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This Sydney. We spoke on 3/22/19 . He went to Heaven later that day. He died at 18 years old.


He said before he died, “I don’t really need this body anymore. Mommy its ok to let me go. Think of it as an adventure. It is sad, but it’s also love. I have been loved. I have been really loved and I have loved my mom. So, it is ok.”


His mom (person) writes after the session: I needed to understand the right thing to do for my little man. Laura helped him tell me what was wrong and what he wanted. I had no doubt after the conversation what I needed to do. He was much braver than me. He had a great meal with the things he mentioned in talk and he left on his new adventure. I am grateful for Laura’s loving and gentle way of talking to him. When she was talking to him I saw him reacting so I knew what she said was true.

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3 thoughts on “Sydney”

  1. There are so many beautiful forms of love, and so much for me to learn. This is a beautiful tribute to a wonderful dog and Also a wonderful mom.

    1. My furry kids have taught me so much about real love. I hope I gave Sydney a good life. I know he made mine a million times better every day. I miss him like crazy yet I know he is free from his pain. I thank Laura so much for helping he and I have that conversation.

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