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Storm King

Storm King (Aussie Dog):  Love means light energy flowing from your heart to anyone you look at or communicate with.

Joey Joe

Joey (Cat):  Love means being able to sense when someone is worried and upset and being in their presence so that they feel like they have a friend nearby.

The Beans

Bean (Bunny):  Love means when you need someone to do something you ask them gently and calmly instead of scaring them or forcing them into action.

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Shelley (Sheep):  Love means someone supporting your will to live even if they think you may die.


Seamore (Parrot):  Love is letting someone go when you know you are not the best for them.

The Zebra

Z (Zebra):  Love is nature.  Love is the warmth of the sun after a hard rain.

Jezzie (Pig):  Love is someone helping you to see when you are blind.

Reilly (Horse):  Love is someone speaking in your best interest when you cannot speak for yourself.

Makia - Always thinking...

Makia (Cat):  Love is privacy and alone time to mediate and be yourself.  Love is what one must find inside of themselves in order to live happily with others.


Serafina (cat):  Love is finding ways to turn fear into courage.  Love is when my mom kisses my head and tells me I am beautiful and it is the way one tends to the flowers.  Love is also the way the birds look at my mom after she has filled the feeders.

Mr. Squirrelly

Mr. Squirrelly:  Love is remembering someone everyday even after they have been dead along time.  Love is being thankful for what your body can sense: like the feel of a healthy oak tree or a hawk on its way.  Love is breath.  Love is enjoying playing with the younger ones even though your body feels stiff.

Maia - A Good Day!

Maia (Wolf-Dog):  Love is wanting to live with your family even though you know heaven is best for you.  Love is wanting to protect your territory and do your job no matter how you are feeling.  Love is family.  Love is being faithful and present to the ones you love.  Love is increased when one forgives themselves and others.

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  1. “It is when you fully realize that you can access me and my love right here in the present that all guilt and regret fall away, and you can not only remember our time together with love and joy but also experience my presence in the now, for I am with you wherever you go.”
    ~ Kia (an angel cat)

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