Hudson and the in-between time

Awesome hike with Louis, Trooper and pups.

Easter was scared of the approaching rain so she jumped in the pack earlier than usual.

Hudson says, “I smelled so many wild animals out there. They love the rain. I feel magic there.”

On another note, this morning I was deep in meditation, having a mystical moment, when Hudson jumped on the bed howling (which he never does) saying,

“No, mom. That is where you go when you die. Don’t go there!”

I said “aww Hudson. I’m not dying come with me.”

He said, “Not now mom. That’s where I was when I died, before I came back to you. It’s too intense for your soul in this world.”

I told him when he was Stormy he talked about that place all the time.

He said, “Really?! It’s going to take me some time to remember. Now, get up!”

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