Cocao gets scared there is going to be a thunder storm and the house will shake when his people leave.  His dad (person) says that when his mom (person) leaves the house Cocoa will sit and stare at the wall.  When I asked Cocoa why he said, “When I sit and stare I am calling my mom home.  I feel safe with her home.”

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  1. Marisa says:

    Cocoa is my little guy – since speaking with him and Laura almost two weeks ago, he has been much better. We have a new mantra that I say to him about being safe and confident (I am safe, I am confident, I am Cocoa) and it seems to be working well. Based on his behavior, he is doing better on his own at home and doesn’t spend the entire time I’m not there (when my husband is home) staring at the front door waiting for me.

    It was such a pleasure to speak with Cocoa and Laura – I learned so much about him in that conversation. Laura is wonderful!

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