Live On Santa Barbara, Ca Ernie Salomon Show!

Ernie Salomon Show Part 1

I answer questions on being a Pet Psychic.  Questions like:  What is a pet psychic?
Why do people call me?

How does a consultation work?

How do people know if it works?

How long is a session?

Can I talk to animals that are at a distance?

Can I talk to animals that are deceased?

How many animals in a session?

What do animals tell me?

Ernie Salomon Show Part 2

I take a caller who has a 1.5 year old female Golden Retriever who pulls so hard on the leash that she sends her human to the chiropractor.  I explain what the owner should say to her dog.

I answer if there is any animal that I can not work with?

Can any one talk to animals?

What do people ask me to ask their animal?

What are some things animals tell me?

Do I talk to animals that are passed?

Do I talk to lost animals?

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