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Loving the turkey! Happy Thanksgiving!

Loving the turkey! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving Readers!  It was the night before Thanksgiving, at ten years old, that I declared to my family, “I am a vegetarian”. Thanksgiving is special to me because it was the first time in my life that I voiced my love of animals and my dedication to relieving animals of their suffering.

Here my animals voice what they are thankful for:



says, “I am thankful for trees and the moist ground.  I am thankful for people who care about us and reach out to help us when we need help.  I am thankful for my body and that it still carries me well.” 






says, “I too am thankful for our house here in nature.  I am thankful for open windows and medicine that helps me feel better. I am always thankful for my doctors because without them I would not be alive.  I am thankful for love.  I am thankful for my animal siblings.  I am glad for all of them.” 



says, “I am thankful that I get to do a new adventure and my family is with me.  I am thankful for good food that makes my body healthy. I am thankful that I have a human that is patient with me when I am scared.” 





says, “I am thankful that my mom gives me a lot of time to run around.  I am thankful for my tasty treats. I am thankful for people who fight for animals. Mom now looks for the leaping bunny on all the products that she buys.  This means no animals are tested on or used in the making of the product. I am thankful for people who choose to be conscious because it makes animals lives better.”





says, “I am thankful for my family.  My cats have been walking with us and I think that is a lot of fun.  I am thankful for exercise and the smell of nature. I am thankful that my mom (person) explains things to me. She is always telling me to ‘pay attention’, ‘think, use your brain’, ‘have you seen that person before?’ and then she tells me all about what ever I was barking at so I can learn. I am thankful that my brain is getting bigger and wiser. It would empty quick when I was younger now information is stored.  It is really neat. I am also thankful for touch.”



Maia in heaven


says, “I am thankful that I am still remembered. I am thankful that prayers on earth help me evolve in spirit.  I am thankful I am living again in Luca and that mom can explain the world of spirit to people who care. I am thankful for love.  When love is strong within in you it attracts love to you in many ways.”



Joey in heaven


says, “I am thankful that I died in love and I continue to live in a stream of love.  I am thankful that I am at peace and that I can help my family on earth.  That’s my job here. I am thankful my family hears me and accepts my help.  I am thankful that where I am is so pure.”



Mr. Squirrelly (We are house sitting and miss him terribly.)

Mr. Squirrely our families best friend

says:  “I am thankful that Lynda is filling up the bird bath and the bird feeder. I am thankful to have known a human that can understand my joys and my sorrows. I am thankful that because of you I am able to understand humans better.  I am thankful for life and for the great oak that houses my family.  I too am thankful for friends, for love and for people who respect the dead.  I am thankful for corn, nuts, water, sunflower seeds, and the occasional banana.”

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Ruger:  I am thankful I have a kid to play with and I mom and dad that love me.  I am thankful for all the snacks they give me and for how they trust me in a lot of situations.  I am thankfull that they give me time to learn.  Sometimes I learn really fast and sometimes it takes me a while to understand.  They are patient with me.


Isaac:  I am thankful when my people realize that my back hocks sometimes hurt.  I am graterful for my feed on colder nights and I am grateful for the sun that lights up the moist grass in the morning.  I am grateful that my people get me the best hay.  If you have bad hay your stomach always hurts.


Bruley:  I am thankful for clean air and towels.  I don’t like to be dirty.  I am thankful for moms and dad that give me massages and rub my ears.  I am thankful that I no longer live in a place with loud noises.  I am thankful for clean water and for being brave around bigger dogs.  I am thankful that I care about myself and my people.  Somedogs don’t care.  I feel bad for them.


Freckles:  I am grateful for farms and for each individual having a story.  I try to listen really hard to what each animal and person has to say.  Every one is different.  It would be depressing if everyone was the same.  I like the tops of flowers I would be even more grateful it I had more of those.  I am grateful for the stars.  I am not grateful for ants, but I am sure someone must be.


Ava:  I am grateful for a good hunt.  Even if it is a story.  I am grateful for the world that is just outside of this one.  I am grateful for little people who make the world shine.  I am grateful for soft beds to lie on and for people who clean up throw up.  I am grateful that mad men stay away from our house.  I am grateful for squirrels in the trees and the sound of windchimes and water fountains.


Cooper :  I am grateful for toys of couse, play time and being able to run really fast and in circles.  I am grateful that my mind is faster than any humans.  I am grateful that I am brighter than most dogs.  I am grateful for being clever.  I am grateful for my people who like to teach me things.  I am grateful for my sibling who tells me to settle down when I start to get to crazy.  I am grateful for cheesy treats.


Nora:  I am grateful for soft music, cat nip and stories.  I love to listen to what books have to say.  I am grateful for knowledge and my ability to retain information.  I am grateful for my sense of smell and wet cat food.  I am grateful for pillows and a beautiful view.  I am grateful for love.


Paloma:  I am grateful for my breathe.  I am grateful that there is a heaven that I will go to one day and that I will be able to see my friend there.  I am grateful for the taste of real meat.  I am grateful for my mom who cares.


Goldie: I am grateful for our house when it is cold and for the other chickens to keep me company.  I am grateful for pumpkins and all the people who come to visit us.  I am grateful every time the sun comes up again.  I used to not know if it would for sure because the nights are longer, but it always does.  I am grateful for the sun’s warmth.

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