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This is Keno in the front and his brother Buster in the back. Keno passed away July 12, 2016 at 13 years old. 

Keno says from Heaven, “When I was dying, I was grateful. I was so grateful. It was all I could think about. Just being grateful for the love of my mom and all the ways she lit up my world. I mean my mom always talked to me so calmly and she always explained things to me and she used to hold me up to her chest so nicely and I feel like I am wrapped in that love here. 

I wanted out of my body. I was so glad my mom helped me. I told her she needed to take me to Heaven and she showed me how to get there. She showed me. There was a candle lit with rainbow energy.” 

His Person writes: Dear Laura, Thank you so much for my session with Buster and Keno! I felt so much better after hearing from them, especially Keno, whom I miss so much. It is a relief to know that he was grateful to leave his body and that he felt wrapped in my love that day, because he certainly was. It’s amazing that he told you about the candle I lit because I had forgotten that detail.

I also love that Buster thinks I should take up “nature painting” and that even if I’m not very good, he thinks it’s important that I “work with color.” Who knew Papillons were such discerning art critics? Thank you again! xT

Note from Laura: Often times when an animal is at the end of their life, they tell their people that they are ready to pass. People then notice that it is time to help their animal transition but they do not realize that their animal has told them. 

Also it is faciniating to me how many times the animals mention things/events that their people have done for them after they have passed, as if it was happening to/for them in Heaven. For-instance, Keno saw the light of his person’s candle in Heaven and that helped him to/in Heaven. 

Animals also mention feeling their people stroke and kiss them even though they have already left their body. It is important to remember that we are still connected to our animals that have passed in deep and amazing ways.

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