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A New Home

A New Home

How Does Relocating Affect Your Animals?

We have recently moved to a furnished ranch in the Carpinteria foothills. We are living with more animals and people. Here I ask my animals, “How are you doing?”

Stormy best dog everStormy, my 14-year-old Aussie says, “I like it here a lot because it is cooler than Ojai. Though I miss Ojai sometimes. I miss sleeping in our bed. I miss the flat green park. The ground is more rugged here so when I am in my stroller the bumping hurts my body. Sometimes I get forgetful where I am because the furniture doesn’t smell like us. But I like smelling the air and knowing that the ocean air is fresh. I know the sunsets are pretty here because you get excited to watch them. I like having all my new friends here. I like being able to go see the donkeys. I enjoy lying outside without having Luca bark all the time. I like knowing I live in nature but I am safe from the coyotes.”



Luca, my three-year-old poodle, says, “I love it here because there is a lot of nature and lots of things to do. I have met donkeys and have run through the fields. I have new dog friends. When I get bored I sit outside and listen to the wind blowing through the trees. Sometimes when the donkeys make noise I try to figure out what they are saying. I think they are saying, ‘Feed me’ and ‘Where are you?’ They eat hay, which is like dried grass. The hay doesn’t look good to me but they seem to love it. I am enjoying the donkeys.”



Serafina, my gray cat, says, “I miss being able to go out at night but I love the land here. There are a lot of lizards and there are birds I have never seen before. I can see really far. I never had such a view before. When the sun sets I see colors that I feel are going to blanket me. This place is really wonderful. I love it here.”




Makia, my white cat, says, “It has been a little hard for me because I don’t see and hear that well and it is scary going outside and not knowing where I am going. I like the big closet to sleep in and when you walk with me I enjoy being outside. It is hard to get on the bed because I don’t have my cat stairs. I am tired of so many ants. I hate the way they feel when they climb up my paws. They always want my food and I don’t like the smell of soapy water near my food. When we go back to Ojai for a visit I am going to see which place I like better. New is hard for an older animal. I like the air here and I like my closet.”


bean on chairBean, my bunny, says, “It has been the hardest for me because I don’t get to run around that much and I miss my freedom to run all around the house. I wont chew anything inappropriate I promise. I like being in the center of the house because I can see what is going on and I like the air because it doesn’t feel as dry. I don’t like the ants. It would be good if you could let me run around the whole house to explore.”



Seamora standing on cageSeamora, my blue and gold macaw, says, “I like it here because I get to go on long walks everyday with the dogs. I have made new human friends and I love my new human friends. My cage is much smaller here and I don’t get to be out of my cage as much but it is okay because the walks make me tired and this cage is not that bad. I have learned so much about people since I have been here. I have learned that some people really love me and they want me to be friends with lots of people. I have learned that I can heal my wing and fly again. I will fly. I have splashed in water, too. I loved splashing in water. I love my walks. I have seen big trees and I have seen birds watching me. They say I am colorful. I love it here.”

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