Pet Psychic Radio 12-04-14

Lucky is looking for a new home. Hear what he has to say on Pet Psychic Radio Today. Wanted Your Animals Dead or Alive! LIVE THURSDAYS at 12 pm PST. call in line 917-889-2693 Listen Live at Learn more at Post Pictures at The radio show for animals and their people. Elaine Seamans the women who rescued Lucky is our guest today. Check out these amazing pendants she makes with YOUR animals picture.

Lucky Needs A Home. He is in NY

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This episode had technical difficulties in the beginning but it does go on to the show. Sorry for the wait.


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@ 05:16 – Linda & dog Grisman, how did his crossing go?
@ 12:19 – Laura & Ai, why Laura doesn’t work with lost pets.
@ 15:30 – guest Elaine Seamans & 2yr German Shepherd Lucky.
@ 32:37 – Bridget & 20yr black cat Maxxwell, how’s he feeling?
@ 42:21 – Tiara & Miniature Pinscher Kalina, will she re-incarnate?
@ 47:40 – Laura & Ai, how to be a better animal communicator.
@ 49:52 – Laura & Ai, any animal ask to talk to biological parents?
@ 51:44 – Jamie & 1yr dog Tonka, knew us in a past life?
@ 56:16 – Bean’s WoW: “It’s really important to get fresh air.”


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* “Time of Angels” sterling silver pendant,
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* Stella & Chewy’s,
* Canna-Pet, Medical Cannabis for Dogs & Cats,
* Laura Stinchfield‘s Instagram:

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