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Hudson & Easter

Hudson my white German Shepherd & Easter my ChihuahuaX 

Easter says, “He is the biggest dog friend I have ever had. He is an explorer like me.” 

Hudson says, “She’s all joy and I found her first. I love her.”

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I asked Felix if he had any advice for people.

He answered, “Stop complaining, figure it out and enjoy yourself.”

I believe that is well said; especially from a dog who once had to scavenge for food.

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This is Raven. She is 1 years old. She has been in her new home for a couple of weeks.

She says to her new people, “Its my right shoulder that got hurt. I didnt hurt it playing with my sister. I got stepped on by a big man. The kind of man that you think you should run from but instead you cower from. Do you know that this family talks about love and animals differently then the shelter? They talk about how I have consciousness and I can tell the difference between needing help an receiving help. I have received help.”

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happy felix face











I asked Felix (my newly recused dog) what he thinks of Pet Psychic Radio

and he says,

“I can feel so many animals listening. I think everyone is learning to have a voice. Sometimes I think, ‘problem solved’ and other times I think, ‘they have a lot of work to do’. Sometimes animals and people have to think in different ways than they have in the past and that can be hard. I have learned to think in different ways. I have changed and now I’m happier.”️

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Luca and Felix

Felix looking up at Luca












This is Luca my poodle and Felix my new Chihuahua mix. Luca has been such a great big brother.

Felix is still very frightened when he meets other dogs. He responds like most chihuahuas do, by barking!

I was telling Luca how proud I am of his new awareness in being kind while meeting new dogs. He used to rush up and jump on them expecting all of them to play rough. It sometimes would upset the other dogs & their people.

When I told Luca I was proud of him and how he is teaching Felix well he responded,

“I’m learning it is easy to make new friends when you take it slow.”

That’s my Luca!

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How Otis Became A Stray




Otis was found as a stray and brought to a shelter.  He has lived in his new home for many years.  His people wanted to know what happened to him.  How did he become a stray?  Otis answered, “I lived with a family with many kids.  We were at a large field while the kids played ball.  Everyone was loading the gear into the station wagon.  I saw another dog and ran off to play.  We were playing for a while and when I looked up the station wagon was gone.  I think they forget me by accident.  I then went looking for them.  I thought I knew the way home.  I went on a very busy road and then I got picked up and ended up in the shelter.  I don’t think my people knew to look for me there.  They for sure missed me.” After, I was told that Otis does love kids and that he had been hit by a car the day he got brought to the shelter.  It seemed Otis had blocked that part out, but he remembered the busy road!


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