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Wushu doggie day care










This is Wushu. She is 3 years old. I have known her since she was a small young pup. She’s my friend.

She says, “I know that you are always called in when I am trouble but I don’t feel like I am trouble this time. I feel like Mickey (Dog of Wushu’s person’s boyfriend) is really not wanting me around. I feel like he feels like no one should get close to his dad, even my mom. I say this is no problem let it be and

he says, “This is a problem. I like my alone time.”

… I go and hide because I don’t like myself when I am have Mickey around. I don’t like the feelings I have in my body. I have fear and I have an intense feeling to be mad, and I am not sure how to make it better.

*After the conflict resolution Wushu says,

“I would like to tell my mom that I really love her and I am really happy with our life together. I feel good about that. I feel like mom makes me smart. I hope to become friends with Mickey cause he is right enemies are not fun. They make you sick to your stomach.”


Wushu person writes:  Laura, thank you again for your help. Before we could do anything after our conversation, there was an immediate, positive shift between Mickey and Wushu’s interactions. Their tolerance of each other continues to improve (gradually…as strong personalities sure need baby steps!), but we’re working on it. We shared burgers per Mickey’s request, go to new places, and this past weekend both of them did a great job at the beach (per Wushu’s request)!

Wushu and Mickey with their person Jen.
Wushu and Mickey with their person Jen.
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