Laura and Mikey The Pitbull on Animal Zone Season 2 Episode 4


Watch what Mikey the Pit Bull has to say

on Animal Zone Season 2 episode 4!

We also talk about what to say to your animals when you go on vacation, how Mikey feels about his person Arthur and pit bulls’ reputations.


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Also on AnimalZone this week, Arthur von Wiesenberger visits with Jamie McLeod of the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary and discover some of the unique qualities of cockatoos and macaws. At the Santa Barbara Humane Society’s Educational Center. He meets with Dr. Whitney O’Malley who is teaching a class of preschoolers important ways to interact and pet a dog. Later, Kerri Burns, Executive Director of the SBHS, takes the class on a tour of the cat and dog areas at the shelter. Laura Stinchfield, the Pet Psychic, talks with Mikey The Pit Bull and tells us some of his hopes and wishes.

Animal Zone airs Saturday on Cox Cable Channel 4 at 5:30 PM and on Channel 17 on Sunday at 7:30 PM. All episodes are also on







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