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Testimonial * Maki and Mr. Bacon

These are two clients animals Maki and Mr. Bacon.  Their people contacted me so that we could talk to their dogs after the passing of their cat Mae Mae.



This is Maki. He is 16 year’s old.

Here are some of Maki’s quotes from our session:

“Sometimes I feel Mae Mae around me in a strange way. Like out of the corner of my eye I will see her walking or sometimes I feel her like a warm breeze on me. Oh, you think so? Do you think that when I die, I will have sunshine inside of my soul? You think I have sunshine?”

“Well I love to be around my people, and I love it when they talk with me.  I also love it when they hold hands in front of me.”

Maybe what we can talk about is … ok this is very important because I thought about this before and I want this to be known. When I die, I do not want to go to the veterinarian. I don’t want to go. I think that I should just go naturally, or someone should come here and shoot me with a dart… Then I want to go naturally. Well if I have to go, I want to have a fresh blanket that smells like our detergent and I want to have mom and dad there and no one else. No one. Ok?


This is Mr. Bacon.  He is 10 years old

Some of his quotes from our session are,

“Sometimes when I go pee, I feel like I pee a lot. Do you notice that?  I am like whoa. Urine keeps on coming. No, it doesn’t hurt but it does keeps coming.”

“Yeah. Mae Mae dying was extremely sad. I think that her death was traumatizing for all of us, but she comes in my dreams all the time. She says I am going to come back and there will be two kittens. She said two kittens in the spring. That is what she told me, and she said you can’t put me in your mouth. I told her I wouldn’t. yes. “


Their Human Wrote After The Session:

Laura is so intuitive and I love her communication style with our animals; There is a lot of humor and grace. We did a phone session and its remarkable to watch how the animals behave when she is talking to them.

We originally did one session that I gave to my husband as a Christmas gift a few years ago. It was such a good experience that we decided to reach out to Laura again to talk with our dogs about the recent passing of our cat. This was a wonderful experience to help us all talk about it together.

The transcripts are awesome; There is something so happy about the conversation, so its nice to be able to go back and read again. I have recommended Laura to all of my friends with pets.

Laura, you have such an amazing gift! Thank you for your thoughtful interactions.

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