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Laura Out And About

Last night I thought I was loosing Makia. I’m sure her tumors bled out. Dr. Kelly at Ohana Pet Hospital is taking care of us. We had a little bit of a wait so Makia and I took a walk at our old stomping ground Marina Park. Last night Makia couldn’t hold herself up and today she can take a few steps. I carried her mostly. This morning Makia asked me, “last night why were you praying to the Angels and your ancestors to come for me instead of healing me?” I told her she’s old and I thought she’d want to go to heaven and not suffer anymore. She told me I was wrong. Then I asked her if she saw any angels, ancestors of mine or animal friends in spirit. She said, “I saw and experienced the warm bright light I love and our late wolf dog Maia, but when I saw Maia I turned around.” Dr. Kelly just told me her tumor is taking up 70% of her abdomen. I’m so sad. Please send Makia pink butterfly energy.

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1 thought on “Laura Out And About”

  1. Ire Dragustinovic

    My heart is heavy for you. I sent my beloved pup Beauregard to visit her if they both are open to it. I told him to say hi and say that his mommy knows of and follows from afar her mommy. I had him over 15 years and he too did not want to go. He crossed 3 months ago. He was my baby, my all. You both were blessed as I am sure you know. I can write for hours but some things words cannot express.

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