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Vlog #1 – Trip To Tina’s Farm

I have been asked to video log by some followers.  So here is my first attempt.  In this video I take my dogs to visit my friend Tina’s Animal Farm. We talk to turkeys, horses, sheep, goats…

Filmed on an iphone being held the wrong way (sorry) and edited by me.  It is rough, but it is a day in the life of me.


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6 thoughts on “Vlog #1 – Trip To Tina’s Farm”

  1. That was sooooo awesome! I wish I could hear my animals speak to me… I talk to my dogs, cats and chickens all the time!

  2. Alene LaDelle Brown

    This is a great way to communicate with people. I loved the Video blog.
    Such fun Luca is quite a little character.

    I cant wait til we have our “one on one”with Sonny and Buddy. Buddy so much wants to be the dominate cat, and they both SOO much want to go outside, and
    I wish they could. Love you == have a wonderful holiday. LaDelle (Alene)

  3. Loved your V-log!! So great to see all the animals, and hear what they have to say. The captions are great too. It’s interesting that the horses showed up on the day you happened to be at Tina’s, so that you could help the yellow horse. 🙂

  4. Caterina Salernitana

    Thank you so much for starting up your vlog! It was hilarious and touching to see Luca, Stormy, the alpacas, the goats, and all the rest of the animals interact with you. I’m looking forward to your next vlog entry and upcoming news!

  5. Loved hearing how each animal felt special about themselves! And, appreciate hearing from you the importance of giving these loved ones uplifting messages. Also, brought great memories of being at Tina’s farm. Otis, the angora goat is still the dude!

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