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Dairy of a Pet Psychic 5/20/10 Frustration to Trust

May Hugs Watch Over His People & Soar Above Us

I dedicate my life to spreading the message of animal consciousness.  I believe that any human can benefit from clear communication whether it is to our own species or to the animals we share our planet with.  I feel that when we are given a gift (like animal communication) we have a responsibility to make the world a better place.  I write, I make videos, I go on radio, and I see private clients.  Often I think I don’t have much of a life outside of work.  But it seems that these are the days were business and pleasure mix.  It is not such a bad thing.  I do love my work.  Yesterday afternoon, I heard some bad news.  A venture I was going after was not going to happen just yet and another project I have been working on made me discouraged and unsatisfied.  I got frustrated.  I even cried.  That evening I drove to the mountain with my dogs and pleaded to my higher power, “What do you want of me?  You give me this gift and then things don’t happen. I am tired.  What do you want me to do? I work hard.  Why isn’t it paying off?”  Then I remember that everyday I either hear or read, “thank you, you are amazing, gifted, blessed, an angel” Sounds good doesn’t it?  On the very same day I can also very easily read, “You are a crazy person, a liar or schizophrenic, delusional,” or once I even read “your are slithering snake tongue”.

Yesterday, I felt like my life was on a sailboat on a windy day and somehow I got stuck frozen with my sails locked unable to catch the breeze.  I work so hard to set myself free.  I forced myself to looked at the day again and I remembered that earlier when I was on the phone driving to a client’s house a phone number from out of the country kept ringing in.  I could not pick up because I was already on the phone and did I not have the time.  All of sudden my car starts beeping and the tire gauge comes on saying my left rear driver side tire only has 13 psi.  I get off the phone, car beeping incessantly orange lights flashing on the dash and pull off the freeway and into a gas station.  I get out of the car,  “Tire doesn’t look flat?”  I manually check the tire.  “40 psi?”  I check all the tires.  “All fine?”  As soon as I got back on the freeway, warning lights still flashing but no beeping, my phone rings again with the out of the country number.  “There is a reason.  I got to get this.” It was a couple from England.  They were in the veterinary office, crying, and trying to get the strength to help their kitty go.  I had received a picture via email of their cat a few days earlier.  I remembered him because he was unique looking, long blonde delicate and wise.  In between tears his people spoke about not being able to do it, “Is he in pain?” “I want my wife to know our cat loves her,” the husband wept.  While driving is not the best time to talk to an animal, but how could I not?  The cat was eager speak, “Tell them I am ready to die.  I am not scared.  I will miss sleeping in between them” and as I was pulling into my clients driveway he says, “Tell my mom I love her more than all the stars in the sky and that is a lot cause you can’t even count them all.”

As I look upon that day I ask myself, “Do I really believe my Higher Power has abandoned me and my gifts?  Who else could make my tire gauge give warning when nothing was wrong? Did it not get me off the phone and onto a call where I was needed the most?”  My tire was never flat and the light never went on again.  I’ll keep working and where I am heading will remaining a mystery.  It is times like these that I am convinced there is a divine plan.

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2 thoughts on “Dairy of a Pet Psychic 5/20/10 Frustration to Trust”

  1. Meredith Whitney

    I get frustrated too Laura. I hear, “Thank you Meredith”. Later on I will hear, “You are schizophrenic, crazy, I hate you!” I’m pretty sure it is earthbound spirits. Some of them like to play tricks on psychic mediums, and take our energy.

    A couple of days ago I got a message and this is what I heard, “You better put air in your tires, check the tire pressure.” I didn’t know who the message was for until now. It was for you! I love reading your stories, it gives me hope for my future as an animal communicator. I am very grateful to you, thank you.


  2. Thank you for the inspiring story! The next time I feel down I am going to remember how your higher power is there to put air in your tires!

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