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2 thoughts on “”

  1. Sure wish Dante and I could drop in this afternoon!!!

    Love getting your blog posts.

    Will set up a visit soon. Dante was a VERY good boy while we were gone.

  2. Laura,

    As you know our beloved Ben, a” Bengal Tiger Cat” went missing March 18th of this year 2010. If any cat/owner relationship could be more perfect I would be amazed. Our challenges began early with Ben as he wanted to go out and explore. The breeder we got Ben from said that the Bengal Tiger breed did better if they were kept inside because they had a tendency to revert back to their wild instincts. We decided to let Ben out anyway becouse we loved him so much and we knew this is what he wanted. He did real good at first but in time he started to” explore”. As he started to mature he seemed to go further. After he was about 1 1/2 years old he really started to get into his “Tiger” self. We had him to the vet quite often repairing all kinds of things resulting from his daily adventures. All along we continued to love him and give him all that we could. Then on March 19th of this year, the day before the Spring Equinox he didnt return home. Ben has been gone ever since. We have done all that we know to do in an effort to help bring him home… No matter how beautiful these animals are and no matter how much you love them they deserve to be WILD and they want to be WILD. I hope and pray that Ben is OK and living a life in the wild that He has choosen. I know in his heart that he wont forget us and I will NEVER forget him. He has changed my life forever.


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