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Tiffany’s Journy To The Afterlife

Animals and the Afterlife


Tiffany died on 12/25/12


Tiffany was 12 years old when she passed away.  Her people asked me to contact her in heaven and ask her if she knew that they were there when she was dying.

Tiffany responded,

“Of course I knew they were there. They held me and walked me to my grandmas and grandpas (parents of her people).  Grandma and Grandpa said,  ‘oh here she comes. Look out girl, as you come you will get more full of energy’ and then when I got to them I ran around in circles like I used to do when I was young and I ran around and ran around and then came huffing and tired and I looked down at my family and I saw all the years and all the wonderful moments and I said to myself, ‘I had the most perfect life’ and then I slept and slept and slept and when I woke up I barely remember what pain feels like.”

Animals can have very different experiences of the dying process and entering the afterlife. It is common for our animals to see our friends and ancestors and to do things that they did when they were young. It is also common for our animals to rest on the other side when they first get there.  Tiffany explains her process so beautifully.

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