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    BEMER stands for Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation. BEMER is an FDA Class II cleared consumer medical device that, during an 8-minute session, sends a low-intensity pulsed electromagnetic field to the body in order to safely stimulate healthy muscles which temporarily enhances local blood flow, resulting in better disbursement of oxygen within the target tissues while supporting the elimination of CO2.

     Additional benefits from regular use of BEMER may include reduced stress, improved relaxation, optimized physical performance, enhanced muscle conditioning and physical fitness, and a better overall feeling of wellbeing.

     It is suggested to use the Bemer twice a day for eight minutes.  The effects of improved blood flow, oxygen delivery, and waste removal lasts 12-16 hours!

     BEMER is about changing the way we think about our health, about challenging our understanding of the human body, and about empowering us to reach optimal physical condition.    

     For more than 20 years, the benefits of BEMER have impacted millions of people around the world. 


Why I wanted the Bemer

     I have wanted the Bemer for over 20 years. I learned about it first from my teacher Linda Tellington-Jones. Linda influenced my journey as an animal practitioner. I went through her training to become a T-Touch Practitioner in the 1990s. Her advice was and is always gold to me.  If you scroll down to Videos I enjoy and The Bemer for horses section you can hear her talk about it.

Through the years, I have communicated with hundreds of horses, companion animals, and humans who have benefited from the Bemer. I am amazed at how it helps their overall emotional well-being, pain levels, and health. I have tried cheaper versions of PEMF devices. One I spent hundreds of dollars on for Luca my poodle.  That device worked for a few months and then quit working. It was a failure and a loss of money.

     When I found out Hudson, my seven-year-old white German Shepherd, needed the expensive TPLO surgery. Knee and ligament surgery where they cut the bone! I knew I needed to get my hands on a Bemer for his recovery. I wanted him to heal well, and I also wanted to save the other knee from having problems.


     I put out the word that I wanted to rent one. I was overwhelmed by the Bemer community.  People from all over the country reached out to me. All were singing the Bemer’s praises. I also came across Bemers that are still working after ten-plus years.  I rented from someone in my town and then was offered a deal on a new device that I could not pass up by a fellow T-Touch Practitioner that I had never met. I jumped on it. A true gift.

Our Results In Three Weeks

Results will vary depending on the person and animals.  Some results are subtle at first.

     In just a few weeks, I saw awesome results in my animals.  Hudson got this review from his surgeon: “The doctor was able to review and is ecstatic. Hudson looks amazing and better than most at this point post-surgery. You have clearly done a great job helping him recover.”

     Easter, my chihuahua mix, had vestibular last year and still had difficulty doing stairs. After a few days of the Bemer, she quickly flew up the three stairs to our entrance way with ease. She is sensitive to barometric pressure. Pants and paces, hides in the bathroom (the plumbing eases the pressure), has migraines and may climb on me frantic for help.  This behavior starts thirty minutes before I notice the slightest sign of a thunderstorm.  A week into Bemer treatments we had a horrible storm that lasted all night long. We could hear trees falling outside, thunder and lightening, flash flooding and wind gusts shook the windows. Easter slept right through it!  She was literally sound asleep.

     Luca, my poodle, has expressed that it is helping his digestion eliminating his stomach aches, and Felix, my other chihuahua mix, says he can breathe more easily and sleep more peacefully.

     I personally feel a difference too. I am more peaceful on days that could cause stress. I have less brain fog after long work days and more energy to work out and do the things I love to do.  Also while doing yoga, I noticed for the first time an old shoulder injury was no longer hurting in certain positions.

     Already I see the Bemer’s benefits. So of course, I wanted to share this device with my human and animal friends.


     I signed up to be a distributor when I purchased my Bemer, not because I wanted to “sell” you something but because I wanted to share how awesome it is.

Because I am a distributor, Bemer gives me my own unique website. So if you decide to purchase one, please do so through my individual Bemer website click here. That website also has a lot more information to explore.

     I created this page on my website because there are videos that I kept wanting to share, and it was easier to put them all in one place.

If you would like to add being a distributor when you purchase, you can also do so from my Bemer website.

     The women above me have over 20 years of experience with the Bemer (Human and Horse), so you will have access to their knowledge as well. They have been extremely helpful to me. Having a knowledgeable community on your team is important if you are thinking about adding selling the Bemer to your business.

     You may be wondering if you decide to be a distributor can you get discounts on products? Yes, but you do have to purchase one at full price first before the discount rate kicks in.

Have fun browsing this page (I was obsessed at first!) and my Bemer website.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Which to buy?

     The Bemer Human Set and Horse Set are FDA-approved. The Human Set is approved for Humans and the Horse Set is approved for horses. There is a rumor that Bemer is coming out with a small animal device that is FDA approved at the end of 2023. This is very exciting.  Because of legalities, you will only find a little on the web about using the Bemer on small animals. My experience is that I know a lot of people and professionals (veterinarians and others) that use the Human Bemer with small animals. But this is for you to do your own research on.  You have to make the best decision for you.

*BEMER, Laura Stinchfield, and The Pet Psychic do not provide any medical advice or services. This device is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It should not be used for any purpose other than as described in the user manual. Please consult your own healthcare provider if you have any medical issues.

What You Get In The Box

Each edition can vary. When purchasing read the description of that particular edition.

Human Set

Horse Set

Videos I enjoy with more information:




Bemer For Horses Videos and Information

*The BEMER Horse-Set does not replace treatment and care of an injury or disease by a veterinarian. A veterinarian should be consulted prior to use of the BEMER Horse-Set for any medical condition.

Video 1:

The BEMER Horse-Set has been proven to have a positive impact on your horse’s body. It strengthens your horse’s health in terms of prevention and promotes regeneration after illness. It improves suppleness during training or when preparing for competitions. It can also provide valuable support during the horse healing process, including recovery from muscle tension or tendon/ligament/muscle injury.



Video 2:

Linda Tellington Jones is well known as “The Horse Whisperer”. She is Bemer’s leading spokeswoman and advocate for horse wellness. BEMER has helped the equine population in so many ways.  The T-Touch is her invention.  Thoroughbred horses have benefited from expedited muscle strain from training, post-race trauma and any stress from transportation between racing venues.




Video 3:

Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Regulation (BEMER) Therapy is an established therapy for both humans and horses. The BEMER deploys a low intensity/low frequency Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) that is delivered through a bio-rhythmically defined signal that stimulates vasomotion within the pre-capillary arterioles, enhancing the function of the smallest vessels of the circulatory system; the micro-circulation.

Dr. Herman Josef Genn, DVM will shares his clinical experience with the BEMER Horse-Set and its effect on equine behavior, virility and semen quality. Dr. Jens Körner, DVM reviews findings related to the effect of BEMER on horses during general anesthesia and Dr. Melissa King, DVM, PhD presents her findings with the BEMER Horse Blanket related to back pain, functional movement and structural stability.

Videos Of My Animals To Come