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Cheyenne and Trixie

both dogs for social media









The dog on the top is Cheyenne. She is 9 years old. The dog on the bottom is Trixie.

Trixie has passed away.

Cheyenne talks about seeing Trixie’s spirit and being confused by it. During the conversation I explain to her that what she sees is not her memory but Trixie’s spirit. She begins to understands and talks about what Trixie told her before she passed away.

This is what Cheyenne says, “I need to talk about the sadness I am going through. Its like this emptiness in my heart and in my mind. It’s a confusion. Its like where is she? I felt like my memory was playing tricks on me. Cause she will be doing a skip hop next me but she looks younger and she can chew better. Sometimes I see her laying next to me chewing on a bone and it makes me confused cause I dont know why my memories are real but different. She has tried to give me warmth. She blows wind in the window by the table. I can feel her and I am like I think she is outside and then I am just confused.

I knew Trixie was in pain. I knew she was not coming home because she said goodbye to me and she told me to focus. She told me to get in between mom and dad if dad is confused on how to soothe mom – just get in there and be the soother. She also told me to make sure that the no one sneaks in the backdoor. She just said dont let anyone sneak in the back door.

I understand now she is in spirit. Are we going to get a puppy? if we get another dog I want it to be a Trixie look a like because that is what I know as real.”

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