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Seamora and PTSD

This is my parrot Seamora. She’s about 26 years old. She’s a pretty happy bird.

Today she says, “Sometimes my old traumas come up and I see and feel bad things. I have to remember to flex my talons and legs, breathe and then look at all the pretty things in my environment. Those things are my family, the wild birds, the trees, clouds and even the mountains in the distance. Sometimes I eat but imagining flying is what I love. Those things all help me to feel the present and imagine my ideal future.”
Seamora had a rough past before I found her. I will not get into it because we are letting it go. We are working on getting her feathers to grow back too. PTSD can be a powerful force in the animal kingdom. Learning to be present, connected to ones body and believing in an abundant future is always helpful.

Negative behavior can be old traumas being triggered. You can help your animals release them by helping them to be present. Talk with them about what Seamora says and help them find their “pretty things”.

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