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Goodbye Stormy

My sweet Storm King aka Stormy died peacefully today (on the full moon!). Happy until the end. We all miss him terribly.

For now I will share:

Before he passed Stormy said, “This is going to be awesome!”

And talked about seeing and communicating with so many of our friends (animals and people) who were coming for him.

After he passed, we all felt him. I

heard him say, “no matter how high I fly, know I still love you.”

Luca felt Stormy’s spirit pass through him and said he saw Stormy glittering all around him while he filled him up with love. When we buried Stormy beneath our friends’ oak tree Luca jumped in the grave and tried to get the dirt off him. We are so sad. But are ok.

So grateful he has been in our lives and that we know he is still with us.

Thank you all for loving our sweet Stormy. So many have been touched by him. Truly happy till the end (of this body).       :).

May he fly high and we all sense him when he is near. We love you, Stormy!




I have been amazed at the out-pour of love for Stormy and my family on facebook.  You may enjoy reading all the beautiful comments people wrote about Stormy!  If interested click on post below.



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16 thoughts on “Goodbye Stormy”

  1. Laura,

    Harley and I are very sad to learn of Stormy’s passing. Stormy knew how much you loved him and that you took the best care of him! Twas heaven on earth living with and loving you! He will always be an inspiration for all of us

    Love and peace to you and your family,
    Judy and Harley

  2. So sorry, Laura. He’s an honest and loving soul and will always be remembered fondly. I’ll bet Grisman was there to meet his “brother from another mother”.

    Love to you all,
    Lyn Thompson

  3. Laura,
    I just wanted to say I am sending you love and light during this time of transition. I never met Storm King physically but I feel connected to him through his sweet words you have shared with us. The love between you will always bond you together. Please give my love to all of your family. Cheri

  4. I had a dream early this morning filled with people and a black dog who I was accompanying toward his destination, or perhaps he was accompanying me. I’ve never met you, Laura, or Stormy, but I know we’re all connected. I feel blessed.

  5. Dear Laura,

    I am so sorry. I cried while I read your announcement about Stormy. He actually came to me in a dream and now I know that it was after he transitioned. How sweet. If only we could all think that it will be an awesome journey to cross over!

    Much love to you, Louise & Rasa

  6. I loved hearing the radio shows with Storm King and all your stories about him. I was really touched by the fact that he is still available to do “words of wisdom.” This is a beautiful affirmation that love –and life– never die.

    1. thank you Amber! I am so glad you enjoy hearing from Stormy! He was pretty amazing on todays radio show. If you did not listen you should check it out. Thanks for writing and caring!

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