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Jackie Brown


This is Jackie Brown. 

She is 10 years old.

Jackie said during a session, “Remember when you took me to get ice cream?”


Her person Douglas Z. writes:

No one could have known that!
Connecting with Jackie Brown, Tank, and especially Peggi was a wonderful experience and it didn’t end when the session stopped.

Thank you Laura!


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Chili Pepper




This is Chili Pepper.  She is 13 years old.

Her brother passed away.

She says in June about getting another dog,

“Tell my mom I am excited now for getting another dog. Can we go to the beach?”

And Chili says in August when they find 3 year old Belle Pepper,

“I think this dog will love us.  I feel she is sad where she is and she will have a better life with us.  I feel that.”



Her person writes:  Laura is the BEST! I always feel so good after our sessions.

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This is Xena. She is 8 years old.

Her person writes after our session: I asked why Xena doesn’t listen or respond to me when I call for her in our yard and her response was, “Our yard is super safe and I know my mom is calling me but there is no emergency and my mom is ok to wait.”

This made me laugh and laugh. I was not sure what to expect from the session but it was comforting; I felt a connection instantly and knew that Laura was talking with Xena and she was responding to her questions.

The most reassuring part was when I got home from work a few hours later. Xena is usually asleep when I get home but instead she was waiting ready to pounce! She leap on me, tackled me to the ground, kissing and held me down for about 20 minutes. It was something special, like she was telling me, thank you for our talk mom!

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This is Tigerlily.

She is 4.5 years old.

During a session she said,

“I don’t like to get my bedding wet when I travel in my cage.  I don’t mind traveling with them. In my carrier I don’t like direct sunlight.  Sometimes I do, but mostly I don’t like it.  

I feel special in my home.  I have a great life and a great family. 

I don’t feel like I am suffering. Even when my heart was bad I still felt loved. I feel lucky. 

Also, I want that crunchy treat that gets soft in my mouth when eat it.” 


Her person writes after the session:

The thing my cat said about the bedding getting wet really stunned me. Because twice a year my cat travels on the plane and we put some water with her, on the plane most of the time little water spills and she her bed gets wet.

Also, she said that she doesn’t like direct sunlight when she travels, and I didn’t understand it at the time but then I realized when I take her with me in the car to the vet or somewhere close I usually don’t use the carriage in hold her in my arts through the street as the vet is close. So, I think she meant that she doesn’t like to be exposed to the outside without the carriage.

Also, one of the things that blew my mind was that my cat asked Laura to tell me that she wants the crunchy treat that melts in her mouth. It is crazy detail as the last time I gave her that crunchy was around 2 years ago and it is indeed crunchy and melt with water. Stunning detail.

I highly recommend Laura and definitely will return back to check up on my cat from time to time. What a blessing to our animals to have someone like her!

Thank you Laura very much.


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Testimonial – Gus Returns


from Sandra:

Laura has been a part of our lives for three years now since the death of our beloved dog 17 year old dog Gus.

She was referred to me by our vet (who had also used Laura’s services when having behavioral issues with her dogs) when I was completely bereft with grief and struggling with the decision to send Gus to heaven.

Laura immediately alleviated my concerns.  Gus told her, yes the time was right.  And, more importantly he reassured me he was happy.

During that first session with Laura when we could barely hear each other over my sobbing, Gus told her words that I have kept with me ever since:

“Mum, I am around you all the time and the simplest way to know that I am there is just talk to me as if I am.  I mean where am I going to go?, our souls are stuck together in spiritual glue”

Those words have been such a balm for my broken heart.

My grief was profound. Laura became not only my Gus communicator but a huge support for me in learning to live with loss.

My husband was understanding but initially skeptical.  After listening to the recordings of our sessions it didn’t take him long to realize whilst he couldn’t grasp how she “does it” he was blown away by the accuracy and the detail of the things she said about Gus and our lives.  Now he can’t wait to hear the MP3s of our sessions!

We speak regularly.  Laura talks to Gus along with deceased family members and friends which again gives us great comfort.

And now she is there for the next chapter in our lives.  A while back Gus indicated he was ready to return to us in the body of a pup.  Laura guided us through the process of finding the pup and preparing for his arrival.

Earlier in the year he – Squid – arrived. Now we talk to Squid about his new life with us and continue to talk to Gus, who is always here….

Today Gus said:

“I have to tell you I am filled with love and excitement about being back.  I can rest my head on my mum and I forget what time it is and what body I am in.  I just feel blessed to feel my mum again.”

We are so incredibly grateful to have Laura’s support, empathy and wise words and to benefit from her gift.

We live in Australia and only wish Laura was here so we could deliver a big thank you hug!





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Andrew ~ Testimonial


This is Andrew.

He was 16 years old back in 2016.  He lost his Australian Shepherd brother Rusty 5 months before our session.

He said to me back then ,

“Well I have been really happy since Rusty left without me because it has given me time to get extra spoiled sometimes I don’t need to be picked up but I love it cause they are so funny. they talk about how much I weigh and how solid I am and they say they love me and so I am enjoying it. sometimes I can walk fine but I pretend I cant.

but sometimes I do have problems and I cant walk and its scary. sometimes I get this problem where my eyes twitch and then I cant move and I don’t know what is happening. Its like my brain works but my body doesn’t. Its like I go paralyzed cause my tongue feels bad too. its swells up like a balloon. Yeah. It feels like I am twisted in the neck and that is why nothing can work and the back of my head gets a headache.

I need to tell you something else. When I am like that save me. don’t kill me. save me dammit.

I know that heaven is going to be just fine but I can tell you this. I am not ready this year or the next. Its not going to change. Its not going to change.”

His person writes after the session:

All my 3 dogs had a chance to speak to me through Laura and it was enlightening and funny. It’s funny because the type of barks and sounds my dogs make really do characterize their personalities, like Andrew. The things he said were hilarious and demanding too.

Thank you Laura, I took him to the vet sans the blood work. Generally he’s in good shape for an old friend but does have a mild heart murmur. It speaks to his symptoms very well, I think. I am now observing closely so to not tire him when we walk at the beach…
I also changed their food right away. Boy, does he love steamed broccoli, yams and zukes! Origen Red dog food is awesome. I see his skin is clearing up already, oh my! They love it even as a treat.

A one hour session was not long enough for all 3 kids. So much more to ask about! I know Denise will be calling you soon. We had a delightful time with you, thank you so much again, Laura XOXOX


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People Medium Wisdom & Testimonial

Kevin passed away when he was 23 years old.

During a session he told his mother,

“One thing you are good at is knowing people and knowing when they are up to something. Do you remember that?  You never let people throw you off kilter.”

After the session his mom writes:

Hearing my son say that quote brought me back in focus with my uncanny ability to sense when people are up to something.

I have never had a problem acting on intuition when I sensed I was in immediate danger. (ex: was able to avoid a head-on car collision at 80 miles per hour in a downpour).

My session has allowed me pay more attention to my intuition regarding people I am close to and make an informed decision whether I should act or not act on it.

Thank you for my session Laura

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This is Delilah. She is 10 years old.

She says during a session,

Well I know my mom (person) gets stressed but she is so beautiful. She has a goddess energy around her and whenever she gets stressed I want to tell her, ‘Go get a foot bath, let dad rub your feet, and chill out’. She should do some cat stretches. I don’t go with my mom’s stress cause she has so many other good qualities I choose to focus on. Well I am about to tell you a story about love. Sometimes when the world turns up side down and you dont know where to turn and you feel like you are alone, all you have to do is meditate on your heart and look around at the beings you share your life with. Then everything feels better.”

Her person writes after the session:

Delilah is the angel of our household. She is always talking about Love, and bringing compassionate, positive thoughts to everyone. I have been feeling a bit stressed lately and have tried to communicate to my cats that I do not want to worry them, and I hope to work through my negative energy gracefully so that I do not let it fester, and pass on to them. The quotes from Delilah are regarding that topic. I always love having sessions with Laura so I can hear Delilah’s wisdom word for word. Laura is truly the most loving, and gifted intuitive I know. Our family is so blessed to know her and call her a friend.

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This is Bella.

She was 11 years old when she passed away.

She says during a session to her person,

“I want to tell my mom that I am fast as a ray of sunshine and I sparkle like light on flowers. I am a bee sometimes. I buzz around my mom like a bee. There is a grandpa man here who can take care of me and carries me around in his arm. He wears sweaters and likes to watch tv and takes walks outside. there is a garden here with tomatoes and there is a woman here who makes sure I am always warm and she makes me pieces of cut up meat and hands feeds me.

I want my mom to know that I help her often get calm. When she sits quietly and meditates I curl up in her lap and rest my head on her knee.

I run next to her and past her too skipping as I walk and dancing. I am happy here and I have miniature toys that I can play with stuffed toys and a basket I can sleep in where i can hide in and pretend I am a stuffed animal.

I want to tell my mom that she looks beautiful lately and I feel like she has a sense of calm that is being given to her. that she went through a bit of a hard time and now she is rising out of it. kind of like a tulip in a hard winter. and she is shinning and spirit is gifting her with energy and a feeling of lightness.

I have a desire sometimes to come back in life but I want my mom to be ready and I want my mom to know that I will be similar but just a little bigger. yes, and a little more round. I want to be a little hardy around other dogs.

but I feel I am dancing with the light and there will be a time where the light brings me back.”

Her person writes after the session:

I continue to have sessions with Laura about Bella because loosing Bella some years back was loosing my child. She is my heart and a part of my soul. I miss her more than words can express and loosing her left a wound in my heart that still aches with tears. Laura is my source of confirmation that Bella is here with me in spirit with her detailed messages from my sweet Bella. Bella’s messages are completely in alignment with my activities, what’s taking place in my life and much more. It’s astonishing as many of the things Bella said she would leave me, such as gifts, she did. Or Bella speaks of many things in Spirit that her and I did together here on earth. It is remarkable. I’m thankful for Laura and for her sharing her lovely gift with us!



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This is Cobey. He died at 14 years old.
During a animal communication session with his person (mom) he said,
“I want to tell my mom that she was a very good mom to me. I felt always very loved by her. When I got sick, I didn’t always tell her. I didn’t want to be a bother so I didn’t always tell her until my sickness got too bad. I thought that I was just getting stomach aches after I was eating. I didn’t realize that I had anything serious wrong with me. When it got so bad, I told my mommy and she took me to the doctor. I feel like my mom was a really good mom. I felt like she paid attention to me and she spoke with me everyday and every day she pet me and told me that she loved me and asked me to help with the kids. I felt like I was her helper.
I understood that she didn’t have the time or the energy. Those children are a lot of work and just being in the house with them made me exhausted. I understood. I didn’t feel neglected. I felt like my mom was doing a really good job being a mother and one of the kids is very demanding. more demanding then the other one and i just want you to know mom, I think you are the best mom and you help the kids be really creative and smart and you help them think and make good decisions and i feel like you were a good mom and I didn’t feel like they stole time away from me because that is our life. We did it together. That was just our life and I loved our boys. They were my good friends and I felt loved always. I really did.
My last moments were very peaceful. I was not scared. I felt a prayer and a blessing my mom did for me and I died in the blessing. I felt her prayer for me and that opened the door for the angels to come and get me. When I was at the hospital, I dreamed a lot about home. There was a part of me that came home to my mom. There was a part of my spirit that was home too. Its ok mom. I had a peaceful passing.”
After our session Cobey’s person wrote: Laura is very spot on and convey the message very clearly. I was very surprised with all the info that my deceased pet told her because I didn’t tell Laura about them at all. This proves she’s really am experienced pet communicator.
I was also very surprised my deceased pet knew one of my sons is more demanding than the other one. Again, it’s spot on!!
I really highly recommended Laura to anyone across the world. I am from Australia and I would use her again in the future to find out if Cobey is ready to come back. Cobey did told Laura the answer and I like to keep it private :). So Laura, I’ll contact you again so I can talk with Cobey :).
Note from Laura: There are many things to point out in this reading. Some of them are: 1. We dont always notice the beginning of a serious illness because the animal at first doesn’t feel “seriously” ill. 2. Our animals know more about our lives than we think they do 🙂 3. Our animals do feel our prayers and our thoughts for them. Our prayers do help them. Our prayers are answered and there are beings in spirit that will come to help us and our animals. We have to trust in that. 4. When our animals are in the hospital they often dream of being home. If we think of them and send them love they feel it and a part of them feels the comfort of us and home. 5. When our animals die, they are very much still alive. If we are open to believing this, we will see signs of them.
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