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Duke’s Heaven



Duke the chihuahua / terrier mix passed away in March at 8 years old.

He says from heaven,

“Do you know that heaven is like a comfortable couch? It feels like sitting with your people on a comfortable couch. You know when my mom used to call me and I would come running? I have that sensation here sometimes. I hear her and come running and she bends down to me and I say, ‘I love you mom’ and she says, ‘Dukey you are such a sweet dog’ and I feel so good.”

It is common that animals tell me that they see their people in heaven. I used to think that angels were pretending to be us or that our animals can live in a memory like it is present time, but now I believe that we have a higher self that is on the other-side and that there is a part of us that can be with our loved ones in heaven.



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