Stormys Secrets

Stormy says, “In order to be happy & healthy it’s important to love yourself and your family, have a positive attitude, rest, exercise, believe in your diet and supplements, pray to Heaven that you learn your lessons with ease, and to open yourself up to new experiences and friends. That’s my secret to my wellbeing.” ️

I thought it might be helpful for others to see what keeps Stormy so happy & healthy at 15.5 years old! Stormy has had an 8cm meter tumor in his liver was given 6mo to a year to live. He was having liver seizures…. He is now almost 16years old 2.5 years later and has arthritis but happy as can be.

He eats veggies. Mostly avocado, broccoli & zucchini, eggs, raw green tripe from the butcher or raw or freeze dried Stella and Chewys duck. He gets one banana every afternoon. He is also on dr schultz’s superfood. Coconut oil, miracle pack probiotic & enzymes,, and same.

He loves fruit cantaloupe and pineapple his favorite.

Every now and then I feed him organic oatmeal or his very special favorite treats apple gate sausage or fried veggie egg rolls!

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  2. Gina Rybold says:

    Stormy is one intelligent dog. I wish what he states came as easy to me as to him. My well being has been tried again and again. I try and be positive and love myself, but since I lost my cocker spaniel Mocha last January, I don’t eat correctly, I don’t pray as much, I am not open to new ideas (getting a new pet) and yes it mentally and physically takes its toll. It seams so simple of a answer: WHY CAN I NOT GET TO THIS POSINT??? Please Stormy help!!!
    Gina Rybold

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