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An Angel Message On Resentment

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I have a wonderful client that hires me to speak to all types of people and beings on the other side. We speak to her ancestors, Vincent VanGogh, Marilyn Monroe… and often we speak to Angels.  I consider myself extremely fortunate that my telepathic abilities allows me to converse with such a wide range of beings here on earth as well as on the other side.  I find myself mostly posting what the animals say but there are such jewels of wisdom in my other readings as well.

The message below comes from a conversation with an Angel during one of my sessions with my client mentioned.

JS- A Message From An Angel On Resentment

The Angel says, “I fly through the universe changing the energy of spaces. I use spaces around me to manifest a good working environment for my peers and for humans on earth. I love working with people and I love working with people who have a great deal of pain inside of them. I love working with every soul that is broken or destroyed.

I want to say that when you walk away from people who have harmed you feel free to send them love light and good wishes.

I know many people feel they need to curse the people who have harmed them.  You can curse (speak ill of) them in the dark but when you do make sure you curse (speak ill of) them into a spiritual dump bag so it does not reach them and hurt them.

If you must, say all the hateful things you want into this spiritual dump bag and then I and my helpers will get rid of it for you.  (The spiritual dump bag reminded me of a throw up bag you find on an airplane or holding a baggie up to your mouth but tightly so that nothing leaks into the surrounding air.)

Your ill thoughts do not need to go to the person that has harmed you. You spewing hate at them is not going to help them in any way.  It will not help them wake up and realize their faults.

If clear positive communication is not open, only sending them love from a distance and wishing them well will help them realize how they have hurt you. If you dont feel like sending them love it is OK.  But do not send them negativity.  

If you have cursed them by spewing hateful things you regret, gather up your meanness from the heart center of the one you have hurt and put them in the dump bag.

Ask the angels to heal their pain. Though some pain darts can not be undone.

Be patient. If you have said hurtful things you have regret be patient, be kind to yourself and know that all parties are suffering.

There is a great amount of healing in my heart that emanates out into the universe. Forgive yourself and forgive others.  Forgive yourself for the hateful things you have said. Let it all go and move on to the next dimension of consciousness.

There you will find your answers and learn how to control your anger finding peace and more positive communication. 

When situations are festering give it time and allow the angels’  energies to heal hurt wounds with yourself and others.”


Often times the messages that I receive during readings come at the most perfect timing in my life.  They help me along my path.

I have learned in my relationships with people that we are all on different levels of consciousness and awareness.  I will have judgement about someone and then I realize that they are just acting out their shadow side and they are not capable of seeing my perspective or of behaving differently.

Sometimes I look at the past and I think about arguments that I had or judgements that I had towards people about certain situations and I see a different perceptive.   I realize I had been judging through my shadow side and my limited views.  I was not capable of seeing the situation differently.  It wasn’t until I lived and grew that I could see the others point of view.  I have often wanted to reach out and apologize for past situations.

Knowing this process helps me when dealing with people who hurt me in the present.

Lately I have also been thinking about the stories or the judgements I hold towards people from long ago.  People do change and grow. I have to catch myself not to gossip or tell old stories and judgements because those people or animals may no longer be the same.  Today they may make different choices.  We all deserve to be looked at with openness.


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