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Makia on Being Happy 

My sweet Makia cat died one year ago today. I still miss her! 

On 1/4/09 she said, “I want to tell all the people that are reading this that they should do something to change the world. But before they do that they need to know what they love the most. Once you figure out what you love the most then use that to change the world. When I say change the world, I am not saying to move things to different places. I mean to help all the beings that are suffering to be happy.” 

She did have a true Buddha nature.

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1 thought on “Makia on Being Happy ”

  1. We used to have a cat that looked like her. she sounds so cool in her words. We just lost our 21 year old cat recently, probably to kidney or organ failure. When we found she was losing the battle, we thought we should have her put to sleep to save her suffering. I called my vet and asked if they could euthanize her. When our cat,who was in my husbands arms; not wanting to move, heard me say that word euthanize, she leaped out of my husbands arms, ran across the room to me and stared at me. I think she was saying not to euthanize her. So we told her she would be with us until she went on her own terms. We stayed with her almost constantly, as she began her transition for a week. She never cried as her body gave out slowly. It was an amazing, but sad, experience.

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