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This is Bella. She said from Heaven, “I had to come to heaven cause I have to help a lot of animals that are not finding their way to heaven. Right now I am in school. I am in school to learn how to help animal spirits that are trapped in lower realms to awake …

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This is Meadow. She is a two year old Sheltie. I always know dogs are really smart when they ask me about their training. Meadow says, “I do love agility, But I am getting a little confused when I come out of the tunnel. If it’s under the dog walk, which way do I go …

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This is Elijah. He is a four year old Sheltie. He says, “ I am doing really well. I really want to do jump training (agility training). I want to be good at it. I want it to be my thing. Can we go?” Elijah’s little sister, Meadow, loves agility. He may be a little …

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This is Faith. She is a nine year old Sheltie. She says, “I am totally happy. I love being out for the sunset. That is one of my favorite times to walk. I also love a smooth back massage and pet. It’s when they pet me smooth all the way down my back. I also …

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This is Mala. Her person recently had a bad fall and needed hip surgery. Mala says, “My mom should write a letter to the angels and ask them to hurry up their healing help. I feel as if they got delayed and need a reminder. I know what can also help her. A glass of …

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This is Mia. She died at 14.5 years old. She says to her person from Heaven, “Mom, I have to tell you that there is so much going on here. I have been to a kid’s party. I ran around wagging my tail saying hello to all the children.” The neat thing about this is …

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