely be back for updates!

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Free Lewis

This is Lewis. He is 4 years old. His owner got him for free off of craigslist. 

When asked what affirmations he would like to say, Lewis replied, 

I would like to remember, ‘I am safe. I am awesome. And I am the king. I also I would like to feel peace in my mind and love in my heart and I see clearly.” 

“I want my mom to know that I love her a lot and that I feel like my heart is connected to her and I know you got me for free and that I am a free dog and you think that is really cool and my old home was glad they got rid of me and I don’t want you to be glad to get rid of me I want you to be psyched I was for free and I am a big happy surprise. I love my mom. I am trying.” 

His person writes: 

This is Lewis. He is 4 years old. His owner got him for free off of craigslist.  
When asked what affirmations he would like to say, Lewis replied, “I would like to remember, ‘I am safe. I am awesome. And I am the king. I also I would like to feel peace in my mind and love in my heart and I see clearly.”
“I want my mom to know that I love her a lot and that I feel like my heart is connected to her and I know you got me for free and that I am a free dog and you think that is really cool and my old home was glad they got rid of me and I don’t want you to be glad to get rid of me I want you to be psyched I was for free and I am a big happy surprise. I love my mom. I am trying.”
His person writes: 

Little Lewis, my four-year-old Lhasa Apso rescue has had some fear aggression and separation anxiety issues since I adopted him six months ago. Laura is like a lifesaver both for me and my dog. She talked to him about a variety of things including calming signals (which he imitated after I showed him how to do them) and the fact that he wanted his bed washed (before he wouldn’t sleep in it and after I washed it, he went in and laid right down in it). Today he was also much nicer at training and tried to hold in his growls and barks as much as possible. Laura’s radio show and animal communication sessions mean the world to so many people and animals. I hope she realizes what a tremendous difference she makes. Lewis and I thank her so much.
Laura Stinchfield – The Pet Psychic

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Davy Jones

This is Davy Jones.  He is 9 years old.
He says,

” …also want to tell my mom that I think that she should know that we have a love fest. It means that our life is so great. I think I am her favorite dog ever. I feel like my mom and I not only understand each-other but have been together before. Yeah I remember being more black and her like giving me massages and being a little bigger dog.”

His person writes: 

From the day I adopted Davy Jones from the local animal pound, I felt like I was literally “in love” with him. It sort of felt weird at first, like why is my dog hypnotizing me?? (LOL). I felt like I had known him before. Laura had no way of knowing this, and when When Davy Jones told Laura that we have a “love fest”, my mind was reeling. That is exactly the way I would have described my relationship with my former dog, Beau, and I used to give Beau rub downs when he was older and a bit arthritic, and he was bigger, and had more black on him. Beau was a Chow Chow x Rottweiler, Davy Jones is a Dachshund. I have often said that if I got Davy’s DNA done, it would return half Rottie! LOL! Laura was fun, informative, and gave me information that she could not have known in advance, and also gave me some great ideas on how to work with both of my dogs to overcome some of the issues we need to work through regarding their int eractions with other dogs. Both of my dogs are rescues, and she was able to convey their personalities, I feel, very accurately. Laura is definitely tapped in to the animal world! 
(photo is (c) Johnny Ortez-Tibbels)

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This is Corduroy. He died at the young age of 2.5 on Sept. 8 2015.

From Heaven he says to his person,

“Mom, I want to know you dont have to worry about the other cats. I want you to know that you have this wonderful peace about you and your hands have a beautiful energy coming from them. Yes, your hands. You are a healer and if You Put your Hands over the animals and Explain to them what You Want and Need it Will it magnetize your Wisdom and Communication.

I am sorry that I had to Go but it is OK because here I Can Help You more. I can help you spread the message of cat love. I can help you become creative and I can charge the sad side of you. there is a part of you from long ago that worries and I can help you jump over it. I can help you feel more at peace and transform all trauma with your creativity.”

His person writes:

I was blown away by my session with Laura. Not only did she talk about things that only my cats and I would know, but she really helped to give me so much peace from losing one of my precious babies. One of the things that really stood out for me, was, I asked her to ask Corduroy if he could show her where the house was that he visited a friend he had made, and she described a dark blue stucco house, before the circle. I had no idea what she was talking about, and looked around the area near where I live for a couple of weeks. The other day I was out for a bike ride, and right as I was about to get to my gate, I looked down the small street next to where I live. I could not believe my eyes! There was a dark blue stucco house, and right in front of it is a circle that goes around to get to some other houses! Mind blown! If anyone reading this has not had a session with her, and maybe has felt unsure, let me tell you that for me, this was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had! I also have the recording of it, and have listened to it over and over. I hope to one day have another session with her, because she is amazing!



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Feature in The New York Daily News



I have been interviewed by the NY Daily News. Click On Photo to read the article 🙂


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This is Leshebo at 15 years old.

She says, “I am getting really ready to transition to Heaven. It’s this kind of transition that I trust cause I feel like I will become one with the wind… But I want to tell my mom that when I become one with the wind, I will also be a heart kite. It means I am heart and I am always attached to my mom’s heart.”

Her Person writes this Testimonial after our session:

I have been feeling that it might be time for my baby to pass on soon. It’s just my instinct and knowing her for the fifteen years I’ve had her in my life…by my side. What she said to me was so beautiful and poetic. She is helping me visualize how to comfort myself and feel her presence when she DOES pass on. The way she describes things to me is so ‘poetic’, as Laura says. RIGHT after the reading, we went into the yard, and there I found a clover leaf (still planted in the ground), but missing the other two leafs, so it was instead, a heart with a ‘string’ (the stem) attached. I have kept this.

from Laura: It is always amazing to me how the universe will validate the connection we have with Spirit. It is so important to notice Spirits messages and to treasure them.

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Jonny 2008 best







This is Jonny. He died of Feb. 9, 2015. He was 8 years old.

Jonny says from Heaven,

I want to tell my dad that one of the hardest things was for me to leave them but I feel like it was at the right time. I feel like we all made the decision to help me go together. I want them to know that they didn’t miss anything. That is important for them to know… I want you to know that I am around you often and you sense me. I am also rushing to the front door with you and I can jump up on door with my front legs. (something he used to do in life). I feel really good.”

Jonny’s person writes about his session with me:

Since my conversation with Laura and Jonny I am much happier and more relaxed because I now know that there truly is an “other side” after our time here is over. I dont know what I thought the outcome of the session might be….bit of skepticism I guess, but in short order I realized to my amazement that she truly was communicating with Jonny because he brought up several things that only he and I knew. Ive been rereading her notes since then and just shaking my head in amazement. Thank you so much Laura for a beautiful experience and for allowing me to hear from my best friend and even though a dog, my son as well.


— * I am so lucky to be able to help people connect with their animals! I feel so blessed.

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Petunia and Chester – Testimonial

petunia and chester

These are my friends. Petunia on left & Chester on right.

Here is an update/testimonial from their person about how they changed after a pet psychic session with me.

“Now we wanted Chester to sleep with us again….. he came back to our bed that night and has slept with us since. Petunia no longer licks up and bites my or her daddy’s neck from that day! Now I did not mention the trying to bite my nose and that continues but it is just one “piranha” bite or two. Real easy to stop… not like the licking. Petunia has not taken any food out of her siblings mouths after the talk. They just happily eat right next to each other. The toys too!”

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Testimonials ~ Animal Communication ~ Medium

Animal Communication

Dear Dr.Laura,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your blessing of animal communication. Even though the passing of Roscoe has broken my heart having you communicate for us has been invaluable. It gives me peace to know what Roscoe thought and felt. I read your transcripts and blogs many times a day and it helps me heal. Knowing that my big guy is in heaven experiencing contentedness gives me joy in between the pain and tears. May God bless you and your beautiful family. Thank you again. XX

~ Dear Laura,  Just wanted to give you an update:  Hugo has gone in the house just one time since our session, and for the first time ever, he pooped on the floor, not the carpet!  Our session plus the new cat litter you recommended, the world’s best, has made all the difference.


Hugo also mentioned that we hold him down, and he doesn’t like that.  I finally figured out that I was playing with him too roughly (because he’s so big), running my hand up and down his spine, which must feel to him like being pinned down.  (I’m quite sure he has PTSD from being with a cat hoarder.) He has either been biting less since our session and/or we’re more tuned in to his signals, but there has been a lot less carnage since the session.


Many thanks for your help, Kay & Craig and Louie, Wolfie, and Hugo


Hi Laura!

Dewey and I met with you on Friday at Jamie’s. I was the cryer. 🙂 I can’t thank you enough. I feel like in the short time we met, it made a huge difference and really opened up communication between Dewey and me, as cheesy as that sounds. I just feel differently toward him now – I mean, I have always loved him so much, but I feel like we understand each other better now and he is even behaving better. I have switched him to bottled water, and am looking into geting a purifying water bowl or those giant 10-gallon jugs, and bought new cleaners. Also, looking into raw food. Again, thanks so much!  I need to do a blog on the experience when I find some time, and let me know (or Jamie will) when you’re in Atlanta next so I can tell everyone I know to come see you! Hope all is well!– Ashley

Dear Laura,

Thank you so much for the session yesterday.
It was delightful and enchanting and really moving. I am so thrilled to be able to communicate with Moby though you. I look forward to many more conversations in the future.

With warmest wishes,  M.A.


Dear Laura


I want to thank you ever sooo much from the bottom of my heart! I really loved every moment of connecting with my beloved  Joaquim! It was just so wonderful! Now I feel relieved and comforted in knowing that hes in heaven doing and feeling fantstically! I think every good mom wants to know her baby is just great and is okay in order for her to get a sound and restful sleep! You enabled me to connect with my love in a new and miraculous way! You provided me with a very special gift.. I will forever treasure, appreciate and cherish today! You are an angel, a miracle worker and a gift from God! Because of you we were enabled to connect and bond in a rare and unique and very special way! You have no idea how much today meant to me! To be honest with you during the moment when i was quiet either after you told me something that was just so near and dear to my heart and at different points of our connection..I was holding back tears of happiness, joy, comfort, relief and love! I teared up quite a bit. Its just because I was so overwhlemed with gratitude for u and warmed by what my love was communicating to me! Im so thankful to you for what u did for us! Im so happy and glad and overjoyed that I was able to commune with him in this special way and to know that he is doing perfect and feeling perfect and is in heaven being well taken care of–it makes me feel sooo blissful! To know that as a mom I can still in a very special way mother him and positively affect him and take care of him by praying for him and talking to him, thinking of him and remembering makes me feel wonderful like im still doing my job as a still able to mother him the way Im supposed to..the way he needs to be mothered and thats a wonderful gift to give to a mom! So thank you thank you for everything! Me and Joaquim will always cherish today! And I’ll probably call you again sometime so that I can communicate again with him in this special way! God Bless you!

with all my heart, Sarah A

~  Dear Laura,

You are so amazing and I am grateful for your sensitivity and clear channel to those that mean the most to me!!

Hope to touch base soon!


Laura – I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed our session the other day.  It was nice hearing some specific things that Butterfly said. Regarding her recent illness, you mentioned that she told you she had “hot heads”.  I didn’t get a chance to tell you, but her head had been very sensitive for several days and felt hot to the touch.  I’m so glad it was just a passing illness and nothing to be concerned about.Also, the fact that you said she talks so fast and jumps from subject to subject – that is DEFINITELY our Butterfly!  She is so funny and always keeps us entertained.  It was amusing to hear that she wants “only white bowls”, that she “thinks the news is too violent”, and that she is annoyed when we “don’t always do what she says”.  There again, we already know how particular our little girl is, and how she is not afraid to voice her opinions!  I guess her strong personality is one of the reasons she was able to train us so quickly and effortlessly.It was wonderful being able to check in with her and clarify some things and to get reassurance that she is getting her physical and emotional needs met.  Butterfly and her Dad and Mom can’t thank you enough!  W & R


Dear Laura,

Thank you for suggesting us to change Tigger’s thyroid meds from morning to evening.   I am sleeping alot better now that Tig doesn’t wake me up at 3:00am!

Also, Tigger telling us about how he was feeling and that his throat is dry was extremely benefical. Since the session I have put oil in his wet food and have been putting ice in his water bowl. He seems to be doing better not as hungry as he was before and he has been going outside more. This morning he brought us a present- which he hasn’t done in over a year. I woke to my Mom’s screams.

Kind regards, NC

~ Laura thank you for being Cito’s voice. What we learned today was very helpful with our communication with Cito. We want to be good human beings tohim. He would not have been my dog of choice but fate lead him to us so we will love and care for him to our best ability. I think he knows that as well! I shared your conversation with Cito with our son. He was very surprised but I think relieved to know Cito will be ok.
I told Cito I wasn’t ready for him to sleep upstairs but i would find a safe sleeping area for him while Adam was away.
Again thank you for being available to spend time with us. I hope to have you return in a few months. I’m sure Cito will enjoy the return visit as well.
Best regards,


~  Laura, I just want to thank you again for the reading you gave me re. my Mother
who had past in April of last year.

I have been having a hard time these past few day and got the tape out this
morning to hear again. It is such a comfort
to hear what she had to say.    Thank you ever so much.  ~ SC

~  Hello Laura,

I want you to know how grateful I am for the reading you gave me with my niece. There were several things she said that verified to me that we were, indeed, speaking with her. It gives me great peace of mind to know that she is happy in heaven. I have shared her messages with my parents and her father. My parents loved dancing when they were younger (and she danced, as well), my mom plays the piano, and Dad can’t stay out of pastries. The reassurance she gave by telling them that all these things were waiting in heaven was just beautiful. Her dad often tells us that he talks with her everyday while he is working, and she said that she hears him and is resting her head on his shoulder. All of this is lovely beyond words.  It has helped us to hear from her. You have a precious gift, and I so appreciate your sharing it with me.

I would be glad to share my experience as a testimonial to your credibility.

Thank you again for all you have done for me, my kitties, and my family.

Bless you as you continue to bless others!!

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