This is Lukka. She is 12 years old. Her family is expecting their first human baby. Lukka says,

“ Well I sort of feel like some people have a lot of animals and a lot of kids. Mom can handle this. I know some families that have so many animals and so many kids and I am like this is easy. It’s easy and grandma will be here to help, and everyone is stressing out over something that is going to make sense. [After telling Lukka that she is wise] Well, I’ve known you a long time and I feel like if you stress out it usually because you need a nap not because you can’t handle something. Also, can you tell my mom and dad that we could name the baby Lukka if you wanted. I don’t mind sharing my name.”

Her person writes after picking Lukka’s quote from our session: Lukka gave me a pep talk because she knows I have been stressed out about the approaching arrival of a baby! We also asked her opinion about baby names.

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