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This is Biscuit. He died at eleven years old. He says about his death and his time in Heaven, “I looked up, and I became a cloud. Then I am with my mom in this soft Universe of clouds. I dream with her, snuggle with her in bed, be silly while she rubs my belly. I can push my head into her hands and gaze into her eyes and tell her that I love her like her litter prince forever. I want my mom to know that I am with her every day. Sometimes I ride in the car with her or watch our favorite shows together. Sometimes I drag my belly on the floor just having fun … My mom feels that I am her soul mate. That is true because we have traveled as star souls together many times in many ways.”

Animals often talk about seeing their people when they reach Heaven. This could be Angel’s pretending to be us, the animals living in a memory as if it is the present time, or what I believe happens more often is that there is a part of our higher soul that IS with them in Heaven.

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