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Sam and Sis

This is Sam the Yorki and Sis the poodle. We asked Sis if she was her people’s previous dog Sparky who died 5 days before she was born.

Sis replied, “You see I am very much a spiritual dog. I live in two different worlds. Do you see me? I am a miracle. The thing is my mom and I have been very close and I just felt like no one could replace me so I needed to come back fast and Sam he wanted me back. He kept saying don’t leave and so I decided I wouldn’t.”

Reincarnation is common. Even though the journey of the soul is extremely complex our animals do make it back to us. Some remember their past lives, others do not, some have memories as they age. I have seen it many times and am always amazed. Our lives and relationships are miracles! Thank you, Sis for the reminder!

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