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Animals, Dying, Death & The AfterLife * Vlog #6

Stories of my animals and their passing.

All you should know about

animal death and dying and the afterlife.


Part One:  Laura tells us about her animals and their amazing stories around death.  (I am not sure what you will all think of these stories.  Would love some feedback.)

At 27.55 Part Two Starts (Feel free to skip to this part.)

What to tell you animal before they pass.
How you will know they are ready to go.  
What to look for after your animal passes.  
How are animals come around us after they die.  
Why dreams are hard for them to appear in.
Why you should trust and acknowledge signs of our deceased animals.  
Who meets our animals on the other side.  
Can our animals be with us in heaven.  
Are with them in heaven?
If our animals were scared of people and dogs will they be ok on the other side / heaven?
Do animals learn on the other side and much more…


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7 thoughts on “Animals, Dying, Death & The AfterLife * Vlog #6”

  1. Laura, this video is so good! I’ve sent the link to several other people.

    Nearly three years ago (on the telephone) I received the benefit of your services as a medium–talking with three different loved ones who had recently left the Earth plane–and the experience has been so comforting and illuminating to me ever since. I sing your praises to my friends, and am so grateful for the Light and Love that you are offering.

    Thank you.

  2. I found your video to be very helpful and comforting. I lost one of my dogs on New Year’s Eve. He was ill and this time there was no chance of recovery so we made the difficult decision to put him down. I have had to do this many times over the years saying goodbye to much loved pets. This time it was different and I have not felt distressed having his toys and things around. I have been wonding a long time whether animals do go to heaven and wishing for proof so I had to watch this. The funny thing is just shy of a month of his leaving I had a dream about him. I drempt his face was in mine and I was rubbing and hugging him like i used to do and he had his eyes half closed and it was like i could actually feel his fur. And of course I was waking up by then and i just remember his face in mine with his eyes half closed. This helped me understand that he and the others before him are ok. I don’t want to hold him here with grief. He was only 6 1/2 and my other dog is going on 15 so I know at some point in time I will have to say goodbye to her as well. I think listening to you video will help me deal better when her time comes.

    Thank you.

  3. Dear Laura,
    My dog was recently diagnosed with cancer and were told that his health could really go downhill at any moment. He seemed ok for a few weeks until yesterday, and we reluctantly made an appointment to have him put down today. He miraculously got better, so we’re just watching him for any signs of pain and suffering. I’d been thinking about you quite a bit these past couple of weeks, so it’s nice that your video came out right when I needed to hear your first-hand experiences. By the ways, I’m very sorry for all of your losses. Anyways, thank you again so much for releasing this video and for all of your hard work. I think of you often and am pleased to hear that you’re well and helping many. Take care.

  4. I enjoyed your video and so glad you posted it. My Golden Retriever Junie has cancer. The prednisone makes her so hungry, I wonder if the extra weight is making her breathing more difficult, or perhaps it from the cancer. She comes to me looking at me intently, breathing harder, very obviously trying to tell me something. But often it is to feed more food, or to take her outside. Two days ago she came to me and when I got up to go feed her more, she went to her IV stand and looked up at it. When I asked her if she wanted the IV, she layed down in front of it. Last night she seemed in pain and was jumping up harder by the IV. I had to go get more IV equipment and pain meds, but came back to her waiting by the IV stand. After the IV and pain meds she was better. I thought her intent looks meant “Help me mom, make the pain go away”. What if I made a mistake and put her down when she was telling me she wants to be here with me and make her feel better, and can’t I do something to make her better here. That would really hurt me. I am not sure if I can know like you do what she really wants me to do.

  5. I had a cat, Izzy, whose kidneys were shutting down so I had to keep her at the vet at the end. I went to spend time with her every lunch hour. I would sit in one of the exam rooms, take her on my chest and love her up as much as I could until it was time to return to work. I thought to her and talked to her but this was long before I knew animals and people could communicate. I let her know I loved her, that I didn’t want her to be in pain, and that when she was ready she could leave…it was OK. For quite a while after she died I would be lying in bed and I could feel her jump on the bed to be with me. I found that very comforting. I agree with your beliefs about the afterlife but hadn’t thought much about animals/pets in heaven so I appreciate the ideas you introduced. Keep up the good work – I feel it promotes humane treatment of animals. I practice talking with my fur family and have had amazing experiences doing so. Thanks for all you do.

  6. Several months ago, my Great Pyrenese Chloe passed away. We were going to wait until Monday to make the decision to put her to sleep, but, that Saturday, we called the vet who had been coming to our house to take care of her. Friday night, she was too weak to get back inside the house–she weighed 150 lbs.and my husband and I could not move her so we put her on a blanket and let her spend her first night in 12 years outside. After she died the next morning, we had the cremation service come get her (we bury our animals under rose bushes in our front yard). A few weeks after Chloe passed, I had a few minutes before attending a class, and I decided to see a psychic for a reading. This is the first time I had a reading and did not know any of the psychics so I just picked one named Rachel. She said to me, “I hope you are okay with dogs because I have my 3 little dogs in the room.” I jokingly said to one of the dogs, “You can help channel Chloe.” The psychic sat down and told me she had a large white dog by her arm. I told her that must be Chloe who passed a few weeks ago. She told me that Chloe was out in our backyard and was afraid to come into the house because she did not think we wanted her there. This made sense to me since she had to spend her first night outside the night before she died. Rachel told me to invite her inside. I asked how I could find her, and she told me to look inside the shed. I told her we did not have a shed, but she said she was seeing a shed. Then she said that she saw another dog that looked just like Chloe by the door. The dog walked across the room and lay his head across Chloe’s back. I told her that is Berkley, Chloe’s brother, who died from epilepsy at 3-1/2 years. He always did this to her when he was alive. Then she said that there was a black cat sitting by my chair trying to get my attention. That had to be our 19-year-old cat Licorice who had passed a few years before. She told me that there was a large yellow bird above my head that was screeching to get my attention. That would be our cockatoo Dickens who had passed about a year before. She told me that he was keeping an eye on our other parrot (still living) Sidney and was keeping him in line. It’s funny because without warning, Sid will fly off his cage like he is being chased. She said that there was a dog near the door that looked like the Pyrs but was not as big. That is Roxanne, our first Great Pryenese. She told me that our big black dog was too lazy to show up and that he was at home sleeping on our couch. That would be Melville our Newfie who had died several years before. She saw every animal that we have buried in our front yard.

    When I came home, I got my pendulum and went out into the backyard to try to find Chloe and invite her inside. Since we don’t have a shed, I went to some of her favorite spots, but the pendulum told me I was not in the right places. By this time, I had walked back to our pool (Chloe had died on our patio very close by). All of a sudden, I noticed our barbecue. Under the barbecue is a storage area, and the doors look like the kind on a shed (with the wooded bars in an X). I took the pendulum over and it told me that Chloe was inside. My husband and I opened the door and invited her in. The next day, I used the pendulum to find her in our house. She was by my side of the bed in our bedroom.

    A few nights after this, my husband had a dream. He dreamed he had gotten out of bed and left the room. When he came back, he saw Chloe laying on top of the bed on my side. She was not allowed on the bed, so he chased her off. The dream was so real, and he remembered every detail the next morning.

    I am really happy to know that our animals are still connected to us.

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