Poison Oak and Essential Oils

I love the rain. I love hanging out with my dogs by the rivers after a rain. I love exploring the woods. I love hugging, playing and snuggling with my dogs! Which sometimes gives me poison oak! Oh no! Poison Oak!

Since a teenager I have done it all! Homeopathy, creams and lotions, gasoline (yes in my early 20s), swimming in chlorinated pools, baths, I have gone to emergency rooms to gets shots, juice cleanses, swimming and surfing in the ocean in freezing cold waters without a wetsuit, and the last few years my magic has been Dawn Dish Soap but I have a new remedy and I am so happy!

It is such great news! I am in gratitude for lavender and peppermint essential oil. I am not itchy and miserable! My skin is healing fast! Because of lavender, I am calm and because of peppermint, I am energetic! Essential Oils You Rock!

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