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This is Kochi. He is 6 years old.

He said, “I was feeling the kind of sick where you start to see the angel dogs. They are dogs that have a golden light all around them and they come and lie with you and tell you that when you die you can run in a park full of Heaven’s creatures. It is beautiful.

The one thing that happened when I was really sick is I kept feeling like I was falling down a hole. It was really scary. Sometimes when I would close my eyes, I would feel like I was sinking and I felt damp all the time. It was like the feeling of being rained on all the time.

But I got better. Mommy’s machine did make me better. It pulled out the dampness and it made light come into my body. When I was healing those angel dogs kept moving through me rather than staying outside of me. It felt really good.”

Kochi’s person (mommy) writes, “Kochi nearly died – he was so sick (but healed with a Photon Sound Beam machine) – and with Laura’s help, we discovered that Kochi became sick to show me that I can heal and that sickness can be healed using universal prayer, inter-dimensional thoughts and technology. Laura also enlightened me about what my dog experienced in his sickness – beautiful angel dogs that lay with him and even went through him. We are all truly blessed to have angels and Laura in our lives.” I can not express this enough, when our animals are sick it is so important to truly believe we can help them heal. We must believe in the methods of treatment that we are using. It helps are animals to feel safe and to feel as if they are in healing hands. Call in the healing angels! I am always surprised who shows up 🙂

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