The Metaphysics of Pet Communication


Please watch my interview on Dr. Lauren Cielo’s and Crystal Heinemann’s show. 

According to YouTube their show if one of the top 25 Global Metaphysical Podcasts .

The Metaphysics of Pet Communication with special guest expert, Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic!

In this episode, viewers asked:
1. How do our relationships with our pets work? What are their roles in our lives?
2. Do animals go to heaven?
3. For a psychic, what’s the difference between reading people vs pets?


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Laura can be contacted through her website and on social media.



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One Response to The Metaphysics of Pet Communication

  1. Suzanne Bernadette says:

    I really enjoyed the show! I had always wondered about if a pet reincarnated how that would work when they pass again and then when we pass. But I’ve come to understand it’s and energy that passes in, even with humans. It’s as if the humans even keep some of their annoying parts of their personality. Whereas, at least in my opinion, everything in our sentient being animals personalities is wonderful!! Lol Just making a point that this just might be how we will “know” them when we pass over, whether it be a human or animal we’ve known and loved.

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