Hudson & Angels

My conversation with Hudson:

Hudson “mom am I going to fly to the Angels to visit soon?”
Me: I’m sure you can go when ever you want. Why do ask?
Hudson: “I feel like I can fly to the Angels and talk with them, but I just forgot how. I hope I remember soon. I feel like I miss it.”
Me: aww Buddy you will remember soon. You will be flying to speak with the Angels in no time. You’re just like my sweet sweet Stormy. 
Hudson: I hope I remember how soon. 

* He means speaking with the Angels in meditation 🙂

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One Response to Hudson & Angels

  1. linda says:

    Well I am alone now. My best friends Mo and Java are gone I am alone and
    broken hearted..Mo passed away 4 months ago from throat cancer the dr say,
    and now Java is gone, lung cancer..
    I am in shock and pain and feel I want to be with them. They got me through such hard times..My mothers Alzheimer’s..and I was blessed to have their love

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