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A Horse Dies At The Barn

cheering up jubilee








Here I’m trying to cheer Jubilee up.

Two nights ago, one of the horses at the farm needed to be put to sleep because of colic. He suffered and was in the stall next to Jubilee.

Yesterday all the horses were upset. No one wanted to be caught out in pasture to come into the barn for the night. The air was heavy, sad and confused.

When I brought Jubilee in she said, “I need to express myself. Where was that horse’s human? It was scary seeing him suffer. Why did his body look different? I watched it not moving all night long. Where does his spirit go? Where did they take his body?” The questions went on and on.

I told the answers to all the horses on the farm.

Then I got a hold of him in spirit. He said, “When first in Heaven the light and air was all white and safe. I didn’t know where I was and then I looked for the fences and there were none and then all my friends came. Even friends I just remembered and we ran through the fields and I enjoyed myself. I’m ok.”


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2 thoughts on “A Horse Dies At The Barn”

  1. All beings grief the loss of a friend. I’m sorry that the horse died and that his friends had to watch. Thanks for helping them understand what happened.

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