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Dear Pet Psychic Radio Listeners, Thank you for 4 years of listening! Ai and I have decided to take a break from broadcasting Pet Psychic Radio. We do plan to come back. We are just not exactly sure when. When we do the show will be better than ever! We are so grateful for your dedicated support! I, Laura (The Pet Psychic), plan on being active here on facebook and on my blog So please visit these pages to read what the animals are saying! I am still doing private sessions (animals and people). You can book those through the website. Stay tuned! I may surprise you with an unexpected podcast or video. Till my next post… take care, be well and talk with the animals! Stormy says, “Sometimes you have to rest for your passions to grow and your path to be revealed. A break is a time to expand inward so that in time you can shine outward. Enjoy each moment and believe in your future….Thank you everyone for loving me and for following my path. Magically surprises are to come!”

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