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My Life As A Pet Psychic


My Life As A Pet Psychic
First Published in the Santa Barbara News-Press



I live my life as a pet psychic.  It is really all I have ever known. My earliest memory is my parents holding our Yorkshire Terrier over my crib and hearing her say, “You are so small.”

I hear the animals speaking with me in a whisper. This is telepathy. My mind transfers their thoughts, emotional feelings, and images in their heads into words. I can also feel their pain in my body. I can quickly recognize what is my thought and my pain and what is someone else’s.  I know when to let it go.

Once I asked a grizzly bear why she was so aggressive. She complained about pain in her back caused by the coffee nip candies her trainer was feeding her as a reward. After speaking with the bear, my kidneys hurt so bad that I was in bed for two days unable to stand. Sometimes their pains get locked in our bodies.  Other empathetic people may experience this.

I do hear common themes.  Older animals pant and lick because they have acid re-flux. Animals don’t like to be left alone from daylight to dark without a light going on in the house and they don’t like two hands on their head at once. Cats like tall wide water dishes, open windows and bird-feeders. Dogs love big green parks and lawns. One of their dying requests is a bowl of ice-cream and a party talking about how great they are.  They know what makes us happy even if we have forgotten.  They may tell someone who has not painted in twenty years to paint, leaving them speechless.

Some of you may say, “I don’t believe it”.  And I get it. But if you have ever loved an animal, you may question your own judgement. Have animals comforted you when you’re upset or initially disliked someone who eventually betrayed you? Have they surprised you by standing next to something you have lost or woken you up earlier when you forget to set the alarm? There is something in their eyes that says they understand. We have all seen it.

To make communication clearer, take a breath and center yourself before you speak with them.  Focus but do not stare. Breathe rhythmically. Visualize everything that you say.  If that is hard for you, be clear with your words. Tell the animals what you want rather than what you don’t want.  Instead of saying, “Don’t jump” use, “Keep all fours paws on the ground”. You can tell them that when they jump they may hurt someone by knocking them over, but when they keep all fours on the ground, everyone is safe and you are proud.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, our animals mirror us.  Find peace in the moment.  Take the time to use your eyes and watch them.  Do your animals behaviors and emotional states change when you explain things to them?  It’s possible that your world my open up to a new understanding.






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1 thought on “My Life As A Pet Psychic”

  1. Loved your article. It answered questions about me. At work people would tell me their health issues and I would experience their illness. My co-worker noticed & told others not to tell me their symptoms because I would get the same thing. You explained people can be too empathetic. I’m working on that. 🙂 My beloved departed golden retriever finds misplaced keys, cordless ph., and tells me when I missed it, go back and look again. I totally believe it, now need to work more on communication thanks to your tips. I am trying to be patient about my thoughts when people lie with a straight face. Love you Laura

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