Ike Finn and Katie on Death And Dying



Ike, Finn and Katie

Ike, Finn and Katie


This was written by Ike, Finn and Katie’s person in June of 2014.  I am just getting around to posting it now.  I feel it is an important post.

A few weeks ago, we had a session to talk to our brown standard poodle, Finn, our shih tzu, Ike, and our deceased black standard poodle, Katie. Finn had a fungal infection in his nose that was not responding to treatment, and he was going to be helped to heaven that day.

Ike, the shih tzu, who has now survived both Katie and Finn, said this about Finn dying:
“This sucks. It’s like foolish of the universe. I think that sometimes I want to spit on God. I feel that way. Do you think God will be mad at me for saying that? Yeah, I am like ‘God, why do you make animals suffer when you have the power to heal and be love?’
I have learned that it is sad to see others suffering. I think that when I get to heaven I am going to have a serious talk with God so I can understand.”

Finn, brown standard poodle said to heaven,
“I am so grateful to them [my people] ’cause I have had the best care. Everyone has helped me so much, and I am just so thankful. I love them. Will you tell them that over and over again? I love them. I love them. I love them.”  

Katie, black standard poodle in heaven said,
“I just want to tell my people that they don’t need to worry. There is no upsetness here in heaven, and Finn will be just fine. I am really happy here. I prance. I am in a good energetic field. Life is like a butterfly. You look beautiful, you allow yourself to float the way God wants you to, and you get to suck the nectar of flowers. Finn will be just fine. Be at peace. I will take care of him.”

Animals are just like people.  Some have a strong feeling that there is a divine connection to all things and events and others question more.  What I love the most about what Ike, Finn and Katie have said is that they are all express different aspects of my emotional states while dealing with illness and death over time.

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  1. Laurentia McIntosh says:

    This post made me cry. Animals *are* people. People *are* animals. We are all one. Blessings on all the people who care for their little furry/feather/finned people.

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