Stormy Maia and Buddha

My friend Louis Couture sent me this picture the other day. I don’t know what year it was taken probably around 2005.

These are my late dogs, my Aussie Stormy and my wolf hybrid Maia. Both have miraculously found their way back to me as Hudson and Luca.

This Buddha is on the property of my late Soul Sister Tita. Coincidentally Louie adopted her German Shepherd Trooper when she recently passed. The man who carved this Buddha died from his own saw during its creation. I feel him when I am around this Buddha. Many mystical experiences and healings also happened to me while I sat on this Buddha’s knee.

Last year, I had someone very close to me betray me. It was hard not to be engulfed by the disturbing acts and potential of the unconscious darkness of someone who does not live in truth. Though this person, as he slept had the same face of peace and calm as this Buddha. That image alone was often my lifeline of forgiveness. It is a reminder to me that no matter how “bad” a person’s behavior maybe, deep inside there is calm heart beating to be released.

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