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Luca Learning To Wag His Tail

Ever since, Luca came to me at 6 months old (he is now 8 years old) he has been disconnected from his tail. He rarely uses it to communicate with other dogs or wag it when he is happy. He has had tons of chiropractic adjustments and TTouch work. I have been working on him becoming more conscious and aware of his ability to move his tail. I have tried to catch it on camera before but it’s not so easy.

Luca is a reincarnation of my late wolf dog Maia. They have some similarities but they are very different. Maia was a wild instinctual wolf and Luca a very domesticated poodle, so you can imagine the differences.

The interesting thing is that Maia had been abused before she came to me and had severe pain in her tail. It took me two years to be able to touch it with out her swinging around to bite me. It is my belief that when Maia came back she brought back an energy imprint of her old life and this manifested as the disconnect with her/his tail. Luca is doing awesome in this life and has overcome a lot. (Not wanting to kill other dogs is one!).

In this life, by the time he is ready to pass, he will have mastered the tail wag! As you can see he is well on his way…

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Here is a picture of Maia.

You maybe able to see she had an injury at the tip of her tail in this picture.  She was wild thing! Because of her lack of tail control and awareness, she would smack it hard on walls when she was playing.  The veterinarians wanted to take off her tail (seriously!) because it was not healing and bleeding all over the place, but eventually it did heal.

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